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Sonic CD's Mysterious Cut R2 Level Discussion - Post Origins Edition

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by HEDGESMFG, Jul 12, 2022.

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    I've been thinking about Sonic The Hedgehog Movie (1996). It borrows a lot of stuff from Mega Drive trilogy and Sonic CD. Opening of that game is a direct inspiration for some scenes. I wonder if ending was also used as a basis for some places? City, covered in roots (Sonic OVA), Antlion segment (Sonic CD)... Could it be possible that video game concept art was handed over to both animation studios?
    If that was the case, Toei interpreted it in one way, OVA team saw it in a different way.
    Another question – why does music for R2 exist? I suppose composers of Sonic CD were making music early in game's development. It's like with Sonic 1, when Masato Nakamura composed music using concept art and descriptions as sources of inspiration.
    And we know by now that Dubious Depths existed only on paper. And it seems compositions were made for this level as well as for all other levels. However, like with Sonic 2, when stages were cut, tracks for them were repurposed. What was supposed to play in Hidden Palace ended up playing in 2-player mode of Mystic Cave.
    Something similar happened to Dubious Depths music. Developers found a place for it in D.A. Garden mode. If "Past" and "Future" mixes of the song existed, there was no point in including them in the game. Round 2 didn't make it into Sonic CD and space on CD was limited.
    As I wrote earlier, composers could have worked the same way as Nakamura. That is, using artwork for reference. We see that themes for stages were divided in half between Naofumi Hataya and Masafumi Ogata. If they composed music for in-game locations chronologically, it would go like this:

    Hataya: Round 1 – Salad Plain (Present, Past, Future)

    Ogata: Round 2 – Ridicule Root (Present, Past, Future)

    and so on...

    Their job was to compose the soundtrack. Whether or not it was going to be used in its entirety, that's a decision made by game's director and development team.
    It's like with Sonic 3, when so many people were hired to create sound. But a large part of music eventually was not even used (Brad Buxer team's compositions). Forty one tracks by that team and only a handful of them in the final version. C. Cirocco Jones (Scirocco) was credited in the game, but his contributions (levels 2 & 3 – "The Water") are clearly missing from Sonic 3.
    So, I think "Past" and "Future" versions of R2 are there somewhere, just like Brad and company's recordings. Looks like Ogata did not know that they didn't include R2 in Sonic CD. So he remixed it in medley of levels. Also, Dubious Depths theme is referenced in other parts of Sonic The Hedgehog – Remix album.
    Yes, I know it's a lot of text and no pictures. So, here is a slideshow of sorts to illustrate some of my points.