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Your opinion on the 3D Sonic games

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Dark Sonic, Mar 19, 2008.

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  1. Dark Sonic

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    Seems like every topic has people with varying opinions on Sonic Heroes, Sonic 06, Shadow, and other 3D games, usually resulting in us saying that they suck.

    But do we really hate these games as much as we say we do? I mean, there is some good to them, although it often seems like people just jump on the bandwagon. Here are my opinions on the 3D games:

    Sonic R: I don't know why I like this game, but I do. The AI sucks, the music is weird yet catchy, the characters control like tanks, yet it's fun.

    Sonic Adventure 1: It was ok. Sonic's levels are great. So are Tails' levels, as they are just Sonic's but with racing AI. But the game was a technical mess. It aged terribly. The cutscenes were poorly done (too much running in places) and the camera sucked. Also Amy's levels and Big's levels were just not fun (Either they were to slow or they just had bad gameplay mechanics). Also Chao were kinda useless.

    Sonic Adventure 2: The best of the 3D games. If the levels were all like Sonic's and Shadow's we would have had a perfect game. The only game where I actually like Shadow. They fixed the cutscene fuck ups, yet they still added bad gameplay modes and the Chao. Also Kart Racing of all things (WTF was that?)

    Sonic Heroes: I like this game. It has it's problems, but it's definitely one of the more solid Sonic games out there. The environments are very reminiscent of the classics, however they seem a bit too big for the characters. Sonic was quick and the game involved Metal Sonic for once (Not in the way I hoped, but still). Too many characters though, and teamwork was odd.

    Shadow: I cringed when this was announced and I was right to do so. It was quick, and that's all I can give it. The first game with a solo character that ruined the spindash forever. Guns made the game laughable, and the glitches and the introduction of 4kids voices (FIND THE COMPUTER ROOM!) made the game worse. The vehicles were unnecessary, as you should be the ultimate life form, and they go slower than you run.

    Sonic Riders: Meh. I kinda liked this game. In fact I love playing this game when I use Action Replay to deplete my tank of air so that I'm running the whole time (Occasionally I can win depending on what level I play). Strange gameplay mechanic though. A relatively enjoyable racer though

    Sonic 06: At first I liked it. Then too many glitches got in the way. People say that they've fallen through the floor in Sonic Heroes and such, but that never happened to me until this game. Silver was too slow and the glitches seem to be from the Sonic Adventure 1 days, in some cases even worse (Sure Sonic had bad mouthing in Sonic Adventure 1, but I remember one cutscene had Sonic's mouth moving for at least 5 seconds after he finished talking). The amigos were pointless, Knuckles lost all personality, and Shadow is still driving shit. Also the removed capability of Super Sonic is just disgraceful.

    Sonic and the Secret Rings: I liked it, I just don't like it enough to play it much. I beat the game, but it's just not the game to go back to. Stupid gameplay ideas like leveling up to go fast or to turn good or things like charge jumping made the game not feel sonic-y enough. At least there weren't 800 characters, and Tails, Knuckles, and Eggman were the only characters in the story, even if they weren't really who they are (But their personalities were like they should be either way).
  2. I always loved Sonic R. I never cared what anyone else said, I always thought that it was innovative, even if completely different than all other Sonic games. The only complaint I have is the turning is to slow. Instead of dealing with the vocals, I just turn them off. Although Sonic Adventure pretty much ruined the way the series was, and has over 1,000 bugs, it is still a very fun game. The plot was intriguing, even if it had a few holes here and there, and the gameplay was pretty OK. SA2 was a bit closer to the originals. The only thing I have with it is that it introduced Shadow the Emo and completely ruined every Sonic game with him in it as a main character afterwards. But in this game, he was merely misunderstood. A truely great character. The only reason they brought him back was because the fans basically begged for him to come back. Heroes, aside from a few of the voices, (Tails sounds like he has a sinus cold) was still a pretty good game, it had a solid engine, and the Team switching could be avoided at times. (I usually only switched if necessary) A few levels were screwed up, especially Team Amys, who feel like last second characters anyways. Though I hate what they did to Metal Sonic...

    Shadow... god... no... I don't even consider it canon. It messed up the story COMPLETELY, (going to the point of hinting Sonics a clone of him at one point, though I don't remember where) introduced GUNS, and made Eggman (who in the last game already went down from evil dictator to wimpy side-character) hardly anything, even look like a fool. And... I'll never forgive 4kids for what they did to the voices. (minus Rouge who actually sounds BETTER) Riders was more a spinoff than anything else, and what controls were in there were completely screwed up. Sonic 2006 began with a bang, having Eggman actually doing something. (And taking Elise from Sonic when he's completely oblivious) but after that, the gameplay just went downward. It took me ten minutes to get to the first level, and the part where you played as Tails was completely glitchy. I got stuck on the Silver boss with Sonic, until I realized you run from him rather than go to him. I just stopped when I got to the volcano level and haven't got back to it. (And doubt I will) I can't actually judge Secret Rings considering I haven't played it, but it looks pretty boring.

    And that's the end of my rant.
  3. ICEknight


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    I rarely come back to play any of the 3D games I own, and I even have Sonic Adventure and Heroes installed on the PC, but I never bothered to finish them in the current installation... And on the other hand, I occasionally play a few rounds of Sonic Rush, or some levels from the Mega Drive Sonics when I open the emulator to try something out.

    Also, regarding all the ranks stuff and having to play as all the characters and such, I sometimes get to think that 3D Sonics might just not be as good time passers, but more like sligthly annoying, yet colorful tasks that you can get used to, if you forget there's much more enjoyable games out there. But that might be a little too harsh. =|

    By the way, I don't think Sonic R should be included in the same cathegory as Sonic's 3D platformers, since it's a racing game... and more enjoyable than those, in my oppinion.
  4. Vaiz


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    Why do people keep making topics like this. Haven't we been over this sort of thing about a million times now.
  5. Tweaker


    Does it matter? Discussion is discussion, and discouraging it simply because it's been discussed once before won't make things any more productive.
  6. Puto


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    Sonic 3D Blast: The overall game sucks ass. Collecting flickies is boring, the game is slow, the controls are crap. The music's awesome though.

    Sonic R: A pretty cool racing game. Character models look like blocks, but other than that, it's pretty fun to play occasionally. Definitely not a "Sonic" game though.

    Sonic Adventure: THIS GAME IS AWESOME. I still replay it from time to time. Some of the music's great, some is not so great. Sonic and Tails' gameplays are awesome, Knuckles' is... acceptable, Amy's kinda decentish, Gamma's is boring and Big's... I refuse to even beat the first level. It's THAT bad. Overall though, the game is awesome, and even if playing as some characters is bad, you don't have to play as them except to beat the Super Sonic story, which is pretty short in itself so...

    Sonic Adventure 2: Again, Sonic/Shadow's gameplay is awesome. Words are unnecessary here. Knuckles/Rouge's gameplay took a downwards spiral because the emeralds seem to be much harder to find here than in the original Sonic Adventure. Mostly because the radar was severely dumbed down: In SA, it blinked faster the closer you were to the emerald, so you could use that to figure out where to go. You could also track any of the three emeralds. In SA2, you need to track one emerald at a time, and the radar didn't speed up at all when approaching the emeralds, except when changing colors. Tails/Eggman's gameplay is ass. Overall, though Sonic/Shadow's gameplay is really good, the number of levels are short, and you can't choose to NOT play as a specific character this time, which really makes it harder to enjoy the game. It's still a good game, but not as good as the original Sonic Adventure.

    Sonic Heroes: It's bad, but not excessively bad. The physics are completely different to what I'd expect, mostly due to the retarded team system. I haven't played it a lot yet, so I can't comment much further. It's still kinda ok to play if you're bored or anything, but it's no longer what I'd consider a "good" game.

    Shadow: Never played it, don't intend to, though from what I've seen of videos on youtube, it seems to suck.

    Sonic 06: Well, I never played this either, but I can definitely tell you that the storyline sucks, and from what I see in youtube, the game can mostly be described by one word: "LOADING..."

    SatSR: Haven't played this either. From what I can tell, the storyline is very weird, but apparently it seems to play OK. In the unlikely event that I ever get a Wii, I'll probably check it out.

    Sonic Rush: Not sure if this counts as "3D", but it IS "2.5D" so I might as well bring it up. I don't like it. The controls and physics are cool, but the level design seems ridiculously linear to me.

    Not commenting on Riders/2, Rivals/2 or Labyrinth since I never played them.

    EDIT: Oh, and True_Dude, GUN was introduced in Sonic Adventure 2, not on Shadow.
  7. SegaLoco


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    Sonic 3D: Not even real 3D, no comment

    Sonic R: It was okay, not the best, definitely not the worst.

    Sonic Adventure: Bad lip sync, choppy cutscenes, Big, and the way the face moved with the words were the only probs I had with this game.

    Sonic Adventure 2: This is my favorite, Sega had the right idea with multiple characters this time. Best thing off all, no Big cept the occasional cameo, which they took out on GC anyways.

    Sonic Heroes: This one was good, once again not the best, but good. I liked just the over all feel of this one.

    Shadow: The avalanche begins. This is where sega fucked up (besides big of course.) The game was retarded over all, especially the voice acting.

    Sonic 06: Never bothered to play it, but from what I've seen and heard, it could've been a great game if sega didn't rush it.

    SatSR: Never played it, but the control style just doesn't feel like sonic to me.
  8. Nicholas Onimura

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    3D Blast: I thought this was actually a decent game. Well, the Saturn version at least. The Special Stages were the best part of it.

    Sonic R: I freaking love this game, if for nothing more than the soundtrack.

    Adventure: My favorite of the 3D Sonics. I keep making new saves on my VMUs for it and it never gets old.

    Adventure 2: I liked this one too. My only hang-up with the game was the introduction of Shadow the Emohog.

    Heroes: I thought this one was decent. But it gets insanely frustrating near the end of Team Sonic and Team Dark's games.

    ShTH: Got this for Xmas two years ago, sadly. Only got to the second level before shutting it off. Haven't played it since.

    Riders: I love this game also. One of the few 3D Sonics that doesn't have a Serious Business storyline.

    StH06: Even though I knew it was a horrible game, I just couldn't stop playing. Needless to say, it nearly stole my soul.
  9. muteKi


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    3D Blast: Aside from trying to steal thunder from Donkey Kong Country, there's not much to say about the game. It might be better if it had no pretenses to be a Sonic game, as it is reasonably playable and has very nice graphics, but both the CD and Genesis versions have really good music, and the CD version, with Richard Jacques' music demonstrates that in a Sonic-related setting that classical and light jazz type sounds can work as well as the rock songs that dominate the more recent game.

    Sonic R: Fun, if short, gameplay. Lots of multiple routes make me wish Hirokazu Yasuhara could be called upon to do level design for whatever the next game is going to be. The control is like that of a standard racer, but lots of hidden stuff makes it cool. Might have liked a bit more balance among the racers, however. Looks and sounds pretty good though, at least for the time. I have the PC version which doesn't play on my laptop due to what I suspect are graphics driver/DirectX incompatibilities but runs fine on the older XP computer.

    I played SA1, DX anyway. Most of the glitches that people talk about I can't get working, only about 3 or 4 -- no Tails in Emerald Coast.
    It's the Sold Out PC Distribution, I got it from Amazon. Likely between versions they fixed some things (GG emulation is spotty though, but either way I'd just use it as an excuse to actually play them on Fusion). Angel Island seems a bit smaller than I remember from Sonic 3, though. It's also rather short if you don't watch all of the cutscenes, which were done relatively well considering how rarely they were used at the time but aren't in any way near comparable to later games like Half Life 2.
    The levels were nice, but the linearity was clear very quickly, despite the nice adventure fields. Plenty of shortcuts, many cheap, though, gave it a special level of depth relating to speedrunning. Without abusing any glitches I can get times of around 3:30 in Sky Deck and Lost World.
    The music is of high quality, and while the lyrics to the final boss are awkward, all the character themes have just enough cheese to be corny without getting too annoying -- Sonic should be a bit corny, I think (also, LOL at vaguely homoerotic imagery in Tails' theme -- brilliant). Live brass sections are also always good. Notable level songs are those of Red Mountain part 1, Sky Deck 1, Ice Cap 1, and Hot Shelter.
    Mission mode is annoying since many cards are hiding on adventure fields. I had to use FAQs to find some of them. Same problem with Chaotix's extra missions in Heroes (NO radar? Dammit!). Some are also really hard or lead to death. Mostly unimportant, but having to replay the entirety of the snowboarding because of how hard the related missions with the jumps (Sonic) and flags (Tails) were was really irritating. Added replay value but a couple were too cheap.

    I did not play SA2 (no PC version, so I can't play it). Having only one Emerald on radar sucks, though since I actually liked playing Amy and E-102 I might like the Tails and Robotnik stuff. The levels seem to be less open and designed for reckless speed, at least from seeing the first couple of Sonic's levels. I don't play for the storyline so I can't give too much concern to that, though I would have preferred getting rid of Shadow for good. Anything else just cheapens the ending. That said, the badass insane Eggman was something they got very right for this game. The models that I saw for some of the cutscenes don't look very good though. Sonic's theme has been thoroughly raped for this game, however. The music for the main theme isn't as catchy, and the lyrics might rhyme more but seem to make less sense.

    Sonic Heroes.

    Hoo boy, have I got a lot to say about this one. I feel partly responsible for it since I always felt that playing S3K with all three characters should be an option -- but since the Genesis only had two controller ports, the game would need to make it possible for player 1 to switch characters. 10 years later SEGA apparently independently came up with the exact same idea -- more or less.

    A great game that I think is at least partly responsible for Nintendo's current "no dialogue in cutscenes policy". The voices get annoying after a while, and there's no option to disable them without also turning off all sound effects from what I've seen. I wouldn't care except for the fact that they're always tied into certain locations or situations, even on multiple playthroughs or in Super Hard mode.
    That said, this is a really difficult game with exceptionally tight control that some may have trouble getting used to after SA1 (I understand that it's similar to SA2's though). Improves over SA2 by not having a thousand ability upgrades hiding throughout the levels. Sometimes the physics involved is questionable, though, like in the cannon shooting from Bullet Station. Rail switching is harder than it should be, and messing up means instant death, and no chance at an A-rank if a checkpoint has been hit.
    That last bit is what makes the game in any way annoying for me. Your score resets when you die; since rank is based on score in most gameplay, this means that death, particularly later in the level, jeopardizes rank. It would be a lot better if the score was not reset, and this would change what are irritations into minor annoyances -- the Special Stages make it easy to rack up lives. The special stages are a lovely throwback to the stages of Chaotix and Sonic 2, though their control is even less intuitive than everything else.
    While the original Sonic games weren't as fast as some people seem to remember at times -- they had their slow moments -- platforming segments requiring skill and dexterity are replaced with multiple-hit enemies that are annoying and serve mainly to justify Power formation. Still, multiple routes for each team on earlier levels made it a hit, though they get linear starting with Rail Canyon, which was something I disliked.
    Fly formation is a bit glitchy and has a tendency to control very awkwardly, particularly when performing an attack or on less than stable ground. Jumping and then flying, the only way to make many gaps, can thus be hard to do as when your fly gauge ends, you lose all forward momentum as well as drop, which is bizarre. Hopefully future games include Knuckles and Tails in standard platforming
    Seriously, though, the only reason that I write so much about this game is that it is long and does have its own depth. It's a serious game to play and can't be beaten as quickly as SA1. The return to the more surreal and cartoony levels as well as prerendered cutscenes are both nice changes and are as impressive as the stuff in one of the newest comparable games -- Brawl's subspace. And finally we have a properly upbeat main theme rather than intense alt-rock theme song, far more appropriate to Sonic (but in a bad key for Gioeli to try to sing).
    Also, got that game for like $3 US. If you see it at any price less than $10, buy on impulse and thank/blame me later. If it's being sold for more you might want to think about it but it's still a generally worthwhile buy, if not as maturely developed as Mario Galaxy was.

    I can't say much about anything else, since I haven't had much experience with the later games other than a demo version of Sonic for I think 360. I don't remember how it played very well, but the storyline for that Sonic from what I've read is insane and obviously crap. I can't say ANYTHING on Shadow because I know so little about it.

    May as well mention Riders. Can't play it on my PC very well but it's a cool mechanic that is reminiscent of SSX which I honestly really liked.
  10. Toasty


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    Only playing two 3D Sonic games, here are my opinions on them:

    Sonic 3D Blast: Awesome, underrated game that gets bashed a lot for its different gameplay and shifty controls. It was a spin-off, and a step away from the traditional "GOTTA GO FAAAAST" attitude in the other games. I thought it was a fun game with nice level design, although the controls were a bit shifty.

    Sonic Heroes: Let's just say my grandpa got it at an auction for $5. I think he wasted his money. Awful gameplay, an annoying "bug" in the beginning menu that restarts the game, and horrible voice acting. The controls were slippery, and unfortunately I could never get too far in the game, and I didn't think it was worth figuring out either.
  11. Hivebrain


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    I've only played Sonic R and Sonic Adventure. I thought they were both excellent, although I really resented having to go fishing.
  12. Jacko


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    I adore SA1 for its story and settings (some wicked levels) while SA2 is the quintessential 3D Sonic action game with excellent graphics and gameplay. I found Heroes appalling however and I've not touched another 3D Sonic game since :(
  13. P.P.A.


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    Sonic 3D Flickies' island: IT'S NOT 3D IT'S JUST ISOMETRIC 2D

    Sonic R: Utterly fantastic course design and excellent music. My only complaints are that there are a bit too few levels (though I gladly take quality over quantity) and that the (nicely assorted cast of) characters were a bit unbalanced (I.e. robot characters make the normal chars redundant, and Super Sonic is way faster than everyone). Nonetheless one of my favourite Sonic games ever, and one of the best 3D ones in my opinion.

    Sonic Shuffle: ARRRRRRRRRRGH

    Sonic Adventure: Okay. The adventure fields were nice, some levels well-designed, and there was some cool music. It was a bit hampered by some useless/unrefined gameplay elements though (spindash, boarding, Big, Amy, Knuckles).

    Sonic Adventure 2: Great. While I'd usually whine about the linear levels, they were really fun to play so there's not really much to complain about. The graphics were cool, the soundtrack pretty good (especially the BGMs of Rouge's levels is awesome!), Knuckles/Rouge's gameplay was improved from SA1 and while Tails and Robotnik feel a bit slower than E-102 "Gamma" those parts are fun too. Also a while ago I spent ages with the lovely Chao breeding. Overall a very refined and enjoyable game, and one of the best 3D games so far.

    Sonic Heroes: Brilliant graphics and great soundtrack, but utterly unplayable. The stages are far too linear and far too long, the controls are totally fucked (and why was the spindash removed and replaced with... whatever this crap is?), the (generally unnecessary) team feature was horribly implemented - instead of having different routes for the different formations for example, the game just forced you to switch to different characters to clear obstacles, also taking out the flow of the game - far too many characters (who all play the same levels), the addition of life bars for every single enemy (all of which are just those lame Eggpawn things) and the worst special stages ever make this one of the worst Sonic games to date imo. Oh, and would someone please shut up all those annoying voices who continuously babble useless shit?

    Shadow the Hedgehog: Ugly and uncharming, but somewhat more playable than Heroes (yet still one of the worse/worst 3D Sonic games). The stages are a BIT better designed, the life bars are shortened and while I don't really see the guns as a useful addition, they're way more tolerable than the team play in Heroes. The missions are horribly designed however, telling you to go and find shit/kill enemies without any indication as to where said targets are. There's nothing more cool than being at the end of the level with a few enemies left to kill but you have no clue where they are and have to play all of the stage again. The spindash in this game is perfect imo (even though it's useless here as Shadow accelerates that fast on foot). And Sky Troops is a fucking awesome level.

    Sonic The Hedgehog: At first I was pretty disappointed, but as I kept playing I grew to really like it. The levels are usually very well designed, Shadow and Silver (with his fun psychic abilities) are well implemented (yet a bit slow), the graphics while technically unimpressive are very stylish and some of the bets in the 3D series, and the music is fantastic as well. It's a shame the game was rushed that much, as all the bugs, glitches, overly long loading times, only half completed gameplay elements (Shadow's hyper mode thing, Sonic's gems...) and the extremely lame adventure fields and the missions contained within really pull it down. While it's of course unforgivable to release a game in a beta state, it's still worth checking out. The story mode might be a pain, but once you have beaten it replaying the stages for S-ranks or on hard mode is very fun and even the first so painful machspeed segments become playable and quite fun once you've accustomed to their crappy controls and weird physics. On that note, while a lot of things are really poorly coded (hi boarding and vehicles!), the jumping controls are the most precise I've ever seen in any 3D game and the homing attack also works perfectly almost all (unlike in Heroes or Shadow). And THANKS for having a camera that you can manually center behind your character, even if it's a bit fucked otherwise. Also what I like was that this game had actual platforming parts.
    Those who haven't played it: Give it a chance. You might not even like it at first, but maybe it'll grow to you over time.

    Sonic Riders: *shrugs* Pretty mediocre, I don't really like it very much. The controls are bad, the CPU is a bit unfair, the air fuel is a pain and the character-specific shortcuts aren't very much fun to take.

    Riders 2/SatSR: Dunno, haven't played them yet.

    As for the stories:
    Sonic R: Perfect! >_>
    Shuffle: Couldn't be bothered to torture myself through story mode.
    SA1: Pretty ok. No outstanding epic adventure, but not totally horrible either. Except for E-102 "Gamma"'s story, which is excellent, deep and melancholic and the best in any Sonic game period.
    SA2: Really cool. Yeah, I guess that sums it up. I like it.
    SH: ...Shadow is alive? Why is everyone so fucking annoying? OH HEY POWER OF TEAMWORK GUISE!!!
    Shadow: No. just, no. The whole story is totally stupid, (fortunately) almost none of the normal endings are actually canon, and the ones that are you wish they weren't. Also have you listened to Black Doom's speeches? Half the time he wants to rule the Earth, the other half he wants to destroy it. Which is a great example of how well the story is written. Making everything emo and dark =/= cool.
    Sonic 06: Silver's and Shadow's stories were actually quite cool (even though a lot of the time travelling didn't make any logical sense (look at what happens to the Chaos Emeralds)), especially Silver's ending was very touching. Blaze disappearing wasn't that sad, however when the clouds broke up and revealed the blue sky that hadn't been seen for centuries, with the sun shining down on Silver whose face and expression could not be seen... Great.
    Sonic's story had the plus that Robotnik was the only antagonist - however whoever invented Elise should be beaten with a PS3. Wow, that bitch is annoying.
    No comment on the Last Story, that one was just entirely fucked up. Good thing it erased itself from ever happening at the end.
    Riders: Annoying birds, an absurd ending and overall pretty useless. It's a racing game dammit!
  14. Adamis


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    Sonic R: a fun little racer but once you unlocked everything, it became boring.

    Sonic Adventure: Awesome may describe this game, even if it has a lot of bugs (I've played it yesterday and fell through a floor two times...).

    Sonic Adventure 2: Oh I hate the Tails/Eggman's levels, that's so boring. Sonic/Shadow's levels are far more enjoyable...but the game lacks a little something (for me) to be a "must play often".

    Sonic Heroes: I love this game. The visuals are great, it has a light ambiance, it doesn't take itself too seriously, no dark ambiance, plenty of characters I like...and a good story (if you take the time to understand it...if the characters talk during the game, it's not for nothing)

    Shadow the Hedgehog: The opposite. I don't like it that much. The story is OK but I don't like the fact I have to do the same levels again and again to unlock ten different endings only to have the Last one. I didn't bothered to finish it myself, I took a friend's save file.

    Sonic the Hedgehog: I don't understand how so many people can hate that game. Sure it has its flaws (loading time, some glitches) and it feels unfinished, but I enjoyed the story (I like stories with time-travelling), Silver had a great gameplay, they improved Sonic's homing attack and Shadow is at least enjoyable to play as! This game is one of my favorite.

    Sonic & the secret rings: awesome game too. The idea is awesome, the gameplay takes a bit to get used to it but once you get the hang of it, you can enjoy yourself.

    I also enjoyed the Riders serie but do they count in this thread?
  15. Dark Sonic

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    Well it's 3D so I don't see why not (People are mentioning Sonic 3D Blast of all things. That wasn't 3D).
  16. Arctides


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    Starting from Dreamcast era games here...

    Sonic Adventure: This one wasn't bad. I enjoyed most of the game, aside from Big's levels. My main criticism is that they were trying too hard to differentiate the gameplay between characters, in the way of level goals. I wasn't wild about Tails' race levels, and I really didn't care for Knuckle's treasure hunts.

    Sonic Adventure 2: Not a bad try. The entire game felt somewhat incomplete to me for some reason (mostly because I beat the entire thing within two days of having it), and once again I didn't care for the treasure hunt levels. I wasn't exactly fond of the grinding element introduced in this game, as it became a mainstay in the Sonic series. The grinding element always... kinda bugged me.

    Sonic Heroes: Might've been a good idea in planning stages, but it didn't work very well, did it? The levels were badly designed, the physics made me feel like I was running around on a waxed floor. The team system was just... bad.

    Shadow the Hedgehog: Shadow should've stayed dead after Sonic Adventure 2. That's my personal bias. Bad physics, bad voiceovers, and poor replay value. That and 90% of the missions made me want to claw my face off.

    Sonic 2006: The graphics were nice, the level layouts were nice. The gameplay wasn't, and neither was the story. Short and simple.

    Sonic and the Secret Rings: I get very VERY tired of hearing the same music over and over again. And replaying the same level 40 times in a row.

    My best guess is that Sega has a very bad habit of rushing these games to release.
  17. Skaarg


    Sonic 3D Blast: I love the music, but the gameplay gets a little boring after a while just going around collecting flickies. I loved the special stages though in both versions.

    Sonic R: EVERYBODY'S SUPER SONIC RACING*shot*, but in all seriousness I love this game. I used to play this for hours on my old P1 computer. It had great levels a lot of great things for you to unlock.

    Sonic Adventure: This game I felt was a great 3D Sonic game. It had great levels, and some good music. Eugh to the Crush 40 crap. Of course this game though being the Sonic's first dive into a true 3D game is going to have some quirks like the occasional camera problems and having to play as Big, but oh well.

    Sonic Adventure 2: I'm torn to decide if I like this better than SA1 or not. I liked the levels a lot, the new characters that were added weren't too bad, and the storyline was really pretty good. The only thing I did not like is they took away the choose your character that I liked about adventure. Instead you had to choose Good or Dark and get forced to play the emerald hunt levels occasionally when maybe you just wanted to play as Sonic and do speed levels. I also missed the whole adventure fields from SA1, but I suppose this would be hard to do in this game considering how much bigger it is.

    Sonic Heroes: I was not a fan of the music, but the gameplay was unique and not to bad although some parts were frustrating. The shiny models were terrible, as were some of the voices. It was nice to see the Chaotix crew back though.

    Shadow the Hedgehog: Take out the emo, bad music, guns, had a good spindash, and vehichles and it would have been a decent game. Other than that it sucked.

    Sonic the Hedgehog 06: I can't really say too much about the game because I only got to play it for like a minute at a gamestop. The levels seemed beautiful though, but the controls and game play were crap.

    Sonic & the secret rings: I liked this game it had a completely different style of game play, but it was kind of fun. I didn't really care for the storyline or the way they did the cutscenes. They made me want to stab myself to be honest. :P

    All in all, I think the 3D games aren't that bad, but they needed a bit of fine tuning to be great.

    Edit- I forgot to add something that goes for many 3D Sonic games.
    Chao are fucking stupid. I see no point to them other than throwing them off a cliff.
  18. GreigKM


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    Education and CAD/Programing
    My opinions:
    Sonic 3D Blast: Very bad... Very bad... Slow and terrible game play. Horrible... Horrible...
    Sonic Adventure: Great game, very fun (with the exceptions of Amy's and Big's levels) Chao are awesome, not sure why people don't like them.
    Sonic Adventure 2: Also great, best 3D Sonic game ever. Fast great game play. Ending was satisfying and fit well into the story.
    Sonic Heroes: I can't even mention this game without wanting to throw my Gamecube out the window! It was bad, very bad. No story at all. Just all around bad.
    Shadow: GUNS! What was wrong with Sega! "Oh, Well people want a less childish Sonic game, lets stick some Guns in there!" Other than that it was not to bad if you just never used the guns. Still far from good.
    Sonic '06: Bad. The mechanics were worse that SAs. The story was loose at best, Also hate the part were everyone is like
    OMG! Dead Sonic!!!
    Sonic and the Secret Rings: Never played it all the way trough, but I did play some of it. Did not like the automatic movement thing.
  19. 87th


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    Sonic 3D: I believed this was going to be the sequel to Sonic 3 & Knuckles when I was a kid, so I was incredibly excited. The final product couldn't possibly live up to my expectations. It's not horrible, but utterly disappointing.

    Sonic R: I didn't mind this so much. I like the classic Sonic designs, and the first few moments with the game, before the whole brokenness becomes apparent. The game is deeply flawed though, and I can't accept it as a good entry to the series.

    Sonic Adventure: Quite overrated by fans in my opinion. Some sections border on being fun, but the game always feels either too limited or too free and unfocused. The balance is never quite right. It's also the point where Sonic started talking in a Japan-developed game, so I begrudge it for that.

    Sonic Adventure 2: I was really impressed when I first played this on the Dreamcast. I spent around an hour in a shop playing it. When I finally got a copy for the GameCube, I wondered why I ever thought so highly of it. It's just a fairly forgettable platformer with Sonic in it. I'd be happier without Shadow and Rouge, too.

    Sonic Riders: I've only played a demo, so I can't make too strong an opinion on it, but it just came across as a really bad SSX rip-off. Why did Sonic ever need a vehicle before he could race, anyway? Silly idea.

    Sonic & The Secret Rings: I really enjoy the main levels in this game. I can't stand everything else, though. The missions where you're not allowed to pick up a ring are particularly awful. I wish they had made a game with a basic 2/3 Act, 1 Boss per level progression, and then included the missions as a bonus mode. This is my favourite 3D Sonic game, despite its many flaws.

    If I haven't included some games, it's either because I haven't played them (Sonic 06, Sonic Riders 2, etc.) or I don't think of them as 3D (Sonic Battle, Sonic Rush, Sonic Rivals, etc.)
  20. The Shad

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    Sonic R: I love it. I don't know why. The controls are slippery and that's my only complaint. I loved this game. You hear me? Loved It.

    Sonic Adventure 1: I loved this game, too. It is the model for a great 3D Sonic Game. See, I've never had major if any camera problems. I have never fallen through a floor, I have never glitched something up and been unable to finish the level. Truth be told, in my opinion, people who had those complaints were doing something wrong. The music, the atmosphere.. It was amazing. Sonic levels were great, Tails was great, though I kinda wish we didn't have to bother racing all the time, Knuckles treasure hunting was enjoyable. Amy's gameplay, while slow, still had its moment and I also enjoyed Gamma's levels. Big.. Eh.. He's not the worst thing to ever happen to Sonic like alot of people act like. As I said, the music and the atmosphere blended together perfectly and the story was, while not the most compelling, perfect for getting Sonic out there in 3D.

    Sonic Adventure 2: My memory card may say I played this more than SA1, but what it doesn't show is that I've been through SA1's storyline so many more times than I've bothered with "Dark" or "Hero" side stories. Knuckles, Rouge.. Ugh, why? Treasuring hunting sucked in this game. Eggman's gameplay? It was perfect, but to have Tails as his rival was fucking retarded. Sonic & Shadow were the highlights of this game, but I swear to god every level had a bottomless pit. Yeah, SA1 did too, but they seemed fitting and weren't so.. In the way, in a sense. Another gripe I have with this game is the music wasn't as fitting as it was in SA1 and the end story sucked. At least Chaos' betrayal MADE sense. This time? What the fuck, Biolizard? Where the hell did that come from? Whatever. The ending was also nice and emotional, but come on.. We all knew he'd be back. However, despite all the negativity, in the end I do enjoy this game, though I don't think it was the "best 3D game ever" (that's SA1). I do think it was the last GREAT 3D Game.

    Sonic Heroes: Oh.. God.. Where do I begin? Alright, well, it was.. Weird. Though, for what it was, I did enjoy it. However, it wasn't a Sonic Game. I did like the return of the Chaotix Crew, however it also gave us Team Rose and Omega, who wasn't needed at all. I brought back the Zone/Act format, though everything had a different name and wasn't named "Act 1/2". The levels were fun, though the bosses weren't memorable. Not alot of memorable music either. The story.. I'm not sure what to say. Barring Team Rose, it was okay until you realised it was just Metal Sonic becoming some sentient asshole and continuing the upstaging of Eggman which is getting really really fucking stupid at this point. It also brought back Shadow and made us doubt what he is which set us up for his own game which is a sin. It did bring back Special Stages, but managed to fuck'em up. How? Christ.

    Shadow: Never.. NEVER.. Has a Sonic game pissed me off so much. I am absolutely astonished at just how fucking bad and mishandled this game is. The story sucked, the gameplay sucked, the characters sucked, everything sucked. It sucked, sucked, sucked. I wanted to eat my gamecube this game sucked so bad. The only level I enjoy is Sky Troops, and that's because the music is good and you can play it like a normal sonic game and forget all the other bullshit. The story? Oh my god. What were they thinking? I wanted to strangle myself. This game needs to be buried. Now.

    Sonic Next: Can't really comment, not played. It looks terrible and I've heard how bad it is time and time again. However, it has the redeeming feature of its music. I also know its story and that fucking sucks too. Expect me to rant on it whenever I get a 360 and rent it.

    Secret Rings: Once again, can't comment. Haven't even bothered with the story of music. You'll know when I get a Wii.
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