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Zero Punctuation Review: Sonic Unleashed

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by The Segan, Dec 18, 2008.

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  1. muteKi


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    In any case he's made a bunch of slights at modern Sega in the past.
  2. The Game Collector

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    I agree with Tweaker.

    I sure don't hate Unleashed. I don't even hate Sonic '06, Shadow or Sonic Heroes. Sure some parts are mediocre and some parts are great, but I would rather have this than nothing. At least I can enjoy the good parts and yell at the frustrating parts like AVGN. Don't most games have hard parts in them? It feels so rewarding once you get passed such a difficult level, even if the faults are caused by glitches or bad camera angles. So far Sonic Unleashed is the best of the four console adventure games since Sega quit the hardware business.

    Think about this guys. If it wasn't for the change in style of Sonic games over the years, what would drive us to make as many hacks and fan games? If we were already satisfied with what they gave us, would we really feel we need to do it? Sometimes bad things can actually lead to good things.

    As far as these videos go, they can be funny at times. But really you don't have to agree with everything you read or hear. I like a few Atari Jaguar games, don't mind the Intellivision or Atari 5200 controllers, and even buy games that the AVGN tells us not to buy. Those kinds of videos actually make it more fun to try the games out for yourself. Sometimes they are not half as bad as they said.

    "Furious Famicom Faggot" by SomethingAwful on youtube shows how you can take a good game like Legend of Zelda or Tetris and make it sound like it's complete garbage.
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    Well SEGA could always learn from this little chart:
  4. Sik


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    The 2D Sonic one is so true... At least for the open levels of Sonic 2.
  5. OSM


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    That chart was posted for a reason and not just hilarity. Honestly think about it, SEGA suffers with the problem of making the stages far too big and linear for them to work with. There's absolutely no variety to them. If they made it easier on themselves and started bringing back the momentum in the levels instead of spamming speed panels and ramps to make jumps over unnecessary pits you couldn't make with a normal jump, maybe they would see how much more enjoyable they could make the games instead of rehashing the same failed garbage people continue to curse and fuss over.

    Speed is merely the icing on the cake, and it should cooperate with the level design instead of making tediously put together stages and setting Sonic loose upon it setting themselves up for a failure. The Daytime stages had it but weren't perfect. They were certainly a blast but much of it could have been done better without the mentioned terrible gimmicks.
  6. Tweaker


    Yeah, seeing that chart again has pretty much eliminated what little patience I had with this thread.

    Try to be less predictable and cliché next time, guys.
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