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Your Top 5 Best & Worst Sonic Games?

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Retrogamer, Nov 24, 2008.

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    Hmm, I'll start with my worst. Because its easier.

    5. Its hard to give a 5 because there are still so many Sonic games I've yet to really give a go at. I've yet to play any of the next gen Sonics, haven't given Rivals 1 or 2 a good run, plenty of handhelds I've not had a chance at. Though, I have a feeling that something like The Dark Brotherhood will fit here nicely. But for now, I'll put Sonic Adventure DX, because it was a complete and utter pile of shit that ruined Sonic Adventure. It was plastic, it was clunky, it had slowdowns out the ass. Nothing about it felt right and I say pfft to it.

    4. Sonic Advance 2/Sonic Rush Adventure: Sonic Team have been the masters of getting something nearly perfect and than ruining it all for the next 5 years. Sonic Advance to Sonic Advance 2 is a beautiful example of this. SAdv1 was a bit clunky, sure, but it was fun and felt a throwback to the Genesis days. Alright, cool, SAdv2 can't possibly wrong. It was wrong in every sense of the word. It ditched everything that made a Sonic game worth playing. Most of the levels are downward slopes which require you to hold right (or sometimes left) and jump every now and again. This game was ridiculous. It was speed speed speed, bottomless pits, terrible object placement, and just generally shit. The Special Stages and the way to get there were, for lack of a better word, retarded. This is the game that is the reason every handheld game after it has been on the border of mediocre and shit.

    Sonic Rush Adventure played right into the same, generic, tired and terrible formula. With SAdv2, we got Cream, who could run through the game like nothing thanks to Cheese. Challenge? Who needs it. SRA took challenge, kicked it out the window and gave us Marine. The flow of this game was destroyed by every in between the levels. I seriously skipped every cutscene in the game. I beat it in nearly one sitting. This game takes everything from the first Rush and does nothing with. Rush had good music that I remember, SRA does not. Again, its all bad object placement, speed speed speed, bottomless pits, and the bullshit with tricks. I'm sure someone would say, "Hey, you can just barrel through enemies with the Rush attack". The Rush attack is a cheap fix to bad game design. The 2.5D perspective did not help at all, because the controls were lose and platforming, if you could find it, was harder than it should've been. This game had every problem the Rush had, did nothing to fix it, and actually added more useless shit that bogged down the game to the very end.

    3. Sonic Pinball Party: What kind of sick, wasteful, masochistic bastard am I? Who the hell actually owns this game? I do. Its not even a good pinball game. There's three tables and they're small and they all get recolored to fit whatever zone you're in. Again, story isn't an issue because story in a pinball game is just dumb. This game was only barely enjoyable in moments of extreme boredom and when I need something to do at school. I didn't even bother seeing this one through to the finish. I just gave up and haven't touched it since. There's not alot of meat to the game, so there's not alot to say about it. It was just bad.

    2. Sonic Riders: Luckily, after Shadow, I started renting anything with Sonic on it. I simply did not enjoy this game what so ever. I can't even think of music I enjoyed while playing it. Again, I'm a masochist so I played it right up to the end, but the rubber band AI, the way the game handled, the boring levels. I just was not into this game at all. I'm not gonna complain about the story, because lets face it.. No racing game ever has a great story. Ever. If they do, its a small miracle or some sort of genius, so I wasn't too concerned about the BS they piled on top of it. This game was bad enough, so I never let myself get anywhere near Zero Gravity, so as far as I'm concerned, you can lump it right in here to. Just another bad, not at all enjoyable experience.

    1. Shadow The Hedgehog: What can I say about this game that hasn't been said about syphillis and other terrible disease no one else wants. I'm not saying Shadow is on par with cancer, but when it comes to the Sonic games, I'd rather put my dick under a hammer and give it a swift pounding. Shadow was, without a doubt in my mind, one of the worst gaming experiences I have ever had. Had I not finally got out of my teenage anger phase, I would destroyed something out anger because of just how bad Shadow was. It was one of the only games I can think of where in the middle of a level, I put my controller down and said "I'm done". Of course, playing the game is like a train wreck, you're compelled to continue out of some masochistic desire just to see how far you can push yourself before you finally drive a nail through your eye socket. Alot of other people have complained about glitches or some other stuff, but I didn't get any glitches, had no problem with the camera. It was the fact that the gameplay and the story were so unbelievabley bad, the entire time I played this game, I cussing incessantly and annoyed beyond all logical reason. This game has no saving graces, in my opinion. It does have a few jems, such as the level Sky Troops and its got a few good songs. But thats really it. Though hell, Sonic 06 had great music, so its expected that Sonic Team can at least get something right. The voice acting and everything else just piled ontop of what was a terrible experience that made me regret every minute of it and the only reason its still in my collection is because of some packrat desire to hold on to this kidney stone for collectors reasons.

    Now, then, for my top five, this is gonna be hard because the Sonic games I do enjoy I enjoy immensely.

    5. Knuckles Chaotix/Sonic CD: I was years behind everyone on these two games. Knuckles Chaotix I enjoyed alot. Alot of people seem not to, but I thought it was different and fun. My only complaint was that every level had like 5 acts. It was a bit frikken ridiculous when they could've used all that room for more levels, but hey. Music was good, Special Stages weren't too shabby, bosses were fun and I even enjoyed the combi-ring mechanic. It was a fun game and the fact I can't play it on my PSP makes me :)

    Sonic CD is at its best with the Jap Music with a little Sonic Boom thrown in. Someone didn't tell the american music guys that there are other instruments than a guitar that can be used for these levels. I can't really think of a track I don't like in Sonic CD. The game play is a different story. Not exactly your typical Sonic game at all.. But, its expanded enough you can play the game just like Sonic 1 and worry about all the Time Stones through special stages or you can go through the Past and Future stuff to do the same. I'm not really good enough to do either yet as my first experience with this game wasn't until the middle of this decade. Its not as epic as most make it out to be, and I used to here ALOT of hype surrounding it, but it was still a fun an enjoyable game and I'm glad I can play it on my PSP :psyduck:

    4. Sonic R: Pfft, to all of you. I loved this game. I loved it something fierce. The controls sucked, but I love this game and still do. I love the music. I love the scenery, I love playing as Dr. Robotnik in his Egg-O-Matic of Awesome. I love Tails Doll. Do you? I do. No matter what anyone says, I will always enjoy this game even with its shortcomings.

    3. Sonic Adventure 2: 100+ hours playtime, 3 emblems away from a full 180. While it just didn't have the atmosphere of Sonic Adventure, it was still unbelievabley fun and still is. It had its down moments, treasure hunting getting stale, some levels that aren't exactly the best in the world, Tails. But it was all still so much fun. It was like how in the Genesis Generation, S3&K took and big rubber stamp and slammed it down, imprinting 'Epic' on top, SA2 did the same thing. Sure, the story isn't all that great, but just something about the way it was pulled off. It was all wrapped together by great music and enjoyable gameplay. As said by many before, it was the last true great Sonic game before everything began going downhill.

    2. Sonic 1 & 2: Obviously, these are going to be way up there. I've enjoyed playing both of these many many times and will do so for years to come. Who doesn't have fond memories of these games? The first few levels of speed, then how the challenge built. I think I once summed up the experience in Labyrinth Zone best with the words "Oh Fuck Oh Fuck Air Bubble Air Bubble". I was afraid of water levels for years because of Labyrinth, especially when you're playing these games at a young age. Sonic 2 took everything that was Sonic 1 and made it bigger and better. The only zone I really hate in Sonic 2 is Metropolis, but even then, you can look past that and just enjoy the game for what it is: Classic Sonic at its best.

    1. Sonic 3 & Knuckles/Sonic Adventure: If you went sheerly by play time, you'd say Sonic Adventure 2 is my favorite game. Over 100 logs in that game. Yeah, its good, but the two that are the closest to my heart are Sonic 3&K and SA1. I don't think I need to mention why S3&K was as good as it was. I used to spend all afternoon, me and my best friend, tearing through this game every day. It was more than just playing a game. It was a shared journey. Every day, we were able to get a bit closer, every day we were able to get further towards the end. Oh snap, Carnival Night, we'll never be able to beat it! Then we figured it out. Sandopolis? Jesus chris, I just pissed myself.. But with my best buddy by my side, I got through it, got through Lava Reef and went right to the end to kick Robotnik's ass. The day we got to The Doomsday? Amazing. When we discovered Hyper Sonic? Epic. There are more memories attatched to this game than any other and I've replayed it from beginning to end so many times. This was as good as it got.

    Sonic Adventure was a whole different experience. We had a taste of 3D Sonic with Sonic Jam, and I guess you could count Sonic R and Sonic 3D Blast if you wanted to stretch it.. But this was finally it. It had its glitches, people had their complaints, but I never had any of those problems. Hell, its almost summed up in "You're doing it wrong". The camera never bothered me, I never fell through any floors. Everything about this game was a complete, immersing experienced that sucked you in. The story was grand, the characters were fun, the music and the atmosphere were perfect. I can't think of any other Sonic game that had music fit so well with its levels. I mean yeah, Sonic's always had great music, but as I always think back, something about SA1 always came together more than any other Sonic game. As I already said, the best way to describe it was a perfect atmosphere. There was real challenge in the game, you learned your lesson and got through it. That 1 hour and 45 minute battle with Egg Viper sticks in my mind because I couldn't get it. When I did, I felt a sense of accomplishment and relief. For me, this is without a doubt one of my tops.

    So there you go. The reasons why I love or hate these games.
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    I'd put explanations to my choices, but I know you all won't be interested in reading them.

    Worst 5:
    5. Sonic Shuffle
    4. Sonic Chronicles
    3. Sonic Labyrinth
    2. Tails Sky Patrol
    1. Sonic 1 GBA

    Top 5:
    5. Sonic Adventure 2
    4. Sonic Unleashed
    3. Sonic 1 (Tie with SMS and Genesis)
    2. Sonic 2 (Tie with SMS and Genesis)
    1. Sonic 3
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    The top five...!
    1. Sonic CD. Levels that are fun to explore, to bounce around in (hello, Collision Chaos)until the timer hits 8:59 and you realize you really need to get to the sign post now or else... yeah. It's a fun game! The levels are amazing, and the music is too!
    2. Sonic 2. The only Sonic game I've ever played on a real Mega Drive! Fun! Exciting! Fast-paced! It's a great game! Tails is fun to play as, even if he's just the same as Sonic here. The levels are nice... the music is great... but it still isn't going to be number 1 anytime soon!
    3. Sonic 3. Wow! Such a great game! A big improvement over Sonic 2, but it just doesn't come as close... The levels are awesome, the music is awesome... and it introduced Knuckles! Awesome, awesome, but I still feel the need to put it below Sonic 2.
    4. Sonic 1. The original! The most balanced Sonic game! Fun levels! Great music! The graphics are still above most Mega Drive games, even if it was one of the first! Green Hill Zone is one of those levels you can play and play again... until it gets boring. But it can't touch Sonic CD, and it's just not as powerful as Sonic 3.
    5. There is no five! I really can't think of what to put here. Not Sonic and Knuckles, sorry! The 8bit games? Hmm, nah. Those are in a category of their own! Still, I'll just put all the 8bit games here! Full of original concepts! While they never exactly pushed the limits, they're a blast to play! Except Sonic Blast!

    So, except for no. 1 and no. 5, this list was basically Sonic Jam! Well, onto the next section!

    The bottom five...!
    Note... The main problem I have with this list is that I can't remember the games I've played!
    5. Sonic Advance 2 and 3! I can't really remember what these were like, but they certainly didn't seem very good at the time!
    4. Sonic Adventure DX. I have this on my computer, right here! I haven't forgotten it yet! But it's just not as good as the original games! Sure, it's good for a 3D game... but it's not THAT good! So yeah, into fifth it goes!
    3. I once played Sonic Adventure 2, and now I can't remember it! But my memory tells me that it was alright, so it goes here, pending further investigation... or rather, further playtime!
    2. Well, once I played a demo of Sonic '06. It wasn't that bad... but I can't remember it! It was just one big bottomless pit, though... so it goes here!
    1. I don't know what to put here! I was considering putting Sonic Advance 1 in fifth and shifting everything down, but Sonic 06 wasn't too bad... I think.

    Well, that's all for today... tonight... it's... four in the morning! Wow! I need sleep!
  4. Best (In no particular order)

    1. Sonic 2
    2. Sonic 06 (Engine may suck but I still had lots of fun with this. So shut the fuck up.)
    3. Sonic Unleashed
    4. Sonic Battle (much fun)
    5. S3K

    Wosrt (In no order again)

    1. Sonic for GBA (Can't believe you missed this)
    2. Sonic Heroes (Was decent but they looked so fucking ugly, and where are the physics?)
    3. SatSR (Decent but the fucking repeat missions AAAAHHH)
    4. Sa2B (Yeah let's slop this on and call it a new game. Yeah, no. Not much different than the original Sa2, so it's garbage.)
    5. SaDX (Again, not much different, still buggy and ugly as fuck. Gamecube can do MUCH better than this o.o)

    Right well there's my list. I'm not biased, and I judged these on how much better they were than the previous game, and how the game plays as a whole (Not by its story or engine (sonic 06, cos it wasn't finished))
  5. Random Hero!

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    Best Sonic Games:

    1) Sonic the Hedgehog
    Who can't love the original that spawned the whole franchise at the end of the day, because the gameplay was great fun, and it still is.

    2) Sonic Adventure 2/Battle
    When I first played SA2 on my brother's Dreamcast, I loved absolutely every second I played of it, but I never got to play it much as he was always moving out and about, thus meaning his dreamcast with him.

    I bought Sonic Adventure 2: Battle when it was released on GCN in 2002, and I tell you, it made me want to march out and buy myself a Dreamcast and play the original... I'm not saying it was absolutely piss poor because some of the new minigames made up for the stuff like the jump glitch and the horrible camera.

    All in all, it's just a great game, story and gameplay wise, I loved it.

    3) Sonic Adventure/DX
    Again, the day I saw this, was the eventful day when my brother got his Dreamcast, and I watched that intro movie and was like "wow... more... now..." and I tell you, the soundtrack was one of the main things that did it for me.

    I've always loved music in the Sonic games, but something that Jun Senoue and the Johnny Gioeli (who later formed Crush 40) did for that game just made the experience (what little I had of it) that more enjoyable.

    What an atomspheric last battle against the final form of Chaos!

    4) Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles
    Oh, how I wasted many a weekday on this game as a child, and I've owned many copies of it... Original Megadrive Version... Sonic Jam... Sonic Mega Collection... Sonic & Knuckles Collection... and maybe even more!

    Man, the gameplay was excellent, and I loved it all, the evilness of Knuckles, the little cutscenes in between.

    This game made me the gamer I am today, going on to play more and more and more.

    5) Sonic CD
    Sonic CD wasn't done by Sonic Team was it?

    It was still a good game though, but there were small things that really pissed me off about it, like the sound effect of the jump sounded weirder then the distinctive one from the other Megadrive versions, but meh, beggers can't be choosers.

    I only really played this game on Sonic Gems Collection, and I tell you, it was great fun, but I found some of the bosses really hard, like the Collision Chaos one, I was just bouncing around like a bellend for hours.

    Worst Sonic Games:

    1) Sonic and the Secret Rings
    I got all excited when I got home and saw my mom sticking a new game into the Wii, and when I saw it was a Sonic game, I was even more excited, but boy was I disappointed... Sonic runs on his own?! WTF, SERIOUSLY?!

    2) Sonic Spinball
    Meh... This had the idea that COULD'VE been good, if the developers didn't totally cock it up, and I'm not even gonna explain my disgust with it. Eugh. >__>

    3) Sonic 3D Blast
    What the hell have they done to my beloved Sonic characters... So many unanswered questions... But I kinda liked the extra stages, I guess...

    3) Sonic Heroes
    Hmm... Something made me think that this game was actually alright once, but the Soundtrack was the only thing that stopped me throwing it out the window in rage.

    4) Sonic Battle
    I really don't think Sonic Team should've tried their hand at another Sonic themed fighting game, because they got it right once with the Arcade version, but I just failed to see the entertainment in this game.

    5) Shadow the Hedgehog
    Hmm... There's a reason that Shadow the Hedgehog is number five, and that's because I kind of liked it, but it's not good enough to make it into my good games list, and I'd maybe play it again for old times sake, but this game often left me saying "KILL THEM. KILL THEM ALL. DON'T DIE SHADOW, DAMMIT, THAT'S THEIR JOB!! *breaks controller*"

    And that's my portray on the my favourite Sonic titles. :(
  6. 87th


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    Heavy hinting inspired me to go back and edit my list.
  7. Sui Eel

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    #1. Sonic CD- Many paths, nice music, Introduced the most arguably popular villain, Metal Sonic
    #2. Sonic 3&K- Typically the most common favorite, introduced Knuckles (Could also be Sonic 2, it's a toss up)
    #3. Sonic Rush- A nice twist of soundtrack from the minds of Jet Set Radio, new gameplay that still tries to keep old style intact, not many paths.
    #4. Knuckles Chaotix- Another very nice sound track consisting of mostly upbeat sunny tunes, introduced "Chaoix", interesting buddy system that could be neat to see again someday, perhaps online co-op? Sega? Also repetitive, but not badly so.
    #5. Sonic Unleashed- Debut of the Hedgehog engine, catchy upbeat music, New style of 3D Sonic that is very fun to use, very linear though. (Toss up again between Adventure 1)


    #1. Sonic Labyrinth- This shouldn't need description, SLOW
    #2. Sonic The Hedgehog 06- Bad intro into next gen, glitchy beyond playability, horrible story and mood, good music
    #3. Tails Sky Patrol- Too many things to list here, but very awkward playstyle and cheap deaths.
    #4. Tails Adventure- Slow gameplay, odd way to attack, just boring
    #5. Shadow the Hedgehog- The general -gameplay- is not too bad(Abit better then Heroes), but it has a horrible concept, and is way too mature for it's own good, Some music tracks are catchy and fun to listen to.. as with others (Nearly Dead).... Also, Guns? GUNS?
  8. Copornocus


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    Top 5 favorites:

    Honorable mention: Sonic Adventure 2 - In my opinion, the last good Sonic game made for any system. I've tried the Advance games, Rush, Heroes, etc., and it all just seems like a steady downhill path from SA2 for me quality-wise and entertainment-wise.

    5. Sonic CD - Definitely a rare gem, unfortunately buried on a failed system. The time travel element is genius, and the layouts make for nice time attack runs. Plus, the boss race with Metal Sonic is EPIC.
    4. Sonic Adventure - 3D Sonics have got a lot of things wrong, especially in the post-SA2 era. This game I think best represents what 2D Sonic would successfully translate to in 3D. All 3D games after this have a tendency to take themselves too seriously when it comes to storyline.
    3. Sonic 1 - The original, the very first video game I ever owned. It's the game that brought about my Sonic fandom and made me giddy with anticipation every time a new game was being released.
    2. Sonic 2 - It expanded on the formula of Sonic 1 and added some cool new features like the spin dash and a 2P versus mode. What else can I say? Graphics are crisp and vibrant, the controls are perfect, overall it's one of the most solid titles in the franchise.
    1. Sonic 3 & Knuckles - This is where things got epic. Massive zones that could still be completed in a timely fashion, the introduction of Knuckles (whom I thought for a time was way cooler than Sonic), and branching paths for each character warranting multiple playthroughs. This was the pinnacle of my Sonic fandom.

    Bottom 5 (least favorites):

    Honorable mention: Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis (GBA) - I can't really say I've played it all that much, but I do have some experience with it, and it amazes me just how much Sonic Team is willing to rape its prized possessions just for a little extra cash.

    5. Tails' Sky Patrol - Playing through an entire game just as Tails was something that sparked my interest, until I tried this out. The concept of Tails having to fly through random obstacles may have seemed good on paper, but the game was just poorly executed by the development team.
    4. Sonic Pinball Party - Sonic Spinball creams the crap out of this. Enough said.
    3. Sonic Labyrinth - Slow-moving Sonic with no abilities whatsoever? No thank you. NEXT.
    2. Shadow the Hedgehog - Just one of the increasingly many examples of how Sonic-based games are trying to take themselves too seriously. Plus, guns? I don't think so.
    1. Sonic 2006 - The best way I can describe this game is that it's a massive uncontrollable glitch that will take a dump on you if you try to do anything reasonable with it. And I think this can prove my point.
  9. Solid SOAP

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    1.) Sonic the Hedgehog 2

    Not only my first Sonic game, but my favorite. Memorable levels with awesome music, the best 2D Sonic controls and graphics in my opinion, and I just have too many good memories with this one not to put it on my top. A great classic that should be played by all.

    2.) Sonic Unleashed

    Easily the best 3D Sonic game out today. Say what you want, this game is great. The story is pretty shitty, and Chip usually leaves me cringing (But can be funny at times), but everything else is just perfect in my opinion. Lovely graphics, great controls, and it's just fun all the time.

    3.) Sonic Adventure 2

    I absolutely hate the Knuckles and Rouge levels, and Tails' levels could use some work, but the game is worth it's price alone for Sonic and Shadow's gameplay, playing as Dr. Robotnik is a serious plus too. Excellent replay value, I still to this day have not completed every mission. The single most epic story in a Sonic game yet too.

    4.) Sonic 3 and Knuckles

    This might have been higher on this list had I played it eariler, since I only played it on Mega Collection, but it's definitely the most 'complete' 2D Sonic game yet. I don't like it as much as Sonic 2 for mostly nostalgia reasons and partially because of the less cartoony graphics, but if you're looking for a decently lengthed 2D Sonic game, this is the game for you.

    5.) Sonic Adventure

    A great game for it's time, but a bit dated. Sonic's gameplay is the best part of it, but everyone else feels unfinished in comparison. It's still fun to play to this day, but watch out for pretty awful cutscenes with equally terrible voice acting, and some odd gameplay decisions when playing as characters other than Sonic. I swear, some levels can take seconds to complete when you're playing as a side character.

    Worst (In no order, can't decide):

    1.) Sonic Laybrinth
    2.) Sonic '06
    3.) Sonic Drift 1 & 2
    4.) Shadow the Hedgehog
    5.) The rest of the Game Gear games

    Don't really feel like writing up about these disgraces, I'm afraid. :P
  10. Iapetus


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    And now for my take on the already stamped-on topic.


    1. Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (MD)

    It has taken me a long time to really be able to say that Sonic 2 is the best. I, for a long time, went from loving it, to hating it, to loving it again. I recommend checking out this review for a great analogy/enlightenment piece on what this game represents. It is both ridiculously easy and very hard - long and short, engaging and passive. This game is Sonic.

    2. Sonic The Hedgehog (MD)

    The first... my first... my hated/beloved. As someone who got the Sonic 1 pack-in right when Sonic 2 had been released, I was in pure jealousy over my friends who had the sequel. Not having the money to buy new games until ages later, I played Sonic 1 pretending it was 2. A failed attempt, but the game is good - it gets what a lot of Sonic games get wrong, which is platforming. The second you dismiss platforming in a Sonic game, it becomes horrid.

    3. Sonic CD (MCD)

    Psychedelic, ambient, exploratory... one of my faves. It doesn't matter what soundtrack you listen to (does it really matter? A good game is good regardless of graphics or sound - Sonic could be a stick figure and I'd still love it [end rant]) the game is still great. Word from the wise - don't play it like a typical Sonic game (hold the d-pad right for an hour) as you will mar yourself from a great experience. Explore the 2d universe and have a blast.

    4. Sonic Spinball (MD)

    Yep... I am not kidding. Not sure why this game gets the hate, but this is one challenging, GOOD pinball cash in. It helps Sonic has some roots in pinball, as this helps the charm - regardless if Sonic was in it or not, however, it would still be a good pinball game.

    5. Sonic 3 & Knuckles (MD)

    I like this game. It feels like Sonic for Super Mario fans. Which is great. I love both franchises, but I definitely think this game tries too much to cater toward Sonic nay-sayers. The game feels a bit too cinematic for me (Too much watching, not enough playing), the save feature is nice but ruins the purpose of having a pick-up and play game, the stages feel much longer than they need to be, and not quite as non-linear as Sonic 2 or CD. Also, why does Sonic have four fingers in this one? (minor nitpick).


    1. Sonic Adventure (GCN)

    Let if be known I am a purist, but gave this game a chance. I acknowledge that this game has a cultural significance and a lot of people like it... but I don't see it. The world map is extremely dull and gets in the way of the slightly exciting yet linear action stages. A lot of RPGish town nonsense to deal with. Never really dug the Blue bracelet gimmick.

    2. Knuckles in Sonic 2 (MD)

    Yep, definitely gonna hear it from here as well. The game didn't convince me it was doing anything other than pasting a single character into a game that wasn't designed for him. There is a reason Tails couldn't fly - it would make most of the game pointless. My gf loves this game, but I can't seem to understand the appeal.

    3. Sonic 3 (MD)

    I really hate this game. I know, I know "How can you love S3K but not S3?" Simple. It is a butchered, boring and pale sequel to an awesome game (Sonic 2). I can tolerate it in S3K as it is merely a prologue for the pretty cool S&K chapter. Definitely a dark hour for me in my Sonic days.

    4. Sonic and the Secret Rings (Wii)

    Way to get my hopes up. Really crappy pacing met with piss-poor controls. Nuff said.

    5. Sonic Adventure 2 Battle (GCN)

    Awesome Sonic and Shadow portions - the rest deserves to be in the can.
  11. sonicteamUSA


    That's funny, cause I find it to be the exact opposite for me. That's one of the things I hated about Sonic 1 & 2. Your high scores couldn't be saved or your time attacks, which kills the replay value.
    The level select was okay in Sonic 1 as it only took 3 seconds. But in Sonic 2, it was horrible. It took forever to get the select screen to come up.
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    Sonic Synthesis
    Top 5 Best?

    Sonic 3 and K (counts as two combined I guess)

    Sonic 2

    Sonic Spinball

    Sonic 1

    Sonic Adventure 2 (Introduced Shadow and half of the game was brilliant)

    Top 5 Worst?

    "Insert remainder of 3D Sonic games here"

    Seriously though, as much as Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 had potential both would have been so much cooler as 2D games methinks.
  13. mdawgmike


    I left the console scene early, so I've only played the Genesis & Game Gear/Master System titles extensively

    The best (in order):

    1) Sonic & Knuckles -- Best ending, and overall storyline
    2) Sonic 3 -- Best music thanks to MJ (I'm listing this separate from S&K because I usually play them separately)
    3) Sonic 1 -- Most challenging, I spent the most time initially with this one...curse you Spring Yard Boss and Scrap Brain Act 3
    4) Sonic 2 -- The first one that I ever played, so it gets nostalgia points. I like this one because you can speed through pretty much all the levels.
    5) Sonic Adventure 2 -- I never owned it, but I played it a lot at a friends house. It definitely ranked up there with the other games in terms of being fun to play for me.

    The worst:

    Well, any of the Game Gear titles for me (no particular order). I guess they worked alright if a Genesis wasn't around, but other than that it was obvious backwards ports just weren't all that fun.
  14. Metal-Geo


    Toot toot Member
    Errr... best huh? I guess it'd be:
    1. Sonic CD
    2. Sonic 2
    3. Sonic Adventure - Go ahead, sue me. I love it.
    4. Sonic (3) & Knuckles
    5. Sonic 1

    Probably most, if not all, post Sonic Adventure 2 3D games would be in the 'worst' list. Pretty much where it all went downhill for Sonic. In meh hunast ohpeeneeon.
  15. synchronizer


    The 2D and 3D games are hard to compare since they are really that different, so they will have separate lists.
    My opinions:

    2D Best: (In order, top is best)

    Sonic CD: Surreal levels, time travel, the music (I do prefer the Japanese), and overall fun exploring the different time zones of the levels makes this my favorite.
    Sonic 1: I have fun with this one, because it has a good balance of difficulty, the graphics are clean, and the music is memorable.
    Sonic 3 and Knuckles: The levels are huge, and this game has an evident story. Finding the special stages compels you to explore around. My only problem is that I really don't like the Sonic sprites, they are just too chubby. I overall have more fun with the other two though. I don't really know why. (Let's count this as two games shall we?)
    Sonic 2: For some reason I have the least fun with this one. It may be due to how I just speed through most of the levels lazily.

    2D Worst: (In no order except Sonic Advance 2)

    Sonic Advance 2: All you do is hold the button. Not really fun.
    Sonic 3D: It seems more like a spinoff to me than an actual Sonic game. Platforming is tricky due to the angle. Collecting flickies just makes it boring to me. Thank you to who hacked the game making the flickies not needed!
    Sonic Spinball: I kind of really think the music hurts my ears, there is no real Sonic trilogy feel. This is a spinoff however, so it's not horrible.
    Tails Adventures: Tails could have been replaced by a generic character if he could not fly. Not too fun for me, but it is technically not a real Sonic game.
    Tails Sky-patrol: Where did the witch come from, and why is it that touching a brick wall kills you?

    3D Best: (In order)

    Sonic Uneleashed (World Adventure): Classic platfrorming, beautiful environments, speed, multiple paths. If the Werehog did not exist, and if Sonic had more levels, I would love it even more.
    Sonic and the Secret Rings: Event though the controls are not perfect, homing attacks never felt so natural, the graphics are pretty good for a Wii game, and the levels are pretty fun to play. This only applies to the get to the goal missions however. The missions are a bit out of place and are sometimes frustrating.
    Sonic Adventure: To me, this game was just fun. All of the levels fit the surrealism of Sonic, and the gameplay was quick and easy. I liked it. (Sonic story is described) I just wish it did not start the whole "Eggman releases a monster, loses control of monster, Super Sonic defeats generic monster" habit in the 3d Sonic games.
    -I can't think of any more truly good 3D games

    3D worst: (Not in order, except Shadow)

    Shadow the Hedgehog: It takes everything I love about Sonic, and destroys it. Guns, cursing, etc. are not good, the level design can get bland, and many times situations don't make sense!
    Sonic 06: I have never played it, but after seeing the slow and buggy gameplay, combined with the load issues, it does not look very appealing.
    Sonic Riders 1/2: Sonic runs, not boards. This could easily be a generic racing game in the future. The new characters are unnecessary, and the music is quite bland. (Counts as one in this case)
    Sonic Heroes: At first it was fun, but the team gimmick ruins it. If it was a Sonic-only game, it could be one of the greatest. Also, playing through the game 4 times does not help either. I DID like the reappearance of the Special Stage though.
    Sonic Adventure 2: This may really surprise everyone, but this game is not as fun as the ones in the Best list. Really, how much do you actually play as Sonic? His levels and Shadow's are the only good parts. The other characters give you annoying or generic gameplay, that only makes you want to play as Sonic or Shadow more. If those sections of the gameplay were the minority, it would have been okay, but they are the majority. Adventure 1 did not have this problem as much since each character is separated. It is okay though.
  16. Malgra


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    I haven't played enough of the 3D games (Excluding Sonic 3D for the Mega Drive), so sadly I'm unable to comment. I'll gladly give my thoughts on the rest, however

    1| Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (Mega Drive)
    Best levels of any Sonic game imo, love them all. Open to debate about which game has the best music but Sonic 2 is in with a good shout as a few levels have immense soundtracks. I also love the enemy design, especially Robotnik's machines at the end of levels. It's not without it's flaws (Dropping Hidden Palace, 3 acts of Metropolis, Sky Chase - ugh), but for me it's the most enjoyable Sonic game of the bunch

    2| Sonic The Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles
    Alone, they are two very competent (If slightly short) games with huge replay value. Together they are immense and have endless replay value. The ongoing storyline, the fact you essentially get 3 different versions of each zone (One for each character) and compeltely different endings just make this one of Sega's finest moments. Personally I'd argue this game has the best music for the sonic games overall but like I say, it's open to debate

    3| Sonic The Hedgehog 1 (Mega Drive)
    Sonic's first venture onto the Mega Drive/Genesis was a strong one. It was a new thing, gamers hadn't experienced this sort of speed and freedom in a game before. Again, full marks for musical score. Level design leaves a lot to be desired compared to later games, but it was a step up from the 8-bit games. Also a bit inconsistent. Laughaby easy at times, unreasonably hard at others. But overall a solid, enjoyable game

    4| Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (Master System)
    Like it's 16-bit brother, this was a step up from the first game. Bigger, better levels, decent music (For the time), plenty of imagination. One of my favourite Master System games of all time and it's pretty easy to see why

    5| Sonic The Hedgehog (Master System)
    Where it all started. Levels lacked a little bit of creativity at times and it was pretty short but this gets full marks on the nostalgia score. Despite the fact it can easily be completed well within an hour, I do find myself playing it now and again. I also loved the special stages for this game and the fact the lives counter only went up to 9 lol

    The Worst
    1| Sonic Blast
    Urgh. Hideous pseudo-3D graphics, a tiny screen range, dull level design, awful bosses. I can honestly say I'm thankful for the fact I don't own this mess. God only knows what Sega were thinking

    2| Sonic Spinball
    Probably my least-played Sonic game I own. 4 levels/rounds/stages/whatever, but at times it really does feel like 40 due to the fact that the frustrating design (Presumably it was meant to be a challenge - it wasn't, it was just shit), the awful music and the fact that it just isn't a true Sonic game without platforming elements. Added to all this was the lack of any speed. Sonic walks with all the speed and grace of a crippled pensioner, and the pinball elements of the game - which I'd guess were supposed to be it's main strength? - are lightweight. Sadly I own this disappointment

    3| Sonic 3D
    Now, before I start, this game actually has a lot of very positive, encouraging things about it. The level design and music, for example, were ahead of it's time. The enemy and boss design were also faithful to the early Sonic games which was good to see. But just about everything else is wrong. The special stage for example - wtf did they do to it? It's so easy to collect enough rings you can often find yourself with the full 150 by the time you reach the first checkpoint. Some of the later levels are massively disappointing as well. The last 2 before the true 'Final' boss look identical and show a lack of imagination on Sega's part. But the true nail in the coffin? The controls. Staggeringly abysmal. Clunky, slow, fiddly, just generally a mess and it really puts you off playing. This was the beginning of the end for Sonic

    They're the 3 main ones I've actually played and own. I'm guessing a couple of the later 3D titles would go in here, where Sonic stopped becoming a platformer and started spiralling rapidly downhill. I've heard Shadow The Hedgehod in particular is dire

    Just my opinions about the ones I've actually played, though
  17. Icewarrior


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    The best:

    1- Sonic 3 & Knuckles
    2- Sonic Advance 3
    3- Sonic Rush Adventure
    4- Sonic Adventure
    5- Sonic 1

    The worst:

    1- Sonic Labyrinth
    2- Sonic Spinball
  18. Toasty


    BulbaSAUR! Member
    Best: (stating the obvious here)

    5) Sonic Advance
    4) Sonic 3 & Knuckles
    3) Sonic 3 alone
    2) Sonic 1
    1) Sonic 2


    5) Sonic Heroes
    4) Sonic Heroes
    3) Sonic Heroes
    2) Sonic Heroes
    1) Sonic Heroes

  19. Spanner


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    Copypasta ahoy!

    1. Sonic 3 & Knuckles: Who could not love this game? The best 2D outing made, sadly things like this never happen any more.
    2. Sonic CD: Oshima's own Sonic game was amazing, timetravel, the Peelout and of course the music (EUJap owns US) made this a good game to play.
    3. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16bit): This is just an awesome game, no further comments.
    4. Sonic Advance: A shame that Dimps couldn't produce the same quality in the sequels, this truly is a "Sonic 4".
    5. Sonic Unleashed (PS2): A new game that actually doesn't suck, well the Werehog was a stupid addition but that's what happens.
    1. Sonic Labyrinth: Two words - EPIC FAIL.
    2. Sonic Advance 3: Trying to act like Chaotix but it blowed hard.
    3. Sonic the Hedgehog 2006: Human-like adventure - GTFO.
    4. Sonic 3D: Flickies Island: Just didn't feel like a Sonic game and collecting Flickies was just horrible.
    5. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (GameGear): Stupid UGZ boss, it was annoying to work with.
  20. Korou Tenshi

    Korou Tenshi

    1) Sonic The Hedgehog (MegaDrive)
    Does this need an explanation?
    2) Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (MegaDrive)
    I have the most fondest memories of playing this game, only reason it's below Sonic 1 is because of my personal disliking for most of the level designs
    3) Sonic 3 + Knuckles (MegaDrive)
    Didn't know whether or not to count them separately, but THIS was the epitome of the Sonic series. Multiple characters and abilities, different paths for each character, integrated storyline - excellence. Problem is it doesn't have the same "Pick up and play" feel like the other games, which is something I enjoyed; you couldn't finish this in one sitting really.
    4) Sonic Advance (Gameboy Advance)
    The last 2D Sonic game, in my opinion. returns to a classic style of gameplay yet integrates new methods of play, such as Knuckles' attacks and Amy in general. Features an extra level once all emeralds are collected, which is one of my favourite game mechanics in the series, provides you with in incentive to play through it again. Also, you can play this anywhere, from any level, bringing back the "Pick up and play" style of the originals.
    5) Sonic CD (MegaCD)
    I never had the chance to play this until Gems Collection, and I had always longed to play it when I was younger. Finally getting the chance gave me insight into one of the greatest Sonic adventures since the first game. Yet it never quite lived up to the standards I had set for it myself. Also I think this game seems rather poorly made on comparison to the others, I can't quite put my finger on it though.
    Notable mentions: Sonic Drift, Sonic Triple Trouble, Sonic R, Sonic the Fighters, Dr.Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine

    1) Sonic and the Secret Rings (Wii)
    This, is undeniably the worst Sonic game I have ever played. Annoying cutscenes, which are not even animated, an uncontrollable character, terrible mission objectives and layout, and mostly, that horrific song. I have not played through the first world yet because of it, every menu screen, whenever you finish a stage, this song. How anyone can endure it is beyond me.
    2) Shadow The Hedgehog (GameCube)
    You know what, I liked this game somewhat. If it wasn't for the overly repetitive gameplay, annoying "helper" characters, weapons and the general vibe Shadow gives off, this would be a somewhat good game. Basically, if Sonic were in this title instead it would probably been more acceptable. Also "You know what they say, the more the merrier!"
    3) Sonic Heroes (Gamecube)
    Ugh. I had high hopes for this game. Having to play through the same stages as every different team really disappointed me, I was expecting character specific stages alike to the Adventure games. The terrible engine in this is also a factor, falling through floors and having the camera rape me are not fun.
    4) Sonic Advance 3 (Gameboy Advance)
    Despite the novelty of having this leaked early, I can't say I enjoyed this game. It tried too hard to be like the previous Advance games and failed. The character team ups and techniques were an excellent addition, but the level design was a bit too "hold right and press jump occasionally". No memorable stages come to mind from this game, besides the Green Hill remake. Yeah, I didn't like how this game tried to play off nostalgia either.
    5) Sonic Chaos (GameGear)
    The difficulty in this game was always too low for me, and I could never really find much of a reason to keep playing it, it doesn't feel very rewarding to play through. Also, I never really liked the artwork in this game either, didn't seem Sonic-y enough.
    Notable mentions: Sonic Drift 2, Sonic Blast, Sonic Labyrinth

    But on a whole, I like more games than I hate. Basically, anything Post-Adventure 2 is shit, Post-Naka is just off the scale.
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