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Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by SONICEXPERT, Jul 28, 2003.

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  1. :huh: BETA:its just I can't get debug mode to work the levels are the same and it doesn't sem to do anything and I can't find and lamppost on the level fo save places when I die and for thr real game im having trouble with getting to hiddenplace completed help (I've done level select befor and cheated to be super sonic the whole game after 50 rings and I could do it in the 2 player mode)but on the beta if you don't know holding down c in level select (a+spacebar code is only for debug)(it'll create a "2 player"mode which stinks they do like in the real game on the prototype the share rings and lives)
  2. oops that would be palace :( :blink:
  3. Rob Jinnai

    Rob Jinnai

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    Slow down. You've obviously done none of your homework on this.

    Debug mode works via a code. The combination is located on this site. There aren't any natural lampposts in the beta version.

    Well, slow down, you're running too many topics together. As far as "completing" Hidden Palace, you can't, unless you play like Esrael's version. There's nothing TO complete.

    Super Sonic... I have no idea why you mentioned it.

    2 Player Mode... This is a beta. The game wasn't finished yet. So of course the 2P mode isn't quite right yet.
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    yea, you have to slow down and think on what you are typing because half of the stuff doesn't make any sense
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