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NEC Retro returns

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Black Squirrel, Dec 27, 2021.

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    Glad to see the work being done here. The PCE is like the Saturn of the 3rd generation in terms of its cult following, success in Japan/failure in the west, strong fanbase among weebs and shmup fans (of which I'm both lol).

    This could go either way... I personally would assume it's "blunders" based on how you'd pronounce ブランダーズ, but English to Japanese phonetics isn't really a science. ブランダーズ isn't wasei-eigo or a common term (I don't think), so it was probably up to the creator's interpretation.
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    I had quite a hard time finding these myself, so let me save you the trouble: (I've modified the CUE files slightly because the originals were crappy old rips with all-caps filenames that kept them from working on case-sensitive systems)

    They're not very exciting, unfortunately, as they're both very short demos with minimal interactivity. v3.1 has the opening and lets you run around in a city area afterwards, and that seems to be all. v5.0 has the intro, a very brief snippet of the start of the game, and then a bunch of visual scenes. The scattershot nature of the content (such as the inclusion of the full closing credits, complete with vocal song) makes me guess these were given to the press so they could get screenshots of the pretty parts of the game that had already been finished; I recall PC Engine Fan, at least, had screens that seemed to be sourced from them.

    I got a little interested in this game some months back, since it seemed to basically be a more visually appealing version of the original Mega-CD game, so I guess I'll record what I was able to find out about it here for posterity. From what I've gathered, this game's development originally began in 1992, but was put on hold due to the dev team, the "Lip Team", being reassigned to work on Moonlight Lady as "Kaeru-san Team" instead. Supposedly, some of the work done for Silky Lip was used for Moonlight Lady in some form -- note that both games involve magical girls in a modern-day setting and include a downtown area, for instance. After Moonlight Lady came out in 1993, the team returned to Silky Lip and worked on it into 1994, but it was ultimately canceled for some reason I don't know. I believe the game's director estimated that it was 60% or 70% complete at the time of cancellation. Sadly, based on a look at the internals, both known prototypes were stripped of nearly all content outside of what's needed for the demos.

    Oh, and be warned: many years later, another company bought the rights to the franchise and published a pornographic visual novel under the title that was supposed to be used for this remake (魔法の少女シルキーリップ 三人の女王候補, Magical Girl Silky Lip: The Three Candidates for Queen), which tends to interfere with any kind of search for information about the PC-Engine version of the game in very unfortunate ways. Watch out.
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  3. That's okay. I did eventually find the dumps myself so I could start the page:

    Mahou no Shoujo Silky Lip: San Nin no Joou Kouho

    All it needs is some love, and individual pages and sub-pages for both demo builds (the links to make them are in the ROM dump table), but if you can help with what you know with good sources then that'd be great! Both prototypes' title screens and system card error screens have also been uploaded in preparation for them so you won't need to upload them:

    That's a bit of yikes there. I only went with the title it has for the page since it was the planned title for the game and was used in PC Engine Fan's previews. Had to be as accurate as possible, but yeah, an unscrupulous company had to get involved in it, huh?
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    I'm afraid I've lost what inclination I had to work on wikis, but for the record, most of that information is just paraphrasing Japanese Wikipedia, which cites a series of tweets by game director Shoujirou Endou on June 19th, 2015 (though the "60% complete" part I mentioned seems to actually just be the number given in PC Engine fan's coverage, which is a very spotty indicator at best). The part about the relationship to Moonlight Lady comes from that game's Nicopedia article, which doesn't provide a source and simply states that it's "testimony from a staff member". Searching Twitter turns up nothing relevant, so my guess is that it's based on something posted anonymously on 2ch or the like a long time ago (which in my experience is where a lot of this sort of information crops up).