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Drag+drop folder names into excel

Discussion in 'Technical Discussion' started by man traic, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. As part of a project im doing, I want to put the names of about 1500 folders into Excel (I will then export it to csv and use it as a script for a renamer program)

    I could manually type out the folder names into Excel but that would be boring and time consuming plus prone to errs.

    Can you drag and drop a folder into Excel cells and have the folder name and path appear there? eg c:/music masters/acid

    When I try to do it with Excel 2003 it says 'cannot find object'....

    Any ideas??? thx
  2. nineko


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    If all the folders are subfolders in the same folder, you can get a list of them in ms-dos by using this command:
    DIR /AD /B > list.txt

    What does this do? It lists all the directories (/AD) in a basic format without header and footer (/B), and stores the list in list.txt
    You can then import list.txt with Excel and arrange your way from there.
  3. Ah - that might do actually - thanks