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Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by PC2, Aug 21, 2008.

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    Would graphics even matter Dark Sonic? I would rather just see the game running on the same graphics engine as the 3D blast version. Also, why is the hedgehog engine praised so much? There's better graphics engines out there really.
  2. Dark Sonic

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    Would the graphics matter? No, but because the Sonic 3D Blast levels were already great, why not just make them look prettier? Of course if retro was the goal than the 3D Blast graphics would work.

    I thought the Hedgehog engine was great for this game. A couple issues to iron out due to it being the engine's first run, but it gave the game a look that I think fits for Sonic games. Plus, comparing the Hedgehog engine to the graphics in Sonic 06, well it doesn't take two seconds to know which one looks 1000 times better.
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    The best way to get better video games is to not buy the shitty ones. Grade school logic, unfortunately it can't be defeated by the chronic addiction to Sonic merchandise that people are not only willing to admit, but actually boast about.

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    I really do hope Sega wakes up and realize just how bad of a pickle Sonic is in right now. I don't understand how they can keep pumping out such horrible games. I want my Sonic back! The Sonic I had when I was a kid, where the whole plot of the game was to stop Dr. Robotnik just by running through crazy loops, collecting rings, popping robots, bouncing off obstacles, and of coarse... running at light speed! I feel like there ruining my childhood as they have not made a good Sonic game since Sonic Adventure 2, in my opinion anyways.

    I want Sonic to be just as much of a inspiration to my children as he was to me when I was a kid. We have to take back whats ours, and demand Sega to place Sonic back to his original glory. Who's with me?!?!
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    Holy God, are you 10 or something? Shut the hell up. These are the kinds of posts that I joined Sonic Retro to AVOID.

    Nonconstructive, incessant, worthless whining. If you're going to complain, at least bring up some examples and logical ideas. Better yet, go scurry off somewhere and try your hand at making a game or hack if you're so confident of your image of Sonic that you think you're truly obligated to "take back what's yours" or whatever.

    Also, I find it odd that you would mention Sonic Adventure 2 as being a good game, when it's so far off your generic template that it's not even funny.

    EDIT: Oh geez, it's an old-as-dirt thread too. Figures...
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    Likewise, I'm past the days of crying over bad games.

    The most I'd be willing to do, is send a polite letter to Sega asking if they would be able to do something like a "2D downloadable game" or whatever it is some of you people seem to be after.
    But I wouldn't campaign, or "step up to take what's mine" or anything like that.

    I've got Nexus, Retro-XG coming my way, and I've got a megadrive. I'm fine.
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    All of these are in the high-def version of Sonic Unleashed.

    Kids still like Sonic.