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    Multi Battler

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    More news about Yakuza 7:
    I've gotta say, this sounds brilliant.
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    Really really really really really not feeling excited for the change to turn-based.
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    I ended up buying the digital copy of the collection to play Yakuza 3. Finished it on Monday, so now I've played all of the numbered games in the series since I started at 4.
    Despite people wanting to start at 0 or 1, after playing 3 I realized that you're not missing much if you start anywhere. In 3 it helps to know who Kazama is, but not having played the previous ones won't detract from the story because all major players are either new or don't have much backstory needed to understand what's going on. (I guess the one exception is Kiryu's relationship with Majima, since that is spread out over the series.) I'll probably pick up a physical copy next year so I have them all on PS4.

    Turn based battles in 7 won't bother me, because I used to love turn based JRPG's and still do. But it's kind of shame since I also had grown to like the gameplay style - turn based battles are kind of slow and I liked how quickly you could go in an out of battle by the time Yakuza 6 had refined things so much.