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Sonic Retro exclusive: the story of Chaomega

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by 360, Feb 21, 2011.

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    I thought Sonic Classic two was gonna be something like "Sonic and Nack"?
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    Yeah, basically.
  3. Chris Highwind

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    Woah, and here I thought that the various spats between my internet buddies were bad. I never even heard of Chaomega (in fact, the first Sonic fangame I ever played was Neo Sonic...Godspeed, I think? I remember there were a few fancharacters in it, and the main villain (from what I had played) was a fancharacter that was supposed to be Shadow's sister. Anyway, that was long after this series of events.), but now that I'm picking up the collection of every Sonic fangame pre-'05, I might check it out.

    And don't feel bad about Aytac flying off the handle over you getting his engine. I know if a level I made without the engine sucked in the eyes of the public, I'd wanna get my hands on the engine just so I can actually make the next level on the engine and make it better. Sounds like Aytac was going loopy from the fangame development and just wanted it to end, so he took you getting the engine as the perfect opportunity to ragequit.

    EDIT: Looking at that story again, it sounds like one of those rock band documentaries where at the height of popularity, the band starts getting on each others' nerves, and shit just goes downhill from there.
  4. Willie


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    Except in this scenario, it all goes to shit after an EP or single is released before an actual album is finished. >_>
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    Apologies for the super ultimate thread resurrection - but user AsuharaMoon has created a new wiki on Retro for Chaomega here that heavily references this original story. So if you're wondering where all that Chaomega development info came from it's from this story I published on Retro back in 2011. Christ has it been that long? I took the liberty of updating the story's text, proof reading here and there and re-doing the formatting to update this after so long. Awesome Retro is such a mass archive for articles like this.

    So I hope any new users stumbling across this for the first time enjoy reading it. It took a lot of effort and I'm particularly proud of this one.

    EDIT: The wiki also has an active and working link to Chaomega's most recent, second and final demo if you want to give the game a spin.
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    Sonic (?): Coming summer of 2055...?
    Are those Showoffboy's sprites? I remember those.
  7. 360


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    Indeed they are! Good memory! Yeah Showoffboy was the shit back in the day and everyone wanted to use his awesome sprites. He was the best at matching the Sonic Adventure style in 2D form and Chaomega represents the best use of his sprites in existence. Aytac originally modelled Chaomega after the then-upcoming Sonic Adventure 2 so Showoffboy's work was perfect for the game.