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Sonic 1, 2, and CD Remake Decompilation

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by jubbalub, Jan 18, 2021.

  1. jubbalub


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    For those wondering: accounts of the SEGA Forever versions seem to be kind of inconsistent. It works for some people, and not for others, so it's worth a shot. The APK's are available on the Retro Wiki pages for their respective games.
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  2. Turbohog


    Great work! I luckily own the pre-Forever Android versions and was able to test both on PC with this.

    Question: I seem to remember some cut content from Taxman and Stealth's Sonic 2 (like an "Egg Gauntlet" boss rush mode, etc.) that was hidden and accessible in an early APK. Is there a way to rollback to these versions? It would be nice to restore this content on PC.
  3. Blue Spikeball

    Blue Spikeball

    Do you know if it supports modded data.rsdk files? I tried replacing a song with RetroED and the game stopped working. It could no longer find any of the files inside data.rsdk on launch.

    Even opening the untouched data.rsdk with RetroED and repackaging it without changing anything breaks it for me, so I'm guessing not?

    Edit: For the record, I used the Sega Forever versions. The unmodified files worked just fine, although I haven't thoroughly tested them.
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  4. Lostgame


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    As stupid as SEGA re-releasing Sonic over and over again, with what a great effort Taxman and Stealth put into this, I'm honestly, for the first time - torn about disassemblies being available.

    The original Genesis/MD ROMs, I don't feel like it's hurting anyone. This - these are still available for purchase. I dunno. This is grey area territory. You do you guys, and maybe a good technical achievement, but I'll pass.
  5. The Shad

    The Shad

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    Got all 3 working on Playstation Vita right now. Gonna definitely need some more work. Special Stages on all 3 are slow as shit, long pauses between screen transitions and Sonic 1 & 2 have no menu graphics, just simple white text on black background.

    Regardless, this is amazing work and honestly it's about time we were able to get these (minus CD) on something other than Mobile.
  6. Tets


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    You're damn right, this has been a long time coming. Sega has been squandering these remasters, and they really did their mobile users dirty with that halfassed "Sega Forever" marketing gimmick, which seemingly served only to make my original purchases obsolete.

    I'm incredibly thankful somebody else stepped up and made these games more accessible. Sega could've done this on their own, put the 1+2 remasters up on Steam and I'd have happily thrown more money at them. That's their loss.
  7. RetroJordan91


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    For all you Mac users, @Sappharad has just posted a Mac build of the S1&2 decompilations.. this is really awesome.. here’s hoping we can get Sonic CD on there as well so we have the complete classic series!!

    EDiT: I updated my original comment with this.. please feel free to delete this one!
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  8. LukyHRE


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    I haven't seen any reactions yet but for the record he wasn't bothered with previous efforts decompiling his version of Sonic CD. He even suggested some corrections to the repo's readme to be more technical accurate.

    I believe he would be cool with this. Another entire different subject would be if someone decompiles Mania. In that case I'd agree with Lostgame completely, but these games are already free (fine, you can purchase a no-ad version) and were completely neglected by Sega.
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  9. Jason


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    To add to this, there's no music for the intro/outro.

    I'll be giving 1&2 another look later on this week. I wonder if all three can be combined into a single executable. Sonic Classics Collection: Retro Engine Edition :eng99:.
  10. RetroJordan91


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    I would completely lose it for a Sonic Classic Collection with all of the remasters plus AIR.. that would be sick to see all the games together in one!!
  11. MagnusTheGreen


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    Mind explaining the bugs for each? I'd like to now before I choose weather to purchase or download
  12. plushifoxed


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    theyve been available for purchase for 7 years, and are presently available literally for free on both major app stores.
    furthermore, they are both ports of games which have existed and been profited off of for nearly 20 years.
    even further furthermore, sega has steadfastly refused for those same 7 years to respond to fan demand for a pc or other console port of these two versions of the games, instead releasing (respectable but nowhere near as comprehensive) ports by M2.
    nobody is being hurt by access to these games being available on more devices, period.
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  13. LukyHRE


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    The issues tab of the repo is actually quite complete with bugs. I only found graphic glitches in my Sonic 2 run, but there are others that may break stuff, for example the rising lava in HTZ is sometimes invisible, and sometimes the S1 credits crash the engine. They are encouraging everyone to report bugs, though, so feel free to report any other you find. Some of them are already fixed and pending to release.

    I wanted to add that, while S1 and S2 are currently free, the devs still get royalties when someone downloads the games for the first time. That makes a small case for Lostgame arguments. Still, 7 years is a long time already in my opinion. If Tax/Stealth are okay with this (and I hope for a bit of comfirmation from them, sometime), I'll just encourage EVERYONE using this decompilation to go ahead and acquire the free game to show due support to the devs.
  14. celebi23


    This is pretty damn awesome :D

    Has anyone been able to successfully build these 3 on macOS 10.14? I keep running into problems :(
  15. We're hard at work fixing bugs for both CD & 1/2, we plan to release updated builds for both later this week with most major bugs fixed! I hope you're all enjoying these decompilations, it makes us happy to see so many people excited and talking about it
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  16. James Smith

    James Smith

    Thank you so much for these decompilations! The only major issue I have is with CD playing the FMVs but with no audio. Still though these remasters are the best versions of the games by far and I'm happy to finally play them without using a Android emulator.
  17. Neowl


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    Proto Palace and Boss Rush are available using the build that I have, but Egg Gauntlet hangs the game.
  18. Laura


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    I understand what people mean by this being maybe a little dodgy. It is infringing on the Mobile version, which gives money to SEGA through ads and the paid version. Most crucially, it's also breaking into SEGA's market if they ever made a possible Steam edition.

    Here's the thing though. These versions have been around for 7 years and SEGA has done fuck all about porting them to consoles or Steam. If SEGA suddenly decide to port them then I say fine, let's buy the version on those systems, but until that day comes (and it probably never will) I say fuck it :V . I've already played the mobile version many times, I'll do what the fuck I want :V
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  19. Hez


    I'd normally say this is bad because of the ad revenue that they would be losing, but...when I PAID for the damn game and they decide to make it free with ads and not allow me the option any longer my view changes. So yeah, this is great.
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  20. Chris Highwind

    Chris Highwind

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    I will admit, I have paid to remove the ads on the Sega Forever versions of 1, 2, 4E2, and CD, but as far as I can remember, only with the credit you get for doing Google Opinion Rewards (though I vaguely remember using actual paid credit to remove ads from Sonic 1, not sure if that's a false memory or what).

    Point is, I've bought them on iOS, I've gotten them on Amazon back when they were handing out free Android apps so Sega should've gotten something for that, I bought Sonic 1 on Google Play before AND after Sega Forever, and I've bought ad removal on all of their Sega Forever Sonic games. I think I've earned the right to be able to play these through a decomp if they're going to ignore the mobile remakes in favor of releasing M2's emulations over and over.

    And while they still need some work on Vita (transitioning to and from Invincibility or Speed Shoes and collecting an Emerald all have a high chance of causing the games to crash on that platform currently), it's a blessing to be able to play what many people have considered to be the definitive ports of Sonic 1 and 2 on platforms other than mobile phones, and I've even managed to do full all-emerald runs of both games to celebrate.
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