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Winter(?) cleaning

Discussion in 'General Sega Discussion' started by Black Squirrel, Nov 27, 2021.

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    We just passed 3000 "unused files" on Sega Retro. I go through this list every few months, but ideally we need others to have a look too.

    I would guess much of this was meant to be deleted - if that's the case, you need to mark files with {{delete}} (or preferably {{delete|reason=REASON HERE}}) to put things in this category, otherwise it'll just hang around.

    Alternatively some of these files might have been intended to be used, but... aren't for whatever reason. That might need checking out. Or perhaps they were mirrored on Retro CDN at some point and those verisons are being used instead - let me know.

    There are plenty of false positives. For example, all those PDFs that have screenshots of game credits - those are being used, but {{fileref}} doesn't mark them internally as such. You'll also notice that most(?) of these files... were uploaded by me, as I've mirrored entire websites and press kits over the years. As long as the files are correctly labeled, there is no issue with treating Sega Retro as a file dump - some people are comfortable writing articles, others just want to upload things, and both are fine.

    In fact "upload first, ask questions later" is really common:

    Some (probably German?) tour bus from the Master System days.

    One of many Mega Drive copy devices.

    A Pico kiosk.

    A Burger King Kids Club thing.

    A Sega slot machine housed inside a Leprechaun. ???

    Things that were discovered while researching something else, and weren't dealt with. We have all the press photographs for those Retro-bit Sega controllers for example, but because I didn't know what to call the page, they've just sat there. But you might have a better solution and can do something with these.

    There's no rush here - just want to make you guys aware that there could be half-finished tasks on the wiki.
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    I've been seeing this too. I reaaalllyy love the whole image-tag-category template you made for people images (thank you btw.) Not only has it significantly increased the accessibilities of these photos, but it's doing a ton to keep them organized and relevant (especially when a category link is included on the respective page.) So far we've been doing this mostly with people, but I'd LOVE to see this extended to everything... which was probably the plan all along, but ensuring everything's consolidated into its proper category will go really far in terms of media cleanup. At least to a point where if someone's researching that Sega tour bus, they'll go to the page and find a category link containing all photos of it. If only to take this loose media and push it into clean piles. Or something like that, this is a work in progress. But tags man - they're the best.