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Hack [WIP] S3K multilanguage

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by Nik Pi, Jun 25, 2022.

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    Suggestion: Thai language, anyone? :eng99:
  2. Nik Pi

    Nik Pi

    Dude, I'm mad in my genius, not genius in my madness (c)

    Although, it could be quite an interesting experiment)

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  3. I just want to chime in and say that 'Carnavalsnacht' is a reaaaally lousy Dutch translation. Carnival in English is more something like 'Kermis', where 'Carnaval' is something totally different in Dutch, more to the extent of 'festive parade'.

    Carnival Night Zone, a literal translation into Dutch would be 'Kermis nacht', 'Kermis bij nacht', Kermis in het Donker, but I would prefer 'Koude Kermis', as that's a more familiar phrase in Dutch ('Van een Koude kermis thuiskomen' -> To be disappointed by something you had high hopes for. Such as like people experienced with Sonic Origins, to give an easy example).

    'Angel Island Zone' shouldn't be thoroughly translated as it's the name of a place, so that could become 'Angel Eiland'.
    'Hydrocity Zone' could become 'Natte Stad' or maybe 'Spetterstad'.
    'Marble Garden' is once again more of a name for a place, so instead of calling it 'Knikkertuin' or 'Knikkerpark', I'd rather call it 'Marble Tuinen'
    'Carnival Night', like I said, 'Koude Kermis'... Which maybe doesn't sound too great because IceCap is coming up and that's also something where 'koud' (Cold) is relevant to the zone. Then perhaps 'Duistere Kermis'.
    'IceCap' is already quite the challenge to translate properly. You could go for the quite literal 'Ijsschots', but that just doesn't really capture the essence. Perhaps 'Vrieskou', or something?
    Launch Base is easy: De Lanceerbasis.
    Azure Lake > Azure Meer
    Balloon Park > Ballonnen Park
    Chrome Gadget is really tough to translate, even in a literal way.
    Desert Palace > Woestijn Paleis
    Endless Mine > Eindeloze Mijnen

    Mushroom Hill > Schimmelheuvels
    Flying Battery > Vliegend Vechtschip
    Sandopolis > Another name, but maybe also 'Zandopolis' works.
    Lava Reef > Lava Rots, maybe?
    Hidden Palace > Verborgen Paleis
    Sky Sanctuary > Vliegend Toevluchtsoord
    Death Egg > Another name, literally it would translate to 'Doden Ei', but that sounds silly. Perhaps keep it as is.
    Doomsday > Dag des Doems
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    Here's the revised file with final translations (unless someone has some :objection:). I modified some notes accordingly, and there are also new "notes" for character names.

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    Is there a full generic list of text strings that I've missed or should the one above just be used with the Spanish removed?
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  7. well there's some progress, i've managed to make the S2 options menu work in S3K
    i mean it's functional i guess
  8. i see, but in sonmaped, how can you like load 2+ files at once
  9. Nik Pi

    Nik Pi

    You can't make it...
    ..I think...
    Mappings you need edit in Notepad ++
    Or, you can split all graphics files in one, and try again
    P.S.: Title cards for AIZ and HCZ Polished =)

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    Remember Flying Battery is missing from that list. Also, game and character names are included for the sake of completeness, but I'm not sure if they'll be used (with spanish, my advice is not to).

    Btw, are you gonna do the cymrael one then? I haven't sent a basque version because virtually no one would appreciate it unless I start advetising it outside the community, and, even if I'm successful with that, it would still be absolutely niche. The real reason, though, it's that it would be more workload for our brave Nik Pi; we're gonna end with tons of translations if we go down that route.
  11. Nik Pi

    Nik Pi

    Hum.... words is not too long, and uses not many letters. I think, I can try it!
    Ok, at this moment we have a languages:
    1. English (main language)
    2. Russian (done a 60%)
    3. Deutsche (done a 10%)
    4. French (done a 10%)
    5. Polish (just started)
    6. Cymraeg (testing)
    7. Spanish (done a 15%)
    I hope, we can done it to end of summer. Or before October :)
  12. one gripe:
    this M in 'podmodne?' should be a W
  13. Nik Pi

    Nik Pi

    This M is turned upside down. I didn't have much time to fully add the "W". This can be fixed, but a little later :)
  14. ah, well you could change the comment in a later revision. it's fine
  15. Nik Pi

    Nik Pi

    Ok. Don't worry.
    Actually, you can also load just a part of letter, mirror it, or turn it upside down. It gives a lot of opportunities. I think, when we'll done this project- I'll write a guide, how to change title cards
  16. angel island's gfx looks odd


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  17. Nik Pi

    Nik Pi

    Hum... it looks strange... in my code- all works great... maybe, you don't use something from my archive? For angel island- Title card.bin
    For Hydrocity- Title cardHC.bin (or something, i don't remember)
  18. i'm sure i've added the hcz graphics but i don't even remember if i added the aiz ones... i'll check hcz too
  19. Nik Pi

    Nik Pi

    Project is in progress, and a lot of things have been done:
    Firstly, I managed to implement proto-tracks in the game, and now unused theme plays during super/hyper form, and the Competition proto-theme plays during Competition level select (MJ version plays during mode selection)
    Secondly, vladikcomper helped the project! Now his Russified HUD from old hacks is used in the Russian version!
    (I work on French HUD)
    There is still a lot of work to do, and @lunarstudio and I are very busy. At the moment we are implementing the parameters menu, and we are investigating the S2 code, and every day we are getting closer and closer to the solution!

    But I want to ask one thing: If there is a pirate or fan translation of S3/SK into your language, send it to us. Taking into account the wordlists you have sent, we will try to implement a translation worthy of your attention!

    Thanks for reading it :)
  20. yea yea, i'm searching for it rn but i'm seeing a lot of LP's & things related to the movies instead:

    edit: no i can't really find what i'm searching for, i see the english title screens, let's plays in polish, a copy of sonic mania plus and a forces screenshot as well as about a bajillion things connected to the movie AND the generations box, but not even just a single image of a polish title screen :/

    maybe there is some stuff circulating but i'd expect something more of a game like the nes mario titles which released in 1985-1989 when poland was under communist rule (and therefore had no copyright laws) with stuff like Pegasus (basically a polish version of the Dendy, a russian nintendo clone) and there probably were resells of commercial games, but i don't know if there were any polish pirate translation. the other day though i found a pokemon red polish romhack being sold on either allegro or ceneo (i don't remember now)

    edit 2: i did find this however [​IMG]
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