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Hirokazu Yasuhara was jealous of Shigeru Miyamoto?

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Willie, Sep 20, 2013.

  1. Willie


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    So I was reading this article about Mark Cerny being interviewed about his intelligence and he revealed some rather interesting information about Hirokazu Yasuhara.

    Considering how Hirokazu Yasuhara now works at Nintendo, I can't help but wonder what Miyamoto would think of that message if he finds out. >_> I also wonder why he viewed Miyamoto as a fart of all things.
  2. OKei


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    Ah, I guess the Sega vs. Nintendo era bullshit mentally didn't just took place in school playyards then.
  3. GeneHF


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    It's human nature. Competition is what keeps us striving to improve, even if the core is just, "Pfft, I can do better than that guy."

    Ever been in a gifted level class? Yeah, it's full of smart kids, but it can get quite vicious there. You can see an exaggerated version of it in a episode of Malcom in the Middle where the gifted class' instructor establishes a ranking system based on GPA rounded to a rather double level of decimal points.
  4. Willie


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    I guess I shouldn't be too surprised that Hirokazu was jealous of Miyamoto, but his statement "Shigeru Miyamoto is a fart" just utterly amuses me. It's just a very strange thing to hang above his desk. I wish there was a lot more information on the web about his personality as he seemed like a very interesting, but private guy. With his much better track record than Yuji Naka and Naoto Ohshima, I can't help but wonder what type of future the Sonic franchise would've had if he was given a lot more control of the series in its later years. Maybe we would have never had disasters like Sonic '06.
  5. Aesculapius Piranha

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    I guess you can't be liked by everyone.