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Zone 03 : "Rainforest Ruins Zone"

Discussion in 'Project: Sonic Retro (Archive)' started by Retro_Stew, Nov 9, 2008.

  1. Phoenix


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    Yes, but either way, it shouldn't be a mud-brown, but a dark tan-type color.
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    I don't really have the necessary resources to make sprites - or the knowledge - but, wouldn't it be interesting to base the badnik designs off the meaner ones of the series? The spiked hermit from the first game, the roller from the same, and on.
  3. Blue Emerald

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    You just gave me an idea.

    How about a Badnik that pretends to be a boulder in the background? When Sonic passes by it, it begins to roll after him, then finally reveal itself as a Roller.

    Kamon is good at drawing Badniks. He could probably translate this into a sketch.
  4. BuffaloWilder


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    Dig that.
  5. Sailu Baru

    Sailu Baru

    Ruinforest Ruins zone, Maple Hill zone, Underground Zone... I'm afraid these levels are too similars. The aspects "rock" and "nature" risk to be too present. Can't Ruinforest Ruins and Underground Zone become the same level? Perhaps I haven't totally understood the concepts of these two zones and so I have difficulties to dicern them, but in a first sight they seem very near.

    I've read on a topic about a technological place abandonned. I have an idea similar to that. Imagine the lands where the Death Egg have crashed ... It may create a level in a swamp, where wastes of steel coast climbing plants in a partially immerged place. Perhaps something like "Soiled Marsh Zone" ? A such level should be a link between natural levels and technological ones.

    I'm writing about that because the number of levels and its order are a priority, specially if you want to create transition scenes.
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    Why? If you've read up on the other zones at all, then you know that Maple Hill will have more of a deciduous/coniferous forest feel to it, as well as some highway sections, waterwheels, and more modern technological influences. The underground stage is more sewer-like and has more ruins.

    From what I recall, Rainforest Ruins was to be mostly natural, more like a cross between Angel Island and Aquatic Ruin, probably with less water than the latter. There was some really cool hoax or something that we were using as a concept on the old board. I see no real need to combine two completely different stages. You could think of it like the difference between Marble Garden and Hydrocity, really.
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    Looks awful, but maybe you can work off it.
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