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Discussion in 'Technical Discussion' started by saxman, Nov 29, 2008.

  1. saxman


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    I did a video --

    I took the first 10 levels of the original computer releases (Amiga, IBM/DOS, and whatever else there was) and put them into the Sega Genesis version. It's got an obvious flaw present in the video, but they're still playable in their true form.

    Also, I do some memory hacking using the game's built-in debugger (you Sonic ASM folk should implement something like this into your projects -- it's nifty!)
  2. ICEknight


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    Neat. Is the level format the same for both, or have you edited them by hand?
  3. saxman


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    I poked around the original game, but I couldn't find the level data. But the format in the Genesis version is easy enough to work with, and with the boards being basic 8x8 grids, I just put them in by hand. One board is 16 bytes in size, each bit of the first 8 bytes representing a square, and each bit in the next 8 bytes representing hidden bonus squares. I didn't bother positioning enemies the way they are in the original because I haven't quite figured that part of it out entirely, although I know where the enemy layout data is.

    Would you believe this game's only 2Meg? I never knew any Genesis games were smaller than 4Meg! But the small size certainly helped me in hunting down the level data.
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    Seriously dude, come ON!

    All that working with Sonic 2, and you pull a statement like THAT?!
    IIRC, MOST Genesis games are smaller than 4 Megs! Hell, Sonic 1 is barely HALF a meg.

    4 Meg games are the exception, not the rule.
  5. muteKi


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    I think you're working in a slightly different unit of measure. Sonic 3K was total for example a 32 meg cart or 4096 or so KB. Sonic 2 was half that, so it was 16 megs, and 2048 KB.

    4 Megs I believe is like 512 Kilobytes, which is from what I recall the size of a game like Sonic 1. I think Flicky might only be 2 megs as well, though.

    EDIT: Turns out Flicky is only 128 KB which I guess is only 1 meg. Wow.
  6. Actually, it was a quarter the size of S3K, so it's 1 meg/1024 KB.
  7. muteKi


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    Hm, guess I was wrong then. :\
  8. saxman


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    Clarification: I'm talking megabits.

    EDIT: What muteKi said.
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    Megabits are fun :(

    There are very little 2M and smaller games... one other 2M game is Alex Kidd, which I played on my MD2 using my 2M SRAM cart I used in the early days of my MD dev. I love my 32M flashcart...