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  1. Some Brasilian guy dumped "Mega Drive 4" contents

    06 November 2017 - 05:25 AM

    From smspower (click the link to read the original topic):

    SLotman said:

    Alexandre "Tabajara" dumped the contents of an old Megadrive 4 (the one with Guitar Hero).

    Page is in Portuguese, but the download links are at the end.

    As I said, I have no idea what this is, but it might be interesting for the wiki or something. Someone more expert than me might want to reach out to him on smspower or on his webpage, I'm merely reposting.
  2. Question: how to emulate Pokémon Go?

    16 October 2016 - 04:29 PM

    Short story: I have a Nokia Lumia 630 with Windows Phone 8.1, ergo I can't play Pokémon Go, even if I would really like to. I waited a few months hoping that Niantic would make a Windows Phone version eventually, but at this point I'm more than convinced that they aren't going to, so I'm starting to look for other options. It turns out that there are at least two Android emulators for the PC: Bluestreaks and Nox, with the latter of them which is apparently tailored for the specific task of emulating Pokémon Go. I tried both of them, following guides and tutorials I found on the internet, but I can't get Pokémon Go to work, it either refuses to log me in, or it recognizes that I'm using an unsupported device, or whatever, I just can't do it. More research on Google seems to indicate that it's currently impossible to emulate Pokémon Go, once again I probably waited too long before trying.

    Those emulators are also terribly slow, then again I tried them on my laptop and I guess that my other computer would perform better should I retry it, so this isn't a problem.

    So, to get to the point, does anyone know how I can successfully emulate the current version (and future versions) of Pokémon Go? I know nothing about Android and I would be lost if I had to alter the apk.

    Please give me precise directions on what to do, which emulator to download, how to configure it, if I have to alter the apk or install other apps, everything.

    I know it's technically considered cheating but I'd really like to play that game.
  3. Alternate version of F1 Championship Edition [Mega Drive / Genesis]

    07 April 2016 - 03:15 AM

    Just crossposting on his behalf, with his permission.

    Source: http://www.smspower....pic.php?t=16018

    Selected quotes:


    I picked up some Sega mega drive prototype roms from ebay, for Spiderman TV and F1 Championship Edition


    I've used GoodGen Tools and it appears that spiderman is the same as spiderman The animated series (Beta 2)

    However I can't get a match for F1 Champion Edtn MDRIVE

    I've run both in an emulator and there doesn't seem to be any noticable differences.


    it looks like your ROM is a (previously unknown?) prototype for a US version of the game. In the end, no US version was ever released

    ROM and pictures are there.
  4. An open question to E-122-Psi

    16 July 2015 - 06:48 AM

    I know this idea has already been brought up in the past, but it never got a definite answer (afaik), and I'd like to hear some opinions about this, including obviously E-122-Psi's.

    Basically, he made a ton and a half of "SOMEONE in Sonic 1" hacks, which are good and all, don't misread me, I love them, but I was wondering about the possibility to combine them all into a greater "everyone in Sonic 1" megahack, possibly with E-122-Psi sharing his source codes with a trusted Tech Member¹ for global optimisation and integration, maybe with a Character Select screen à la Sonic Triple Trouble.

    Discuss, or trash on E-122-Psi's request if inappropriate.

    Note 1: not me, I'm not trusted, and I barely know more ASM than "cmpi and beq"
  5. Questions about php

    07 March 2015 - 09:15 AM

    Basically, I want to implement something on one of the websites I manage. Before anyone asks, no, I can't easily use a database due to the nature of the project, even if I'm aware that a database would be the optimal solution, so moving on.

    I will have a lot of data to deal with; it has a magnitude of many hundreds / few thousands of lines, with a dozen or two of fields. Since the data is going to be very repetitive by nature I'm thinking to use one or more arrays as LUTs and store all the data as numbers to save space, and also because the data will need to be filterable by most (if not all) the fields. Now, here's my question.

    Amongst the fields there will be date fields, e.g. year, month, day, (hour, minute). Which is why I'm wondering: should I keep the thousands of lines within a same file and perform a lot of IFs over them, or should I maybe split the data by hand in smaller files? I explain.

    Case 1:
    -> lots of IFs

    Case 2:
    -> the year filter can be applied "outside" with a FOR, while IFs for month and day will still apply

    Case 3:
    -> both year and month filters can be applied "outside"

    Case 4:
    -> all the date is filtered outside (with nested FORs or DOs or something); however, this would lead to 365 files per year, most of which with 0 or few lines.

    So I'm wondering. Which is easier on the server? Lots of IFs, or lots of FOPENs?

    Since I'm generating the data from another program I wrote it wouldn't be a problem to split it differently. What I can't do is feed that data into a database with an automatic procedure, so yeah. Which is the best plan B?