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Hex editing help

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by The MOPMASTER of the year 3000, Jan 30, 2004.

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  1. I finally decided to learn some of this hex editing stuff. What's some good stuff to begin with? I hope KHexEdit is a good hex editor. It came with my dad's OS.

    I hope I get it right this time. Last time I tried to learn hex I corrupted 63 copies of the sonic 2 rom.
  2. Drakmyth


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    That's kinda creepy that you kept an exact number. (Is it an exact number?)

    Anywho, hex is easy to learn. It is merely a system of counting. Here is a mini conversion list from base 10 to hex. (base 16)

    0 = 00
    1 = 01
    2 = 02
    3 = 03
    4 = 04
    5 = 05
    6 = 06
    7 = 07
    8 = 08
    9 = 09
    10 = 0A
    11 = 0B
    12 = 0C
    13 = 0D
    14 = 0E
    15 = 0F
    16 = 10
    17 = 11
    18 = 12
    19 = 13
    20 = 14
    21 = 15
    22 = 16

    and so forth and so on...

    And it continues up until FF which is 255 (or is it 256?) Anywho, you get the basic gist of it. The real trick is figuring outthe values you want and that is something I cannot help with.
  3. Lostgame


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    'kay. To learn hex, Visual C++ 6.0 or Visual C# are the best for it. Hex editing is difficult, so try to keep it very simple and use a very good hacking guide.

    Good hacking websites...

    Yup. I don't know many more websites.

    Yeah, that is pretty scary that you kept track, though.

    If you really need help, PM me. I'm pretty good at that.
  4. Okay, a question here. I replaced the first occurence of 1B8A04 with 019F50. From what I have read, this would use sonic's sprites for tails. Nothing happened that I know of. I obviously didn't understand it correctly. What did I change?
  5. fuzzbuzz


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    Many Many Programming/hacking tools...

    Hex Math Formula, if you want to convert it on paper

    Base10 = Val * (16 ^ (p-1))


    Val = the numerical value of the first hex number
    p = the placement in the entire hex string

    and the number to the farthest right is just it's value not through the formula.


    to convert 'FCFC'

    1. F - 15 * (16^(4-1)) = 61440
    2. C - 12 * (16^(3-1)) = 3072
    3. F - 15 * (16^(2-1)) = 240
    4. C - 12 = 12

    FCFC = 64764

    Alternatively, you can do what I do and use Calculator, as it comes free with any Windows OS.
  6. LOst


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    The Sonic 2 ROM does not contain the offset of 1B8A04.
  7. BtCE


    Learning what each Hex Digit Does is the hard part. The converting Hex to Binary, Hex to Decimal, and such, is easy. I learned Octal for the heck of it, too. Might be useful, someday. :P
  8. Blame my hex editor. Edit, Find, 1b8a4, takes me to 1b8a04.
  9. Icy Guy

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    Hex editors only seem to search/"go to" just right when your query contains an even amount of digits. If you have an odd number, you'll have to stick a 0 at the beginning of it to get it to work. That may be your problem.

    You could also try Hex Workshop, but it's 30-day shareware. I daresay there's a keygen floating around, though...
  10. Okay, I made somthing. I did the same thing mentioned before, and it locks up at the part right before the title screen. I call it "freezesrightbeforetitlescreenwhenreallyiwastryingtomakeahackwheretailsfollo
    wstails" what did I do wrong?
  11. Sorry to double post,

    I tried to change the rings to the EHZ boss, so I found the offset for rings in the rom, and replased it with the offset for the EHZ boss. At first, I thought nothing happened. then, when I beat act 1, Instead of stars coming from the sign, rings flew out and lined up in a column. What did I do wrong here?
  12. Drakmyth


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    Sonic Eclipse 2, Return of the Hidden Palace, Unnamed Sonic 2 Hack
    Could I have a copy of that rom/savestate? If it is as I am imagining it to be it looks really dang cool.
  13. Hayate


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    Could I have it too, it sounds interesting...
  14. It got deleted alonng with the rest of my roms.
  15. Hayate


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    Aww, shame. Ah well.

    PS. Emerl is missing from your signature...
  16. yeah...

    PS I took him out so I coulld advertise DNAS so he would advertize my board.
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    um so you mean that there is a limit to how many images you can put in your sig then? oh and they're in the wrong order ;)
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