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The actual lyrics to Night Trap

Discussion in 'General Sega Discussion' started by cartridgeculture, Mar 26, 2021.

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    “Girls if you .... .... ... ... .........”

    So I love the Night Trap theme and have been listening to it for nearly a decade. And after a while everyone starts to sing your favorite songs right? Well, I did that with Night Trap. But I ran into a problem: When the song reaches the end of its famous chrous, the vocalist gets so lost in the noise and compression that its virtually indecipherable. Keep in mind this was before the remastered release, so all I had was the crunchy Sega CD version. Even with a lossless rip, with my studio monitors on, repeating the end of that chorus over and over and over, it wasn’t coming to me. So when I’d sing the Night Trap theme and it came to the chorus, I just started mumbling through it, and even started cracking myself up with it after a while.

    And then it became a stupid project. I listened again and again, no luck. Checked around for lyrics, and all of them suggests words or phrases that are so distant from anything related to Night Trap it’s almost offensive. Not really, but I remember the most embarrassing one was something like “Girls if you’re driving a ride.” GameFAQS even has a dedicated lyrics FAQ (showing I’m not the only one who had this problem), but that had the same problems. Another FAQ containing the game’s script copies that lyrics FAQ’s content into its Night Trap theme section (where they’re singing with the tennis rackets), so that was also a dud. I even emailed Night Trap staff, with no luck. Did have a quick chat with one of them but nothing was revealed I think.

    So it sat with me. A mystery only interesting enough to not entirely leave my mind, and something I would think about every single time I saw the game mentioned. After carrying it on my thoughts for a while, I realized if I couldn’t decipher the actual on-disc audio, I could instead look at what lyrics would logically complete the sentence. You can hear where the words are, how long they are, and some certain things like plosives and Ss, so there’s actually a lot to work with. And after some brainstorming, I finally got it.

    I know there’s a ton of people out there that know she actually says “Girls if you try to make it right.” But man. Those eight words took me on a journey. Thanks for listening to my dumb Night Trap story.