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Stuff I've gotten from the Sonic 3 music team.

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Dissident93, Feb 12, 2012.

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  1. Most of this stuff has already been posted by me on various posts here, but ICEknight requested to put them all in one topic, so that's what I did.

    Howard Drossin - I asked him "Hey I'm just wondering if you had any luck finding those unused Sonic MIDIs you said you might have had." he said....
    Tokuhiko Uwabo - I asked him "Do you know what you wrote for Sonic the Hedgehog 3?"

    He responded with...
    Masaru Setsumaru - I asked him "Also, would you be more comfortable responding in Japanese? It seems like you can read English fine. What do you want to do?
    And, it seems like you composed the Final Boss theme for Sonic 3D. What else did you compose for the Sonic series? I know that you created the sound driver, along with Yoshiaki Kashima."

    He responded with...
    I then said "I am a big fan! =D
    And I heard from Howard Drossin, that it was you who did arrangements of his MIDIs. Is this true too?"

    He responded with...
    Jun Senoue - I don't have exactly what he said anymore, but he told me that he is a producer for Sonic related CDs for Wave Master, and that's when I asked him to try and do a Sonic 3 cd and he said No, sorry..

    Cirocco Jones - I asked him to clear up on the Levels 2 & 3 credits that his website lists him doing, and he told me...
    After a long while getting nothing back, I gave him another message, telling him I don't care about the MJ tabloid crap others would, and I just wanna credit artists for their work. He then told me...
    Bobby Brooks - I told him Cirocco sent me to him, and if he was willing to answer a few questions. I was told...
    PS: I apologize for the post being a bit sloppy, but it gets the job done.
  2. ICEknight


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    You rule, thanks for making this very informative topic.

    If you guys can contribute any more quotes (I know Jun Senoue has also been contacted before regarding Sonic 3, perhaps by LOst?), please post away.
  3. Aerosol


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    Bobby Brooks ain't a man to fuck wit, it seems. I wonder what's going on that's got him so on edge. Or maybe he's always like that.
  4. I can go around and compile a list of other previous Sonic 3 music info/links and put them in this thread, if you'd like.
  5. ICEknight


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    I'm sure everyone here would love to, as long as there's no info that would allow random people to get in contact with them.
  6. Lanzer


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    I would go back to Cirocco and copy/paste the message Bobby sent you.

    Bobby Brooks Reminds me of one of us on a bad day. Jeez wonder what this lawsuit is all about to get him soo on edge.
  7. Shadix


    I believe in another topic it was settled to not harass him about this anymore. >_>

    Interesting that Setsumaru has no idea whats up. He was the guy I was sure was going to have the answer to this, as with his role it would seem as if he's the one that would've picked which songs were actually on the cart. Part of the problem with the other people you talked to is we have no way of confirming if what they composed actually made it into the game. Cirocco's story in particular is fishy.

    I personally think going door to door harassing these guys is inappropriate considering the circumstances. The people with the answers are going to be the people that were in charge of putting the music in the game at the time, and given that this game was more than 15 years ago now and how we haven't gotten a straight answer I don't think we ever will. Let these people live their lives.


    It doesn't take a genius to do a Facebook search.
  8. Guess Who

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    Well, judging from what Cirocco said, sounds like it could be about Sonic 3.
  9. HarroSIN


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    It's like you're interrogating this poor man. "I told him Cirocco sent me to him..." sounds like the precursor to a mob hit or something.
  10. nullaccnt


    Shadix is right. It doesn't take a genius to do a Facebook search. That's why they don't.

    No offense, but it's true, it was decided a while ago that this sort of interrogation was no longer to be acceptable. We've had far too many people attempting this multiple times to the disdain of Sonic Retro as a site. So again, I will state it. DO. NOT. DO THIS.

    It does not get the job done, it makes you look like you're out on a witchhunt. Howard Drossin has personally gotten defensive over the issue of being sought out and put on the spot for information like this.
  11. OKei


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    You brought some good content here to share, but I also agree that your approach to these people could have at least been more delicate, Dissident93.

    While Brooks did seem quite anxious in his reply (you were just a random guy, e-mailing him from out of nowhere), at this point it really does seem to look like you're snooping on these people and their affairs. I think enough contact has been done.
  12. OK, I'm sorry...

    But this was my personal decision to ask these guys, I just happened to share what I've learned with everybody.

    And I asked Howard that question last year. That was the only thing I asked him, anyway.

    @Lanzer: I basically did do that, and he didn't respond back. I guess I'm learning that I may never get info from these guys, and I feel kind of bad for bothering them. I'll stop if that's what you guys want. But does this mean if I happen to get info from them in the future, to not share it here?
  13. nullaccnt


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  14. Ok, I understand. I'll stop the contact.
  15. nullaccnt


    Thank you very much. :)
  16. Will this thread be deleted, though? We should at least put this small amount of info in the wiki before it is.
  17. LockOnRommy11


    I wouldn't feel bad about it. You did a good job mate, Moderator has a point though. However, the way you gathered this information wasn't all too much intrusive, at least you did it in a sensible manner. Unfortunately it looks like Bobby Brooks has some rubbish going on, and obviously can't type either. Not everyone is here to make friends, he's obviously not, so don't worry. At least we've got this far with information and I find it fascinating. I would hope this thread it not deleted, and we should definitely store this information in a safer place.

    Edit; Sorry Katsu, I haven't ever seen you here before, how wierd. You must not come on here often, or at least post here often, so I didn't know your name without looking.
  18. LOst


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    There is only one way to get to the truth, and that's to ask the people. That's what Dissident93 has done. How it was done, I don't care. Sonic 3 is why we are here.

    Bobby Brooks did at least reply! When I asked him about Sonic 3 back in 2002 (I don't have the mail anymore, but I posted the info at Sonic Classic back then), he didn't even respond. This time he gave us enough information to say things are going down!

    Keep up your good work Dissident93! :)
  19. Yuzoboy


    Im sure people from the sound team recieved dozens of messages from people who simply say thanks or ask about their inspirations and influences.
    However, if there is a lawsuit about to go on regarding Sonic 3, all they can do is try and be on the safe side and keep quiet to avoid anyone trying to secretly meddle in their affairs. Its understandable, but I must agree that you have to ask to get this kind of information as it happened a long time ago and most people would not majorly care anymore. But it must be done in moderation to avoid annoyance and a stalking manner, as that does get annoying...Language also must be generally subtle and natural instead of 'intrustive' in nature.

    But the bottom line, if asking known answers to questions violates the forum code of conduct, then it cannot be posted on the forum. Its a difficult one to manage, as you don't know what is known until you have a detailed read of the website.

    Thank you for the effort Dissident93.
  20. Sik


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    being an asshole =P
    Just Sonic Retro? More like entire fanbases. Some of these people may even end up thinking every fan in the world (Sonic or not) is like this and will avoid them like the plague.

    Not to mention that it may be illegal for them to disclose information that isn't already public...
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