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    The past month has brought two different collaborations in the Reanimated and Sonic communities. On March 6, Sonic Rebuilt premiered on the 3GI channel, the group behind Shrek Retold, showcasing the remake of the entire 1996 Sonic OVA.

    Alongside it is a video uploaded on April 1st, titled Sonic Rebuilt 2 for the occasion, showing the head of the project describing their history with the OVA, the community behind the collab, and the process of creating it.

    Three days later on April 4th, SONIC X REANIMATE premiered on Biliana's channel, remaking the Sonic X Episode "Cracking Knuckles". This later garnered appraisal from the official Sonic Channel.
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    I always enjoy this kinda stuff and have been curious about getting in on a project like this. How do they typically start and how do folks get involved?
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    Usually, you'll see the project get announced with a call for animators on twitter. It might be the sort of thing you can search out yourself, since most of these projects use the same "reanimated" keyword, but I tend to see the relevant tweets because I follow a few amateur animators on twitter, and they retweet this stuff often as it comes up.
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    In my opinion, Sonic X Reanimated turns out better than the Sonic Rebuild. Honestly the rebuild felt off putting majority of the time but there were some good scenes that I liked though.