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Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by MainMemory, Mar 31, 2010.

  1. Maybe you can rename the thread whenever you update. Maybe people could realize it more.
  2. I am liking the new monitors! However, they don't fall down like other objects. On purpose?

    Also issue. When loading a new player...the character dies, and ends the game regardless of lives!!
  3. Well, like in the Genesis games, they don't fall until you knock them down yourself!
  4. ... 0.0

    THATS AWESOME! Attention to detail, good work MainMemory!
  5. MainMemory


    Kate the Wolf Tech Member
    Monitors will also start moving if you let go while dragging them somewhere.

    And I fixed the monitor code, now they won't break unless you're actually rolling/jumping. I also fixed the lampposts, which weren't setting the respawn point properly (all of them were, not just the active one). I also fixed the player loading.

    Also, the lampposts will continue to set the respawn point as long as they are active, so if the lamppost moves, you'll always respawn at the lamppost, until it falls offsecreen, then it resets to the top center of the screens.

    Just for a note, these objects have physics: Player, Metal Sonic, Scattered Ring, Motobug, Spike, Spikes (Up + Physics), Advance Booster, Lamppost, Monitor (after being moved).
    All objects with physics will collide with solid objects and be pushed by speed boosters.
  6. Oh noes! Sonic 1 Sonic doesn't have balancing sprites, and thus the program crashes!
  7. MainMemory


    Kate the Wolf Tech Member
    Then add ",stand,stand" to the line starting with "anims=" in the INI.
    Or rip and align the sprites.
  8. MainMemory


    Kate the Wolf Tech Member
    Updated, now with...
    O_O :ohdear:

    MegaMoto, like a Motobug, but BIGGER and with 5HP! COWER IN FEAR PUNY MORTALS!

    Also, now you can have the game make X objects every Y seconds (click OK in the "Create Random Objects..." menu if you don't want to make the objects immediately also).

    And WindowsZone will save a log.log file with info about your sessions:
    Code (Text):
    1. ========
    2. Last updated: 5/16/2010 7:03:26 PM
    3. Session started: 5/16/2010 7:35:22 PM
    4. Session ended: 5/16/2010 7:36:55 PM
    5. Frame count: 1259
    6. Objects created: 4
    7. Objects destroyed: 3
    8. Sounds played: 22
    9. Max frame time: 747
    10. Min frame time: 52
    11. Avg fps: 13.5059752408333
    12. Max memory used: 45.9140625 MB
    13. Min memory used: 28.515625 MB
    14. Rings: 0
    15. Rings Collected: 0
    16. Lives: 3
    17. Lives Collected: 0
    18. Top Speed: 15.5
    Also, there's a new control mode, "Coward". Don't use it unless you like Sonic to switch between running away from painful things to running in one direction regardless of them >_>.
  9. I have looked through the files of the latest build recently...I know what the next update will be on...

    Shields, maybe? :D

    Also isn't it about time we have the spring?

    One more thing, an Eggman Boss would be awesome. Controllable Eggman would be even more so.

    And maybe even...2 Player mode? :O
  10. SonarDragon


    As much as I want to play this, I still can't without it locking the controls down to just Sonic, is there a way to fix it, or am I just stupid?
  11. You know, If you have a Gamepad of some type, you can change the controls to it, and free your keyboard.

    Just a suggestion...
  12. SonarDragon


    And yet, I don't, thanks anyway.

    Edit: Wait, keyboard? I can't even click on anything...
  13. Aquaslash


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    So I was tooling around in metalsonic's ini file (giving him his own sprites)

    What exactly is each value here?
  14. Lurker


    sleep Member
    I can't seem to find how to turn on infinitive lives(I just want Sonic to run around randomly with 10 Metal Sonic chasing him for hours :P).

    Great work on the program btw. It's turning out better and better with each new version. Weird that the program doesn't create a new entry in the log file when it crashes though.

    And just for fun:
    Last updated: 2010-05-17 05:13:24
    Session started: 2010-05-18 18:09:51
    Session ended: 2010-05-18 18:15:15
    Frame count: 2360
    Objects created: 1380
    Objects destroyed: 1325
    Sounds played: 68
    Max frame time: 987
    Min frame time: 3
    Avg fps: 7,27785338670789
    Max memory used: 680,74609375 MB
    Min memory used: 44,94921875 MB
    Rings: 0
    Rings Collected: 0
    Lives: 0
    Lives Collected: 0
    Top Speed: 9,3750
  15. MainMemory


    Kate the Wolf Tech Member
    Shields are planned, but that doesn't mean they're going to be in the next update... SADXTweaker had a Physics Editor window for two releases before I put anything in it :P.
    And yes, I'm figuring out how to make the springs work properly within this engine.
    And all of those would be awesome, and all but playable Eggman will definitely happen.

    I really have no idea why that happens for you, sorry.

    image is the path to the image file (relative to the INI).
    time is the time in frames to display the image for.
    point is the center point x,y, which is where Sonic's current position will be on the sprite.
    bounds is the bounding box in left,top,right,bottom, which is the area of the sprite that will be solid. I would try to have every sprite have its bottom aligned, otherwise he'll start jumping up and down on the ground.

    I'll have to add an infinite lives option.
    And it's not really weird, because the program writes to the log when it closes, and when it gets an error like that, that piece of code doesn't get a chance to run.
  16. I just started following this topic, and I can't seem to get the program to work. It crashes immediately. Is there a later version than the one on the first page?
  17. DigitalDuck


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    Lincs, UK
    TurBoa, S1RL
    No, MM constantly updates the one on the front page to the latest one. You could try this earlier version, which was a while back, before MM changed everything in it. If the earlier version works, then at least you've got a working version.

    And I can't get the latest version to work either, for the same reason.
  18. MainMemory


    Kate the Wolf Tech Member
    This isn't dead!

    In fact, here are some updates:
    * New Updater program that will allow you to get the latest version of non-essential components (extra player INIs, extra objects). I'm unable to have it update the main program because WindowsZone as a zip is HUGE. I've also moved the WindowsZone stuff to a subfolder of my site.
    * Sonic (and others) will now "zip" outside of a solid object that they are inside as in the games, instead of being able to walk around inside them. This also applies to nonsolid objects, rings can now be collected if you're standing over one.
    * New objects: GHZ Rock with 2x gravity, GHZ Platform (doesn't move because I fail at understanding ASM). Lamppost and Advance Booster have been updated as noted in the previous item.

    As for the people that are experiencing crashes on startup, unfortunately I have no idea what could be causing it.
  19. MainMemory


    Kate the Wolf Tech Member
    More important updates

    * Redone updater, now the selection form is part of the main program and WindowsZoneUpdater.exe just downloads and extracts the files. Because of this, it can now update everything except for WindowsZoneUpdater.exe itself.
    * Right-clicking on Sonic will show the menu.
    * Right-clicking on any other object will delete it.
    * "Infinite Lives" option in Options.
    * "Create Random Objects" now uses a CheckedListBox.
    * Sonic now uses the correct Spindash charging and release sounds, recorded from S3K with Gens/GS by me.
    * New object: Spring, all four directions, yellow and red varieties.
    * New object: MTZ Nut, behaves pretty much like you'd expect.
    * GHZ Platform now has Horizontal, Vertical and Falling varieties.

    And in case anybody's interested in making objects for this (use VB.NET or C#, reference WindowsZoneAPI.dll), here's the VB.NET code for the Motobug as an example.
  20. Nice Update. Love the Updating program!

    Will that check for anything new you make and download it? Or will we still need to download new versions?

    Also I believe a Spring Jump sprite is in order...

    And I feel the falling platforms should fall like a few milliseconds after contact like the Genesis ones...and not a full second later like with this program. :P

    I love the Nut though.