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Would You Rather A Modern Or Classic Style Game For The 30th Anniversary Game

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by MagnusTheGreen, Apr 21, 2021.

  1. MagnusTheGreen


    Stop Calling Me Moonlight Member

    As we all know, the 30th Anniversary Sonic Game is taking quite some time. Recently, there's been some news that Sega is having trouble deciding whether to go modern or classic for this next game . So, my question to the Sonic retro forums is whether you want to see a classic or modern game. I'll list some pros and cons of each, but I really want to hear some opinions on this. I feel like there are good arguments on either side, and either way, it's good to have some news on the new Sonic game.
    Modern Pros:
    3D Gameplay, Many Consider Modern Sonic to be a "better" design, could have Adventure style gameplay
    Modern Cons:
    Modern games have a bad track record, if they do go with boost gameplay people won't be very pleased, 3D games have a worse reputation
    Classic Pros:
    Levels that aren't a straight line, many people consider classic gameplay to be "better", with the release of mania people look fondly onto classic sonic now
    Classic Cons:
    People who have hyped up a return to Adventure gameplay will be disappointed, with the release of Forces many are calling to retire Classic Sonic, people consider Classic Sonic to be nostalgia pandering
  2. Laura


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    I want a game by EveningStar. Not really interested in anything else, although I would check it out.
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  3. Sid Starkiller

    Sid Starkiller

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    Classic, and it's not even a question. I'd be totally fine if Sega went the Kirby route of "Fuck 3D, we know 2D works, let's just stick with that".
  4. MagnusTheGreen


    Stop Calling Me Moonlight Member
    I'd be fine with more 2D games than 3D games, but the occasional 3D Sonic game would be nice.
  5. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    I'm not so stuck in the past that I think Classic Sonic is the way forward. The series needs to continue pushing into new territory, and the over-abundance of Classic Sonic and other nostalgic references since 2010 has ultimately become something of a blight on the series, even if started as being very welcome. As much as I love Classic Sonic and would hope that we do get to see more new, authentic Classic games the same vein as Mania, that's not the way forwards for the series. There is a space for Classic Sonic, but not at the forefront. I think that the entire series has muddied its identity and lost sight of its strengths by being so overly-reliant using Classic Sonic, nostalgic imagery and such.

    Furthermore, "Modern Sonic" as a brand name, character name and series identity is so fucking stupid. Just call it "Sonic". I want to see a Sonic game that tries something new, doesn't adhere to arbitrary rules of Classic and Modern and that can progress the series out of the rut it's been stuck in for some time now.

    Give me a good Sonic game, one that can capture the attention and win the affection of fans, wider-field gamers, casuals, newbies and oldies alike. 3D is the way to go to break new ground, and the gameplay style should be one that's not totally derivative of something that came before. Maybe a furthering of the Adventure style or the boost style or anything else? Maybe it could include more classic elements? I don't really care. Sure, I'm not really a fan of the boost gameplay, the removal of multiple playable characters with unique quirks or styles or the reduced focus on plot, but those factors are secondary. The gameplay of Forces was entirely copied from previous games. It didn't do anything new or creative, and actively did Classic and boost gameplay worse than ever before. The Avatar gameplay was dreadful too. It was watered down Colours gameplay without a boost. The gameplay needs to be new and exciting. It can't be any of the same old hat that we already know. Lost World tried to give us something of a new gameplay style, but it was confusing, it visually aped the Classic style whilst also failing to understand it and then SEGA dropped it like a rock when it wasn't too well received.

    The superficial image of the next Sonic game really doesn't mean much to me. I want SEGA to create a good game first, and have the image come later. They need to stop leaning on the old, and silly surface level appeal. Sonic has been nothing if not stale this decade. Modern Sonic, including those character designs, is the current Sonic and therefore should be used as a basis moving forwards. "Moving forwards" is the key message though. Question what works and what doesn't.

    The series needs to change and evolve in order to re-establish itself.

    It's probably going to suck anyway. But I want to be proven wrong.
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  6. SuperSnoopy


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    I'd hope they AT LEAST have figured out what Sonic design they're gonna use for the next game. I know they're taking forever to annonce it but c'mon lol.

    Anyway, I obviously want to see a modern Sonic game next, but I agree with blue blood that this appellation is stupid in the first place...he's just Sonic. And not so modern anymore since this design debuted in 1998 :V
  7. Boxer Hockey

    Boxer Hockey

    I just want a good game. I want it to be "modern" in the respect that I want it to be forward-thinking enough to be attractive and interesting to more people than just the same ones that keep buying Sonic games out of habit. Even Classic games can't exist in some never-changing bubble.
    Also, don't believe any "news" you've read from any the few notable "leakers" out there this year. It's all complete bullshit.
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  8. Zephyr


    Sonic Mania is a modern Sonic game :V
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  9. Laura


    Brightened Eyes Member
    We all know we are getting Sonic Dimensions :ssh:
  10. RDNexus


    I can only guess you may know something... ;)
    But no need to answer. In due time, it shall come to light.
  11. Flygon


    I just want another good "classic physics" platformer like Mania was. The same engine, even.

    I don't have faith we'll ever get another game like that, though.
  12. Billy


    RIP Oderus Urungus Member
    Colorado, USA
    Indie games
    I'd much rather they figure out a gameplay style that incorporates the physics/momentum style of gameplay from the 2D games in a 3D space. I think there's a lot of unexplored territory there. There's been some fan projects experimenting with the idea, but I'd love to see a full fledged game that uses the concept. Perhaps with more open-ended level design.
  13. Beamer the Meep

    Beamer the Meep

    Better than Sonic Genesis... Member
    ¿Por qué no los dos?

    I think we could get both if they handed off a new classic-styled game to Evening Star or someone else, while Sonic Team could give us a new 3D game. Both can coexist. It's not a one or the other affair here.
  14. raphael_fc


    Overthinking Sonic timelines. Member
    If the classic style is a game from Sonic Mania Team, then classic.
    If not, then modern. It will probably be bad anyway.
  15. Wraith


    If I had to choose it would be a 3D game, but I wouldn't be against a Mania 2 either as long as the same people were working on it.

    A new game that doesn't immediately bring an old one to mind would be ideal for me.
  16. Blue Spikeball

    Blue Spikeball

    A modern 3d game. 2d is great, but I want to see the series move forward and evolve.
  17. Metalwario64


    I'd like a new 2D game with the "modern" designs (but I really want new models at this point. The proportions were really bad in Forces with Sonic's legs shortened and his body elongated, and I think most characters faces have looked bad since Unleashed) in the vein of the Advance games. I'd like more solid level themes and more exploration driven levels like the classics, but with the Advance cast and abilities.
  18. kyasarintsu


    If I'm getting a modern-style game, I want a new Sonic Rush or something that is at least on par with the DS Sonic Colors. I'm tired of fruitlessly waiting for a new 3D game I'll like.
    I'll take a classic-style game only if the Mania team can be the ones working on it. I want it to have more originality and not feel like it's desperately trying to throw things in even when they don't fit.
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  19. RDNexus


    Contrary to many people here, I'm a bit aback about more 2D games.
    If it followed the Mania concept, I'd welcome if it were majorly original and within the magic of Sonic's world.
    Mania had lots of oldbie pandering, and it was nice for a change. Repeating it would be akin to beating a dead mule IMO.

    On that sense, I'd prefer 3D over 2D, since it could give more possibilities to explore on a new game.
    I'd rather see SEGA check all past Sonic games, try to see what worked well in previous and improve on them.

    Story-wise, you can check previous posts of mine about it. I'm sure I said enough to bore some people here ^^"
    So I'm just focusing here in gameplay and presentation alone.

    There could also be a choice to toggle skins/models for gameplay outside a potential Story Mode.
    As others stated here, to me there's no Classic or Modern cast, there's only Sonic & Pals over the span of the whole franchise.

    Sonic needs a desperate return to form. I'm not saying a return to glory, that's a tall order given the current gaming community.
    But at least Sonic has to rise back from being a source of memes or a laughing stock or source of critique for many.
  20. Myles_Zadok


    IDK Member
    Man, I remember that hoax. That game sounded awesome. I was legit disappointed at the time when it was revealed to be a hoax.

    I think when most of us say Mania 2, we assume that it would be mostly or entirely new zones. The new zones in Mania were the best parts of the game IMO.

    I don't have a strong preference as to what the next game is, I'm just more interested to see what SEGA decides to do. Whichever style (Classic, Modern, Adventure, Boost, etc.) they pick could result in a good game (or not), so to me, it's a matter of what direction SEGA wants to take the Sonic franchise after Forces and Mania.