Your old Sonic the Hedgehog games could be worth hundreds

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Agobue, Feb 6, 2020.

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    That's another thing to consider: most of the people the article is talking about are comic collectors trying to branch into another format. They probably know nothing of how old electronics work because they've been researching only the market itself. As you said, that game she just paid big for may be damaged and worthless, and she'll never know.
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    You know what actually is valuable? Saturn stuff. I paid about ~$90 for a complete copy of Sonic Jam a few years ago, now just looking at eBay prices that would be a steal. Even the loose copies are getting up there.

    Likewise Sonic R Saturn goes for ~$50 at best for a loose copy, and even 3D Blast (which used to be one of the token "everyone had this game so it's dirt cheap" games for the system) is starting at around $30.

    Of course, this is all for US versions of the games. Unless you're a chump like me who prefers not to import when possible, the Japanese versions are all far more reasonably priced.
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  4. This doesn’t surprise me. I hear that English copies of Panzer Dragoon Saga go for well over $1000 nowadays.
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    I saw a local used game store post that they received some Saturn stuff (a console, NiGHTS and a few sports games) and someone asked how much they'd sell Saga for if it was ever traded in. The store said anywhere between $300-$1000 depending on the condition and the guy asked if they offered payment plans. It's just crazy.
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  6. Vangar


    Thankfully a lot of us in here know how to play backup copies instead, because I don't ever see myself paying for a copy of Panzer Dragoon Saga.

    The money (obviously) doesn't even go to the devs, just to the pockets of the people hoarding these games. So unless there is a re-release to purchase don't feel bad about playing a burnt copy ...
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    Whelp. Time to beg my dad for the Sega Saturn stuff he never plays anymore again. Not that I'd sell any of it, I just really want to play the games. I honestly don't even remember all the games he has, I know he has the original Resident Evil (which happens to be why I want it).

    As for the "valuable" games, as much as I'd love to own an original cartridge or CD, it's just way too much money. I'm more than happy playing an emulator copy.
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    All I know is that it was really hard to sell my GG sonic games, I had to bundle them together for £20 a good year or two back.
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    I actually found myself rebuying my GG Sonic games. Literally in one case.
  10. The regular retail version of STH on the Genesis is going for some hefty prices, mainly due to the NFR one being the most common.
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  11. Vangar



    What the heck. Can I just shrink wrap an already opened copy of my games and get it rated, because how the heck are they going to tell it wasn't shrink wrapped recently?

    These people aren't ever going to open the box so they won't ever be able to tell it's been used.... It's not like a comic where the pages can be checked for quality or whatever. It's not like art where the entirety can be viewed. Its not even like an expensive vintage car where it can be driven.

    There's a video game inside that can't be checked if it works or not, or whats even inside :psyduck:.
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    I've seen people get undumped prototypes vga graded, and locked in that stupid plastic box.
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    Jack shit.
    I don't have a picture to express my emotion upon reading this.
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    I was recently helping someone out with clearing out their basement to throw a ton of stuff out. In their belongings included a Game Boy Colour Crystal with a copy of Double Dragon in it. It was in a bag that was to be thrown out - the owner (the son of the family I was helping) had said to throw out anything but his Warhammer collection. I dug around, looking for more Game Boy games, but they were either thrown out, sold, or the owner has them still (I hope to god it's the latter two).

    People are surprisingly willing to throw out old tech without any regard to it's value. It's sad, honestly - there's a lot of old stuff that's likely

    On the topic of expensive games - some people are still ignorant. You just need to be quick. I got a complete set of all of the Shining Force 3 discs for $60 (if only it'd show up in the mail :argh:) - in their cases, mind you - while it could easily go for quadruple that. But, that's becoming more and more unlikely - as games get more popular, people want older tech, and there's less of them in circulation as time goes on.
  15. With all this talk about pricing, there's just one thing I need to establish.

    I'm Rick Harrison, and this is my pawn shop.
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    would have been better to invest the $100 into bitcoins at $1 than greasy sonic games
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    Well, I just checked and sadly here in BR they don't seem to be expensive xD

    Pokémon HGSS on the other hand, wow. What an expensive game!
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    I'm keeping the ones I have, thank you very much. And, I have no desire to hunt down a copy of Chaotix, let alone a 32X. Wonky gimmicks don't scratch any itches for me although I do like some of the game's art assets. I put Sonic 3 Complete on a flash cart myself and made a label for it and that'll never fetch money (and shouldn't). It is about the game, not the collectability. I am pretty sure my Sonic 1 and 2 boxed cartridges would fetch a few bucks but nothing big. I want to get my hands on the Mega Drive cartridges, though (all about REV01). Goals.
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    I'm a game collector in the sense that I collect the games I like and are important to me, I don't give a shit about what other people think these things are worth. I never bought anything in my life with the intention of profiting from it at a later time.
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  20. SeaWave


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    Not tryin' to be rude but, this is nonsense. If i went to some store and said, "gimme a bunch of dollars for sonic game", they would be laughing their ass off. Sonic games are pretty cheap rounding from 10$ to 100$ now if your talking about prototypes you're a bit right but, you're not talking about protos so this is invalid. :/