So, anyone interested in making a Sonic the Hedgehog gameplay bible?

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Laughingcow, Nov 8, 2017.

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    The only bad thing I've said about Rush is "I didn't like it as much." How the fuck is that slander?

    Meanwhile, you've made the claim that Unleashed is objectively worse and that anyone who disagrees is wrong, because "MUH Sonic RASH". Stop being such a fucking hypocrite already.

    The only thing I'm "trying" is showing you that Sonic 4 was indeed built on the Rush engine. You claimed that the classic physics were still present in Rush and Rush Adventure, and I'm showing that this is clearly false.

    If you think this is slander, then you should meet somebody who doesn't like Rush. You'd probably accuse them of assault or something.
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    Call the Rush games the Rush games and the 3D Boost games the Boost games. :v:/>

    In all honesty though, the 3D games are just an evolution of the Rush formula as the Rush formula is an evolution of what Dimps started with Sonic Advance 2. All of it is interconnected.

    Classic Genesis games are 1 through to Mania (Chaotix and the first Sonic Advance could fit in here as well)

    Classic Handheld games could fit into the above, but level design sensibilities tend to differ widely between the two.

    Adventure games would include Adventure 1, 2, Heroes and maybe Shadow. They follow a far more typical 3D platformer formula though with higer speeds and gimmicks inspired from the Classic Genesis games.

    Advance 2&3 are a strange couple, a clear intermediary stage between the Classic Genesis games and the Rush games. They focus far more on speed based level design and far less on real platforming segments.

    Rush games are 2D Classic-esque games featuring the Boost, Blaze may or may not be present.

    Boost games are those from Unleashed and onwards, featuring the Boost in some form and stages designed around it.
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    I would place the Advance series under 2d boost as "Proto-boost" games. Advance 1 was a learning step in recreating the Genesis physics which was necessary to get to the point of deciding how to changing them, specifically to "Increase the Speed" (Yuji Naka's words about Advance 2).

    And no, I wouldn't put any of the 3d games in the same category. They fall more into the storybook series of games than Rush style boosting. Of course, this is why I mention that making a 3d section would be nigh impossible, Sonic in 3d is mostly a trainwreck.

    @Digital Duck
    And you are still wrong. If you wish to continue this, try so via PM instead of spamming the thread. You won't though cause then you don't have an audience to go, "MUH SANIC UNLESHD" which still has a bad metacritic rating.
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