Sonic Hacking Contest 2017 RESULTS

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    No, that was a clear assumption. That's really just what got things going though.

    Sure, I believe you (honestly). You were actually the least of my concern there to be honest; originally I couldn't tell who was talking as I was doing other things while listening. But nice way to respond, I guess?
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    I'm with Morph on this one. The instructions of his entry page are pretty clear and concise on what needs to be done, so there was no need for assumptions that'd just complicate the setup further. There's also hardly any technical jargon there, that's just the name of the program. Nobody takes kindly to jokes on frustrating situations like that, so context is important.

    Let's just agree to get the media panel to do the troubleshooting first for the more complex entries if possible and all of this should go much more smoothly next year.
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    Yeah, with Morph's mod it is pretty easy to load up. I screwed up in the trailer because of two reasons:

    1) I didn't get given any instructions and I was on a strict time limit (yes, I now know there's a SRetro topic here but I didn't know at the time)
    2) I loaded up every mod from the mod loader by Morph... not realising the Lantern Engine was under the author "hax" so I never loaded it properly! Being a lighting modification, I thought I was just being blind and went with it.
    3) I didn't know about the d3d8to9 thing at the time either.

    When the contest started and I saw the instructions and noticed it was under "hax". I loaded it up and all was good. And I kept my promise by showcasing the Lantern Engine first on my stream :)
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    Yep, that's about what I expected, Clownacy, Dario FF, and TwilightZoney are the only judges who judged all four of the PC-based entries. At least they had a lot to say about each of them. I find it amusing that Selbi apparently does not own a PC with which to play the PC port of Sonic 2 though. + - Yes, I know he meant he didn't have a 3DS, but that's a flimsy excuse when there's a PC version available also.  

    And then there's Mania mods being universally sidelined to the expo, when in any other year, or in any other game, something like Aurora Garden would have been allowed into the contest without question.
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    We will be allowing Mania mods for next year's contest, just got to sort out quality control criteria for that as well as 3D entries.
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    Oh shoot, right, forgot to crosspost this.

    Just to add some context to my evaluations, here's the order I judged the entries in:
    • Sonic Chaos Quest Ultimate
    • Sonic 1: Colors Edition (SHC2017 Demo)
    • Sonic Double Dash
    • Sonic & Ashuro
    • SADX Lantern Engine
    • Achi (AKA another trend in gaming that is slightly annoying and ultimately pointless)
    • Sonic 1 - Comet Edition v2.1
    • Mr. Cat's 16 day challenge!
    • A Rushed Sonic Hack
    • Sonic 1 Dragon Edition
    • Sonic 3 Chaos Adventure
    • Sonic Legacy
    • Classic Pantufa the Cat DX
    • Sonic 2: Zen Island
    • A generic Sonic 1 ROMhack
    • Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine - DX Edition
    • Heroes Mod Loader & Tweakbox (Tech Demo)
    • Sonic Redux (Character Demo)
    • Tails Adventure X-L
    • Metal Sonic Rebooted
    • Sonic Egg Factory ReMastered
    • Sonic 1 Back to South Island (SHC17 Demo)
    • Sonic Halloween
    I used a random number generator to select which hack to judge next. The idea is that, in my experience, a judge will get more tired and harder to impress as they play more entries, so I may be too easy on early entries (probably Sonic Chaos Quest Ultimate), and too harsh on later ones (especially Metal Sonic Rebooted). Same goes for evaluation length: Chaos Quest got a pretty massive one, but they got shorter as I went through the rest of the entries. Playing in a random order meant I at least wasn't putting certain hacks at a disadvantage because of where they lied in alphabetical order.

    Hopefully this list will put a few things into perspective, and explain any inconsistencies.
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    Yeah, in fairness this was explicitly pointed out well in advance of the contest deadline.