Sonic Origins Collection Announced for 2022, Releasing June 23rd, 2022

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by HEDGESMFG, May 27, 2021.

  1. Laura


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    I'm actually very positive about this! I think it's 10 years too late, but better late than never. It'll be great to have these games on consoles in widescreen and especially on Switch. I'm going to have lots of fun lying in bed and being lazy with the classic Sonic games.

    To be honest I'm more excited about this then the new games :V . I'm just a sucker for Retro remasters.
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  2. BlackHole


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    To be fair, I said in here, since we generally descend into complaining about things. I'm expecting some people to be excited, but in here we generally debate and get annoyed about if it's the Taxman port, if it's a ROM with widescreen hacks, how they've done it too early, there's no footage, etcetc.
  3. Isn’t that what the Sonic fanbase is all about?? Lol we go all out with dissecting every nook and cranny of anything Sonic related so this is no exception

    But yes the more positivity the better.. we can’t be negative all the time.. I’m sure this collection will have at least one feature that people are looking forward to the most.. the most obvious one for me is the return of 3&K, how it’s coming back in widescreen and what features it will have to make it stand out

    Whether it’s Christian and Simon, M2, or someone in-house, I want this to succeed, even though we have played these countless times :ruby:
  4. I don't think it would be too farfetched to think that another major feature of the package could be to not only have Tails fully playable across all of the games, but Knuckles as well. Slightly less likely, but not worth dismissing just yet, would be the hidden inclusion of SegaSonic Bros. The game was like 98% complete or something like that, right? The inclusion of it, and/or SegaSonic the Hedgehog, would nicely emphasise the early origins of our favourite primary coloured rodents.
  5. Gestalt


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    I've said it before, my ideal collection would include one level select for all five games plus an option to create a playlist of sorts to play your favourite levels back to back, all with updated graphics and sound. (But maybe that would be a little too much to ask for.)
  6. Cross-game custom playlists would be incredible. I'd be shocked if that were included, I'm expecting almost nothing to be added, but this particular feature would be a dream.
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  7. Diablohead


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    After years of rom collections, if we are getting a full taxman trilogy with this sega are going to be out of options for a while when it coms to future rereleases, roms won't cut it.

    The most ULTIMATE thing they could do with this collection is make all 3 games seamless, like a troilogy run non-stop (but still allow the options for s3 shields in s1 and s2, ect for those who want it)
  8. Gestalt


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    It's not just that. It's also that there's not much to improve on. Lol They still fit in the zeitgeist in terms of quality. But the point is, how many times have we kicked Classic Eggman's butt? Most of us know these games by heart and are ready for a new spin on them. Maybe embrace more casual graphics? Or adjust the difficulty a bit? All in one cohesive package, although with some room for customization.
  9. nineko


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    That, or they could ask DigitalDuck how to create random levels on the fly.
  10. Sid Starkiller

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    That would be cool, but how would you handle the Chaos Emeralds? Do you have to recollect them every game, or just one and done? And if one and done, are the Special Stages based on the game you're currently in, or some of each?

    I know Esrael (at least I think it was him) made a hack that did this, but I haven't had time to play it, so I don't know how he handled it. Nor if Sega would take the same approach.
  11. McAleeCh


    I'm definitely in the camp thinking they've announced this too early - until we see exactly what's on offer, I'll remain quietly interested rather than letting myself get hyped. I'm interested to see what happens with Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles, though - good to hear it's confirmed that they'll have widescreen display at the very least.

    If Sonic 1/2/CD are indeed ports of the 2011-13 Retro Engine versions, I'd hope a split-screen version of the expanded multiplayer from the mobile Sonic 2 could be included - the expanded stage roster was a welcome update compared to the Mega Drive original, but as far as I recall those versions only supported a single screen per player's device.

    If any new features are considered, I'd say adding Knuckles to Sonic CD should be the top priority, to bring it in line with literally every other game in the collection (again, assuming the others are the existing Retro Engine versions). My absolute dream addition would be to add a Sonic 2-style 2P VS. mode to as many of the other games as possible - or maybe just have one separate 2P VS. mode selectable from the collection's main menu, which would then feature as many compatible stages as feasible from across all the featured games. However, I appreciate that'd add a whole lot more work to the project, especially as many stages from the other games would need some adapting to work in multiplayer - unless the collection has bigger budget/scope than I'm expecting I doubt we'll see anything that ambitious added...!

    Side note - I've always thought a fun idea for a collection like this would be to make the 'extra' characters unlockable by beating their game of origin as them (i.e. beating Sonic 2 as Tails would unlock him in Sonic 1 and Sonic CD) - so your playthroughs of later games could unlock new things in games you've already beaten, and encourage you to revisit them again down the line. Little touches like that could help the collection feel a little more interconnected rather than just a bunch of individual games packaged together.
  12. Fadaway


    I've had that same idea in the past. I think I might have mentioned it here way back on one of the old Mania threads but I could be mistaken. I am glad someone else has the idea, too. It would be a really cool feature. I wouldn't know how it would handle the CE. I'd propose just handle them normally A-Z with a specific method and specific special stage across the board that can be chosen, but it'd run into issues with stages made for big ring hunting vs. others. I dunno. Add big ring areas to older stages for this mode? I have no idea.

    Of course, this is just a wet dream. Very doubtful something this awesome would be included.
  13. Pengi



    I hope they add the vocals back into the Sonic CD intro and ending songs as well.
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  14. Gestalt


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    Maybe it helps if you think of it as a new game plus that unlocks once you've got all the good endings.

    Maybe one day when they remake the classic trilogy. :)
  15. shilz


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    Going into the meta of the collection, what do you guys imagine the actual menus looking like? Jam throwback, Mega Collection throwback, the Genesis-inspired look used since Sonic's Genesis Collection, or the lame look used for the menu in the 2013 remakes' own menus, something entirely new?
  16. New, yet lame

    Nothing beats mega collection imo. To this day I still consider mega collection's visual aesthetics and theme song to also be the ones representative of the entire franchise
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  17. I personally didn’t mind the menus of the mobile remasters, they were simple and I liked the Sonic designs in the backgrounds (even if it was from old concept art) but something original for sure would be my choice if this is going to be the definitive classic Sonic collection
  18. Billy


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    I fully expect the menu to be boring. Maybe some art in the background, and some generic font with drop shadows, outlines, or some such for the text. If we're lucky we'll get some remixes for the menu music, like Gems Collection, but I'm definitely not holding my breath.
  19. JcFerggy


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    Randomizers are big right now. So with how people are talking about a full run through all the games, imagine a playthrough where the level order is randomized, enemies are randomized while keeping similar behavior (Flying/Swimming badniks), and all monitors are randomized, with the option of having your character swapped out like Mania Mode.

    Or they could add a mirror mode, where you just go Left instead of Right.
  20. Diablohead


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    at least in sonic 1 the original 6 don't do anything apart from clense the island, and you lose emeralds at the start of 3, so I guess you could have a tracker for all emeralds for those who just want to 100% the games, idk.
    Taxman S1 allows for a 7th emerald right? but it's a bonus thing so that can be ignored for a trilogy run.