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Problem with Mega Drive II & EasyCap

Discussion in 'Technical Discussion' started by MartiusR, Dec 25, 2014.

  1. MartiusR


    Before I'll start to describe my problem - I'm sorry, I'm completely stranger for the whole vocabulary in case of various video/audio plugs etc. It's not about my english, since I don't even know how to call most of these things in polish language too :P So please, don't be mad if I'm describing some things in totally simplified way. I am aware, that it can be (for some people) annoying.

    Ok, now about my problem. I've decided to try with catching the picture from my Megadrive II on my laptop with Easy Cap. I've tried that device earlier with PlayStation 2 and the picture was captured properly (I'm using trial version of Ulead Video Studio, it was fluently displayed, so I could even play on my PS2 plugged with Easy Cap.

    However, in case of my Megadrive II it is not working properly. Well, it'll be best if I'll just show the screenshot, how does it look like (in spoiler):

    (look at this small window on the left with deformed picture, there is displayed the captured image)

    When I'll choose the full screen option, there is excactly the same thing - picture is totally messed. Don't know if it's important or not, but I've noticed, that the cable from my Mega Drive II has only two of three "classic plugs" of RGB cable ( - I mean only yellow (video?) and red (audio?), it doesn't have the white one (but it's, as far as I remember, responsible for audio, so it shouldn't be any problem).

    So, what can be the source of my problem and how can I fix it?

    I must add, that I've got Easy Cap only with "sockets" for three cables from "classic RGB" (the same as I've linked previously), there is no "fourth & black" - I know, that there are versions of this device with four "sockets", that's why I'm mentioning about this.
  2. GerbilSoft


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    That isn't an RGB cable, it's a composite video cable. White is usually Left Audio, and red is usually Right Audio. Cables lacking red are mono audio. Your cable sounds like a mono cable with an incorrect color scheme.

    Regarding the image: Check the PAL/NTSC settings in the capture program to make sure it matches the console.
  3. Easy Cap is also known to have over nine thousand low quality clones on the market. In any case, "USB 2.0 CAMERA" doesn't sound like it's a genuine one.
  4. Overlord


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    I have an Ezcap with that name and I'm fairly sure it's genuine - I'm certainly not having this issue, anyway. One thing I will note I've discovered is that (for VLC anyway) you need to make sure the expected image matches what it's outputting or it won't work (ie it was barfing on a 4:3 image until I specified it was that and not a 16:9, which is what it was set to).
  5. Done a bit of research and it turns out that USB 2.0 PC Camera, at least for some other people, is the default driver Windows installs for this device.

    Get the intended device drivers for this grabber and try again.
  6. MartiusR


    @GerbilSoft - I've checked this thing at the beginning, unfortunately even on PAL settings it's not working properly.
    @Overlord - I've checked in both cases (4:3 and 16:9), in both cases there is the same issue (although, looking for the picture, I think that the source of the problem is somewhere else, but I've checked anyway).
    @Oerg866 - Unfortunately, I can't find anywhere some other drivers. But I have some doubts - since I've checked my PS2 (also PAL) and it was working properly with driver & device I have, I think that it shouldn't be the fault of device, driver or (generally) some software). My brother tried with VLC on Ubuntu and had excactly the same issue. He even tried various options with "PAL" (there was plenty of them), but none of them helped. He suggested me, that there can be the problem with some configuration of displayed picture... Although in Ulead Video Studio there is not too much things I can change. On the other hand - he tried too with various display options and still it didn't worked (the picture was looking excactly in the same way).

    And I know that it's not the fault of my console/games - I've already played on it (on my sister's TV) and it was working good.

    I'm completely out of ideas :(

    (Sorry guys if I won't answer for your next posts, I'm trial member and it seems that it'll be my last post in this status).