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Sega Harmony findings megathread

Discussion in 'General Sega Discussion' started by Ted909, Apr 27, 2022.

  1. Finally today I put all that info to use + extras. For one day's work I got pretty far, but I still need to work a lot on CS2 and CS3 tomorrow
    Sega CS1
    Sega CS2
    Sega CS3
    Sega RPG Production (the extra)
    plus the SoJ template.
  2. While I'm definitely not done overall, it's pretty satisfying, and further stuff will be focused on the brief period between the CS eras, with Sega Planning Design Production Dept. and Sega Soft(ware) R&D Dept.. There aren't any Harmony scans for that late 1995-early 1996 era, but as for Planning Design Production, Noriyoshi Ohba referenced it in Dreamcast Magazine and seems to say that the CS1, 2 and 3 formation was brought back around when J.League Pro Soccer Club o Tsukurou! released (February 23), Hideki Kawabata talked on his website about developing Greatest Nine '96 and World Series Baseball II there (August 1995 to January 31 1996, released after the CS departments got sorted again) and Tomohiro Kondo was credited as part of it in Sega Saturn Magazine (December) before they started credited him and Manabu Kusunoki as part of Sega CS Soft R&D Dept. in January.

    Edits: Atsuhiko Nakamura was doing loads of interviews in the buildup to Sega Rally Championship. Him and Minoru Matsuura are listed as members of CS3 in "October 1995" (1995-09-08). Next month in "November 1995" (1995-10-07), Nakamura is part of CS Planning Design Production Dept.. Finally in "1996-01 (1996-01-12,26)" (1995-12-22), him, Minoru Matsuura and Ryuichi Hattori (plus Osamu Hori in "1996-04 (1996-03-08)") are part of CS R&D Dept. But in Saturn Fan 1995-11, Nakamura is part of Consumer Soft R&D HQ.
    Also in "November 1995", Masahiro Hinami is part of Sega Consumer Soft R&D HQ.

    I'll have to break from it now to deal with a Saturday deadline, but J.League Pro Soccer Club o Tsukurou! is part of research for Individual (Saori Kobayashi), so might find something in there to add on the way.

    One thing though: I was forbidden from mirroring the Sega Retro changes to Sonic the Hedgehog CD over to Sonic Retro. Could someone else do that for me? Maybe checking if the changes I made are correct. Chaotix will probably be the same (for some reason Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine's edit went through, maybe the doctor doesn't take quality assurance seriously)
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    Oh hey, I see there's been some recent activity, so I guess I won't be necrobumping when I post links to...

    Harmony #114 (December 1992)

    Harmony #115 (January 1993)

    115 has a couple of photos from Yuusei Sega World, which is neat.

    There are three issues left in my collection to scan.
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  5. Just having skimmed them for now (busy day), there's some interesting things connected to my R&D department research (at some point I'm sure I'll do the non-R&D stuff like TOY and HE).

    December 1992 has a staff changes list, and surprise to me some of it's for R&D, though not a lot. Their previous positions, like Takashi Shoji being in CS2, Shuichi Katagi being in AM1 and Tomohiro Kondo being in CS3 helps a bit with bridging 1992 and 1993 though.
    I was expecting January 1993 to have new years messages like January 1994 had, but there's some "employees who became adults" with photos and writing. I don't know who CS1's 岡村 美理 is, but CS3's 鎌田 亜紀 gets a thanks in Sonic CD.
    A name that shows in the little quiz at the end totally throw off one of the developer changes I made before: Atsushi Tomari is in CS2, when a month later he was in CS1, and that was used to back up CS1 being one of the developers on Seima Densetsu 3x3 Eyes. Now it's possible he, like many of the other developers, were working at CS2 on the game, and then stopped working on it after changing departments.
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    The fact that it became a Hard-Off of all things is just amazing!

    edit: I guess I should explain that Hard-Off is a chain of stores that sells used electronics and is a mecca for retro video games/hardware, usually at acceptable prices.
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    Awesome stuff, thanks! It's nudging me into getting back to scanning again, just a huge pain with these A2 pages... And yeah, definitely earned the right to bump, I had a late night drunk rant about that the other day, but deleted it before hopefully anybody read it :p
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    The first couple of "Sega World Up-Link" features are in these issues. I hadn't really paid attention to it before but I now appreciate that they profiled the overseas subsidiaries, even though most of the people reading this in Japan wouldn't ever have much to do with them directly.
    This one for Sega Amusements Europe is charming, as it has to explain what "fish and chips" are and details the work culture there. There's even an exact date for when Metropolis opened in there - November 2nd.

    Was also having a severe sense of deja vu when I saw this:
    Turns out it was right... as the photo later turned up, albeit cropped, in an issue of Sega Maga that was covered in a video where mere seconds later Harmony was talked about at length. Ships in the night...
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