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Your Top 5 Best & Worst Sonic Games?

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Retrogamer, Nov 24, 2008.

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  1. My TOP 5 is:

    1 - Sonic R (PC)

    2 - Sonic the Hedgehog (MDII)

    3 - Sonic 3 & Knuckles (MDII)

    4 - Sonic 2 (MDII)

    5 - Sonic Heroes (PC)
  2. Best 5
    1. Sonic 3& Knuckles- This game is just Sonic at his best. Great music, better graphics, more moves, bigger bosses, huge zones, 3 characters. It's so big they had to make the innovative lock-on technology to combine both games. Sonic 3 is incomplete in my opinion, & Sonic & Knuckles just isn't enough.

    2. Sonic Adventure/DX- 3D Sonic at its best

    3. Sonic CD- I just know that the main reason most people "LOVE" it is because of its soundtrack! aside from that, it's fast & it's just plain awesome

    4. Sonic The Hedgehog 2- For faster speed, Super Sonic, & lastly, Tails.

    5. Sonic The Hedgehog- The original game must be on the top 5!

    Honorable Mentions
    Knuckles' Chaotix (Fast & fun but needs Sonic & Tails. That's why I prefer its rom hack Sonic in Chaotix)
    Sonic Unleashed (Aside from being slow, I find nothing wrong with the werehog)
    Sonic Triple Trouble (Best 8-bit Sonic game ever)
    Sonic Heroes (I personally like the playing with 3 characters at once)
    Sonic Adventure 2/Battle
    Sonic Advance series
    Sonic 1 Megamix (rom hack)
    Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine

    Worst 5

    5. Sonic Spinball (Game Gear version)- Big, lousy, & stupid.

    4. Shadow The Hedgehog- I have to admit the guns were pretty neat, but having a very dark tone, & 1/4 of the cast cursing extremely ruined it (especially Sonic) & watching Sonic get killed in the intro really wanted me not by the game, but I did anyway.

    3. Sonic Drift/ Sonic Shuffle- These games are just boring.
    Drift: It's just short, boring & well .... creepy. Play the sequel, it's better.
    Shuffle: Long, hard mini-games, & the characters would cheat so often that I had to reset it to the title screen every time I was near a Precious stone.

    2. Sonic Labyrinth- It's just hard, long, & slow.

    1. Sonic 1 Genesis (for GBA)- Thank god I was to smart not to buy this. I never played it, but from gameplay videos I saw just show how horrible it is! it's a disgrace for Sega & is their worst game ever!

    Sonic The Hedgehog (2006) isn't on here because I haven't played it yet! & it looks somewhat ok.
  3. Axielicious


    Top 5 2D

    1- Sonic 2 16-bit
    2- Sonic Adventure 2
    3- Sonic 1 16-bit
    4- Sonic 3 ("& Knuckles" part is optional)
    5- Sonic Adventure

    Bottom 5

    5- Tails Sky Patrol
    4- Sonic '06
    3- Sonic Labyrinth
    2- Shadow the Hedgehog
    1- Sonic Genesis
  4. Shadow Fire

    Shadow Fire

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    Here comes Shadow Fire... Heheh.

    Okay... my top 5 best are as follows.

    5. Sonic CD: Time travel? In my Sonic game? Yeah... the JAP/EUR soundtrack is awesome... Tidal Tempest Zone is my favourite.
    4. Sonic Heroes: When played on the GC, it's perfection. The least amount of bugs, I gave this game a fair chance and was able to beat it quite easily. On the PC, I have the memory editor, as well as the Japanese vocals. So it's all cool.
    3. Sonic Adventure 2/Battle: Despite the fact that SEGA have been spying on me for years, I found this game to be quite to my liking, although there are some aspects which could have been worked upon.
    2. Sonic Unleashed: I have this on the Wii... and I love it! My only gripe is the final boss. It took me a half hour to beat the final form alone, because I kept dying. Still, I love the daytime levels, the werehog gives a new feel to it, and I actually like the voice cast. Oh, and Chip? I found him adorable, and not even remotely annoying.
    1. Shadow the Hedgehog: Yes, this game is my favourite of the while series. A game that ties up the mysteries of Shadow's past, kicks ass, and has a great voice cast, what more could I want. I love the GC version.

    Oh, interesting note with Shadow... is that people are like "ONOS GUNZ" about it, and thus, hate it. I'd like to remind people that in all of the 3D Sonic games, guns have been used. In Sonic Adventure, it was the police who shot at Chaos. In Sonic Adventure 2, it was not only Maria's fatal wound coming from a gunshot, but also, Eggman and Tails used guns on their mecha. Sonic Heroes utilises guns as well, although not as directly as the previous two.

    Oh, and the 4Kids voice actors? No problem for me. I will admit that there are 3 or 4 voices in which I preferred the original Sonic Team voices (by ORIGINAL, I mean the voices used in Sonic Heroes). However, I've come to love the 4Kids VAs. They've actually done quite well since the watered down 4Kids version of Sonic X.
  5. DimensionWarped


    Erinaceous! Oldbie
    I'm just doing the best five right now. I'll do the worst five on monday after I finish Sonic Unleashed. No, it probably won't make the grade. Just to be safe.

    1. Sonic 2 - Levels were simple and each went on a very pure concept while at the same time pushing out a new concept for each act all the way up until the end.
    2. Sonic 3 + Knuckles - Would easily get number 1 if not for the massively increased complexity of the levels being somewhat frustrating. Also, the whole timer concept probably should have been balanced to compensate for some levels being three to four times what the old standard was.
    3. Sonic CD - Personally, I think time traveling was absolutely retarded and I have no idea what anyone ever saw in it. The game was still cool of course, but I love it for the abnormal locations and at the time almost completely unexplored boss damage concept. It was inventive and pretty, and you can't really beat a combination like that.
    4. Sonic 1 - My least favorite of the originals... but that doesn't say much. My only beef with this one is that it has some stages that I just do not enjoy like Marble Zone and Labyrinth.
    5. Sonic Adventure 2 - It just has the best controls of any of the 3D Sonic games and some fun levels to play through when I want to pick it up and play it for a while.
  6. Axielicious


    I don't want to stray too far from the topic, but as someone that put ShtH on the Bottom 5, I need to say this.

    Guns are the one of the last things I say when enumerating ShtH's flaws. Before them, I criticize the amazingly stupid storyline, the amazingly unoriginal and tailor-made villain, the horrendous Star Wars-esque explanation for Shadow's origin, the tiring process of finishing the game ten times, the badly recycled Heroes engine used, the fact that you barely have running or platforming action in this game, as they open space for dumb enemy-defeating and other bizarre mission requests, the tiring, uninspiring and exhaustively long level designs, the awful awful 4Kids voice actors (specially Charmy), and Shadow's overall emoness, nihilism, angst-powered self-doubt and the failed attempts of sounding Darker and Edgier(tm).

    THEN I complain about the erratic and randomly made weapons that Shadow use through the game - and those are not limited to guns, as the alien's sword and Eggman robot's spear are equally bleak.
  7. DimensionWarped


    Erinaceous! Oldbie
    To say there isn't plentiful platforming in Shadow the Hedgehog is simply false. I have no idea how you could even remotely come to that conclusion. There are maybe 5 or 6 stages out of the entire mess that don't involve a lot of jumping and obstacles.

    Shadow the Hedgehogs's problems are plentiful, but a lack of platforming isn't among them.
  8. Axielicious


    I'm not saying there is no platforming, it would be like saying there is no running or no loops. and yes, "barely" may be a bit of an understatement, my bad. But the platforming parts, when they exist, are most of the time too short, or too generic and easy, or most probably both. As of now, the only stage I've played in that the platforming is plentiful and well-thought is the one with Vector (in fact, this stage has excess of platforming, quite ironically). Cosmic Falls is the name, or something like that. well, you have to FIND THE COMPUTER ROOM!, that is enough reference
  9. DimensionWarped


    Erinaceous! Oldbie
    I'd go so far as to say Shadow had enough quality platforming in it that it could have stood on it's own as a quality game with nothing more than stripping down the levels to cut back on bullshit, removing the story, making them pretty rather than post apocalyptic wastelands, throwing Shadow and his concepts out the door, and using Sonic Adventure 2 as the physics model. Basically mostly cosmetic changes with a lot of game play changes, but the levels themselves? I think the levels have a lot of good design in them. They just happen to be infected a whole lot of shit design in them too.

    And Cosmic Fall while easily one of the better ones in normal mode because a nightmare from hell if you ever try to play through expert mode. Personally, I liked Lava Shelter and that one GUN stage where you murder the president has some good platforming segments that become a good deal better in Expert mode.

    Actually, Expert mode in itself improves a lot of the game... if you can cope with having to play through the whole damn thing. And it's still shit even with a lot of improvement.
  10. Dude


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    Shadow isn't a bad character, they just didn't do him right. Agreed with the adventure 2 bit though. All shadow the hedgehog should have been was shadow's stages in sa2, just expanded into an independent game. Also, shadow the hedgehog's character art sucked horribly. Shadow shoudln't deform into a 1.5 foot tall blob of pixels when he decides to start moving, then suddenly shift back into a 3 ft hedgehog.
  11. Overlord


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    tbh, my biggest problem with Shadow is that the levels drag oooooooooooooon aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand oooooooooooooooon. Seriously, it takes like 40 minutes to clear any level by the 3rd or 4th tier.
  12. DimensionWarped


    Erinaceous! Oldbie
    True, but the problems Shadow brought to the game were thematic ones.
  13. Bertin


    5. Sonic 06
    4. Sonic and the Secret Rings
    3. Sonic Spinball Game Gear (They did it wrong)
    2. Dr. Robotniks Mean Bean Machine (Yes I count this as a sonic game)
    1. Tails Skypatrol (This game was just stupid)

    1. Sonic Triple Trouble
    2. Sonic 3 & Knuckles
    3. Sonic Drift 2
    4. Sonic CD
    5. Sonic Adventure

    Honorable Mentions: Sonic Chaos, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, Tails Adventure, Sonic 2 GG, Sonic Riders Zero Gravity
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