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Jul 28, 2014
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Under your bed.
    1. archxe
      Hey, do you happen to have any more builds of Sonic Unleashed?
    2. Rrose80149
      I can't get the Generations demo PS3 pkg on MEGA. Do you have backup files for it?
    3. DarknessS
      The Sonic unleashed preview it is great. It is shame that won't found The second disc to complete The full preview
    4. Goldy
      Hey, would you happen to still have the preview build of Sonic Unleashed?
    5. Pooprdoopr_321
      hey could i ask you a few questions about Sonic Unleashed, also could we talk over discord? since there is a graphical problem with the posts on profile pages.
    6. Cap_2109
      Part 2: I understand if you don't want to share, but it's kind of pointless as SEGA now embraces the release of development content from their games and don't come after people for releasing new info. Even if you lost the screenshots or just don't want to share a response or some new info/new lead would be deeply appreciated, I hope you stay safe and are having a good day :)
    7. Cap_2109
      Part 1: Hey N!NJA I am very sorry to bother you, but I am curious about those Sonic Generations PSP Alpha screenshots you mentioned owning a while ago, I'm aware that you said that'll you'll release them once you get the OK, I'm not sure if you've gotten OK, but I was wandering if you could perhaps share them with me. I frankly have no intent or purpose of releasing them publicly.
    8. Ivansch
      Pd: Sorry for my bad level of English, I'm using the translator

      Pd 2: If you prefer not to talk about it, either because you don't have permission or something, nothing happens, Thanks a lot anyway
    9. Ivansch
      and a remix of the green hill zone, I would like to know how those images are, that looks, (And if you like, see them) And how is the remix of the green hill zone, If this is classic or modern, and so on.
      So, thanks in advance, and thanks for taking the time to read this.
    10. Ivansch
      (1/2) Hello! Well, first of all, I am a boy, Editor of a sonic news page in Spanish, "Sonic stage is called, And we are making an article about, Sonic anniversary, The lost psp demo, So I would like To know more about it, If you can tell me obvious (If not, no problem) to what I know, you may have Images of that lost demo.
    11. temposparkz
      hello i have a question on one of your old posts you mention about having a press version of sonic 06 do you still happen to have it?
      1. N!NJA
        Yes, I do and it was birotted sadly. The data saved was literally final just being signed for developer xboxs literally 1/1 with the retail which was a shame.
        Nov 17, 2019
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