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  1. So I was doing my usual Wiki Walk around TV Tropes when I got to Mushroom Kingdom Fusion's page. It noted that it had been discontinued, but had a link to the game's homepage. I decided to check it out, and found that as of recently, not only has MKF and its sister game Super Mario Fusion Revival both had their source codes released, but MKF itself has continued development under a different developer as a result!
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    Give them credit - the frame rate of that trailer has that "this was uploaded 10 years ago" feel to it. Attention to detail!

    I was pretending to be a big deal in the Mario fan gaming "scene" back when this was first a thing - I think I pointed out at the time that the scope was getting too big. And then it got too big. There was a certain novelty to it at the time, but it ran like a dog, and when Sonic the Hedgehog became a playable character, you knew it wasn't going to get finished.

    Though I might have been the only person on the internet that appreciated the sound effects from Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure. Did they have crystals from Crystal Caves too? I forget.

    But honestly, this was a product of its time - it doesn't hold up well by 2018 standards. Although I'm biased because it was my mundane internet job to play through these things once, and they all started to blur together after a while... but well done to whoever I guess.

    p.s. I'm a grumpy old man, your mileage with this may vary.
  3. MKF v0.6 "Vanilla Shroom" has been released
    This release comes with a huge changelog, with the major changes listed in the blog post itself.
    One change is that MKF has now been majorly optimized by repackaging the source with GMK Splitter and externalizing a lot of the files, resulting in faster loading, smoother framerates, and an overall better experience (And I can vouch for that, I was able to play MKF 0.6 very smoothly on my potato.)