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Shadow the Hedgehog and other Wiki Inaccuracies I can't fix

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by The Electric Lizard, Aug 12, 2023.

  1. I noticed the Article for Shadow the Hedgehog here says his sole creator was Takashi Iizuka, with no source. I found sources for both Iizuka's Creation and Shiro Maekawa making him. But I can't edit the article because it says "*** Forbidden. Message seems to be spam. ***" which is apparently an issue for new users. So I'll just list my sources here in case anyone who's been here longer sees this and fixes it.

    Shiro Maekawa states that he created Shadow:

    Takashi Iizuka states that he created Shadow:
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    Hey, I have a wiki account and edited that quick for you with the included references you've provided, thank you.
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    In the Sonic CD 20th Anniversary Album there's an interview with Hoshino where he mentions he designed Shadow when talking about Metal Sonic.

    He calls him his son on Twitter, and I believe in one of the Sonic Live streams he mentions that his red stripes were based on kabuki makeup. But for some reason the video is now private.
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    Seems to be a very unfortunate running trend with the JP Sonic social media crew. Their article on designing the different avatars (alongside all the potential extra species) seems to have been kicked aside. I also can't find the picture where they showed off the SA2 Shoes concept for Frontiers that broke down the materials? but that one is probably more a language barrier or me not entering the right combination of words to find it.
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