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Would you want another Sonic racing game?

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by JcFerggy, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. JcFerggy


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    I am a fan of racing games. I enjoyed Sonic Drift 1 & 2. I loved Sonic R, and I think that Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing was one of the best kart racers in recent years. There were things I liked and disliked, but if they announced another Sonic based kart racer, do you think you would buy it?

    I don't really know where to take the topic, but I do want to talk about what should be in the next game if they decide to make one. I really enjoyed how the drift system worked, but I would have liked if they had an Automatic option similar to how Mario Kart Wii handled it. I liked the track selection, but I wish it had more variety to them, instead of having 3 tracks with the same coat of paint, and just a different layout.

    One thing Im indifferent about was the SEGA part of "Sonic & SEGA". Sonic is their flagship brand, and he can bring along a racing game with his own friends. Some of the characters in All-Stars Racing retained no market appeal. Robo and Mobo? Opa-Opa. The guys from ChuChu Rocket? I appreciate what they tried to do with the game, but at the end of the day, they want sales, and I'm sure characters like Blaze, Rouge, Silver, or hell even Classic Sonic without a kart Sonic R style would draw in more crowd appeal.

    The game had 20 Characters (Plus exclusives and DLC), while competing kart racer had 24. I'm not saying more is better, but we can round out a fair number of characters using just the sonic universe. The 4 teams from Heroes. Throw in the Babylon Rogues, Silver, Blaze, Marine, Metal Sonic, Eggman. Hell, if you want to stretch the characters, use common enemies like the Eggpawn, the lost cast from Sonic the Fighters, or the 3 Super Hedgehogs. If they really want to pump up console exclusives, we could have another Banjo situation. Mario for Wii and Ratchet for PS3.

    The levels could take a page from Generations, going through Sonic's history selecting the best levels, or even mimicking Mario Kart and picking locals from more recent games. It would also be nice if the game kept up with DLC, instead of talking about it, and releasing one track and character.

    I'm not quite sure on the power ups. I didn't mind what was there, but I bet we could come up with some better ideas.
  2. Flare


    I didn't mind seeing some characters ride cars and bikes in Sonic & Sega All Star Racing, however for some I.e. Sonic, it looked stupid. Sonic & Sega All Star Racing was received well and personally if it is anything like their Mario and Sonic series, I wouldn't doubt seeing a sequel in the future.

    Wouldn't mind seeing a "retro" set of tracks set in the similar style to Mario Kart wii, where it looks pixelated yet still merges with the characters (well to a point).
  3. nineko


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    I'd love to play a Mario & Sonic racing game, maybe Mario Kart 3 & Knuckles or something like that. Seriously though, think about that, you can get a roster of like 50 drivers if you pick characters from Mario Kart and Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing. I love crossover games...
  4. Yeah, Nineko, that's a really good point. It seems like the next logical step beyond a non-Olympic crossover game.
  5. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    I'd love another foot racer that plays like Rivals, only in 3D with more than two racers at once. So a racer that still has the make up of a regular Sonic game. Yeah, that'd be fun.
  6. MarkeyJester


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    I must admit, I enjoyed the Drift games and Sonic R believe it or not (though I feel it was the music that hooked me (without lyrics of course =P)), I wouldn't mind seeing another Sonic racing game, but in these current circumstances in which SEGA/Sonic Team produce their games, I feel that it'd be far from what I'd be interested in or looking for.

    It would be nice to have another Sonic racing game without vehicles or boards =)
  7. dsrb


    I would drop everything to buy the games and the requisite console if Saori Kobayashi (of Panzer Dragoon Saga and Orta not-enough-fame) reprised her role as composer (see Sonic Drift 2/Racing, which I must investigate at some point, though I don't expect delicious otherworldly instrumentation and tribal drum-beats from the Game Gear…)
  8. Azookara


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    I wouldn't mind a Sonic R 2, honestly.

    Imagine a 3D footrace game where everyone controlled like Trackmania with a jump and attack button.Stages with layouts much like Sonic R but also with that curvy and loop-crazy TM flair, as well as many shortcuts, powerups and rings placed all over the tracks. Like Riders, there would be shortcuts dedicated to characters under the categories of "Speed", "Flight" and "Power"; like rails being speed specific, bustable rockwalls being power specific, and extreme heights with dashhoops being flight specific. And bring back all the token / emerald collecting stuff with the ring doors. And TJ Davis.

    Would be pretty ace.
  9. Dude


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    Sonic R 2 with the Sonic Adventure engine.

    Perfect premise IMO. I'd buy hundreds of copies.
  10. Clutch


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    Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing (with Banjo-Kazooie) was one of my favorite games (not just Sonic, overall) this gen and managed to be a better than Mario Kart Wii at, well, being a Mario Kart kind of racer. I'd love if that rumored sequel actually came to be.
  11. DustArma


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    I don't know, the Unleashed engine looks like a more logical choice for a racer, IMO
  12. PC2


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    The Unleashed formula has all the fixings for a Sonic racing game, now all they have to do is put it to the test, possibly with some Sonic R-style tracks.

    While they're at it they can take some ques from Blur racing and give Sonic power-ups that he can use while running, collectively 1-upping Mario Kart (again) at the same time. Take the speed/flight/power system from the Riders games for diverging paths, and there you go.
  13. Indigo Rush

    Indigo Rush

    I'm afraid to say that I may be the only person who thought that Riders was a good idea, at the very least. They seemed to have things right in the first one, but somehow things got worse as they went on.

    I'd like to see a new Riders with tighter controls and more characters, without a story mode and tracks that reflect the fantasy-style of classic Sonic levels.
  14. Namo


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    This seems like the next choice since for some reason they're so goddamn reluctant to do a platformer game together. I actually think it would work. As you already said, 50 drivers, but then don't forget you could have items and powerups from both universes, as well as original ones, character specific ones, etc.
  15. This. I liked the first Riders, having played it on the GC (The system it was meant for) and watched it get worse with each iteration.

    A story mode is more or less required for Sonic nowdays, just have less throwaway character next time.
  16. Ritz


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    I'd buy another Sonic racer if we got a sequel to All-Stars Racing featuring either Tempo, Pepperouchau or Shun Di. That's the only way this is going to go down.
  17. Malpass


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    Perhaps one similar to the Rivals series, or (as previously mentioned) a Sonic R2.

    Yes, the super-script 2 was necessary.
  18. nineko


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    That would be even more awesome, I didn't think about using super mushrooms and speed shoes in the same game :o
    I don't know why Sega and Nintendo are so reluctant to make games which would be praised as best sellers by many fans, to focus on stupid Olympic stuff instead.
  19. dsrb


    If only I remembered enough about statistics to devise a joke about regression and how much of the variation in physics between Sonic games is explained by their year of publication.

    Also, there's a [ sup ] tag? You really do learn something new every day. You could have just got your Alt-253 on, though.
  20. Sonic R2 would be most welcome. Tighten up the controls, throw in some unique environments, use the entire backlog of Sonic characters, and we have a hell of a racing title. Throw in some online and split screen multi-player and we are GOLDEN.

    Hell, the Unleashed engine would be perfect for such a game, if tweaked a bit.