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Why is SatAM often considered the best Sonic cartoon?

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Lava-Snarl, Jun 19, 2010.

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  1. It barely has anything to do with Sonic. They just took Mobius, Sonic's design, Sonic's basic personality, Tail's design, Eggman's basic design, the basic outline of the SoA storyline, rings and the animal friends and put them in some random cartoon.

    It's a good cartoon, yes, but they could have easily switched the Sonic trio and rings with something else.

    I barely consider it a Sonic cartoon. Even AoStH is more true to the games then that series.
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    It can't be any worse than that Sonic history expansion (?) or something one of the people wrote (as a sort of official fanfic? or something) in which people basically stuck a thumb up Sonic's ass and used him as a bowling ball, though.
  3. Tweaker


    It's comparatively better than the other Sonic cartoons, but not by all that much. Slapstick comedy gets old, Sonic Underground was basically an extended music video from some amateur band who couldn't get a record label and Sonic X was just terrible. There's never been a good Sonic cartoon and I don't expect there to be one; the only one of acceptable quality was the OVA, and that obviously never went anywhere.

    I dunno; I tried to get into SatAM and while I was able to follow the story pretty easily and appreciate it for what it was, it wasn't really "Sonic" to me. It's a solid enough storyline for me to consider following the comics, if nothing else.
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    + - Except Knuckles wasn't around back then so there WAS no Sonic Trio, also that's how you lost The Game  

    Also it's the best because the competition was weak. As much as I love SU, it's biggest flaw was probably the songs, and the omission of that faggot Tails. AoStH was just slaptick, and X was so bad, it actually managed to taint the GAMES after it was gone.
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    I dunno why, but I could never get into the Sonic SatAM. I've tried a few episodes, but I just couldn't. I guess one thing is that Dr. Robotnik was way too dark of a character for one, and the story...I dunno. Felt a I did like hearing White and Cree again, and it had a few funny moments. But...yeah. I pretty much watched Underground, AoStH, and even Sonic X from start to finish, but SatAM...can't.
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    I originally couldn't get into it but I one day actually watched it all the way through and actually enjoyed it a lot more than I had previously, don't know why.

    To "It's not Sonic", remember it was made in 1993 and back then Sonic's identity was still being developed.
  7. Sonic still had a steady identity though. We knew what it was about and we knew about the characters.

    SatAM threw almost everything about the games out the window.

    Are you talking about Spinball with the latter? It still had a few game elements more then SatAM however it is in that continuity so it's moot.
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    I always rather enjoyed SatAM. Part of it is the nostalgia factor, but I think it's a good cartoon from the early 90's. Yes, it takes many, many liberties with the source material, but I think that helps give it its own identity. I used to dislike AoSTH, but it's grown on me for perhaps the same reason. I still very much dislike Underground, and honestly don't expect that to change anytime soon. Same goes for Sonic X, though the Japanese dub of that one is miles ahead of the trash we got on these shores.
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    Yet he still didn't have a voice. The cartoons really helped to develop his personality. We knew Sonic was good and Robotnik was bad, but the cartoons showed how good and bad they were. We learned about the relationship between Sonic and Tails..

    Personally, I prefer the SatAM/Archive storyline to other branches because of the continuous story across the life of the cartoon.
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    If SatAM didn't have a bunch of characters created for the series, it probably would have been way too similar to AoStH. There was barely any Sonic characters when the cartoon was being created and it would have been extremely difficult for them to make decent stories using only Sonic, Tails, Robotnik, and maybe Amy Rose. Not impossible, but difficult. I never was able to watch the cartoon as a kid, but I used to love the comics in the late '90s/early 2000s so I'm glad SatAM exists.
  11. Why does this thread seem onesided? It seems more interesting to have a show that follows the show rather then something about "Freedom Fighters". I don't even think they're in the Sonic Bible.

    Plus, weren't the "new" characters from the comics first? And even then they're expies of game characters.

    Sonic and Tail's relationship in the manuals seemed more interesting then the poor Tails relationship in SatAM. Tails didn't even do anything and he's ten there.
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    the games had 3 characters and practically no story, the cartoon had like a billion characters and a really deep and involved plot
    to a 6 year old
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    I used to like SATAM when I was a kid grew out of it after 10 and never watched it again. Then like around 14 I started liking sonic again but still couldn't bring myself to watch it again still can't.

    Like the comics though started reading them since last year. If SATAM did continue, I'd hope the storyline comes from the comics.
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    The comics ARE good. Except the Sonic X comics. If I recall, weren't they cancelled? Man, those made the SHOW look good.

    Oh wait... nothing really makes that show look good.
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    Watched AoStH RELIGIOUSLY when it was on TV. Saw 3 episodes of SatAM at that time. Never heard of Underground until I found Wolfman01 on Youtube.

    I have the whole Underground and SatAM series and several AoStH episodes (may or may not be the whole series) on DVD, should I work on Wikifying them?

    Started reading the comics at #205.
  16. Doppelgengar


    I enjoyed both AoStH and SatAM when I was younger, but that's because it was Sonic, and I loved anything Sonic. Growing up a bit, I started taking a dislike to SatAM, as well as the comics, however to this day, I still love AoStH. I never really saw what the big appeal of SatAM was, aside from it being a classic Sonic cartoon. I tried to watch the whole series a month or two ago, and I just couldn't get into it in the least.

    And don't get me started on Sonic Underground..
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    Hmm, you know, AoStH is the only one I haven't watched yet. However, SatAM was a bit too... young for me, Underground was a bit stupid, in my opinion (If not slightly foreshadowing how Sega eventually attempts to make a game 'unique' by putting him on an airboard, turning him into a werehog, and getting stuck with over 30 different characters since they probably thought "Hey! Let's give him a guitar! He'll seem cooler!")

    Sonic X...

    Well, that just goes without saying. But I'll say it anyways. It's horrible.
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    SatAM has always been one of my favorite cartoons, though it'd be hard for me to explain exactly why in a coherent manner. Nostalgia is certainly a factor, with it being the first show I ever watched and enjoyed in life, but it's more than that. For starters, it's the most atmospheric cartoon I've yet seen; I love the setting, the soundtrack is great and the backgrounds are beautifully rendered. I love the characters. Really, the only thing about it I don't love are Sonic's cheesy catchphrases and one-liners. Sonic's dialogue causes genuine discomfort. Oh, and Dulcy was fucking terrible and ruined the second season by stealing the spotlight from every supporting character other than Sally. Those are my only complaints, though.

    I'm surprised by all the apathy it's getting here. Disgusted, actually! You're all a bunch of tasteless fucks. I'm going to be sorely disappointed if me and Quexinos wind up being the only people here who genuinely appreciate the show.
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    I would put it this way:

    AoSTH: Too wacky, IMO.

    Sonic Underground: No.

    Sonic X: Tries too hard to be serious or wacky.

    SatAM: A decent balance between serious and humor. Sure, it has Jaleel White voicing Sonic, but everything has it's downside. Also Kath Soucie and Jim Cummings are the best voice actors ever.

    Oh, yeah. That one where Sonic was an actual Hedgehog at some point living in Arkansas and joining a school Track Team or whateverthefuck?
  20. Kurosan


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    I wouldn't call it "the best Sonic cartoon" so much as I'd called it "the least worst Sonic cartoon", if you catch my drift.
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