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Why does anybody like the time limit in Sonic games?

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Willie, Mar 29, 2012.

Do you like the time limit in Sonic games?

  1. Yes.

  2. No.

  3. I don't care.

  1. Molotok


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    Just wanted to say that I used that phrase because Cranky Kong bitched about the old days being better when you visited him in DKC ... and in reference to me not seeing a game over screen on said game (though I never did get all the bonus areas in the levels). Not really a big deal, I know, because of the whole save feature.

    ... Also, are we still talking about this? I said that I was fine with a range of difficulty settings and that it really depends on the genre as to what constitutes challenging. Though, most of the games I've played recently have only really been challenging if one is looking to 100% it.

    Isn't that like a cross-sequel between I Wanna Be The Guy and Rogue? =P

    EDIT: I have seen someone go near insane from IWBTG, and that was only on the Normal setting (UltraJMan, but I think he took the videos down). So, clearly I do have a limit on trying to be "hardcore".
  2. Jayextee


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    Depends. If I enjoy the work, then hell yes. Ditto if I enjoy the game. I don't think that's a coincidence.
  3. dsrb



    Actually, I agree with you all the way here. I suppose our difference after that is largely personal preference as to which of said modes we'd prefer (after having argued for their inclusion.

    That said, I can't help but think that games (especially Sonic ones) should be a bit more difficult by default—regardless of whether or not they provide an option. Hey, just make what the majority of them are now into easy mode, and make other modes for other players—or, of course, for those who begin on easy and later get better, because that's a very satisfying thing in itself.

    Honestly? Not really! I'm one of the laziest people I know. Having said that, in the right environment, I can't sit down or stand still; I have to keep working and at the limit of my speed and stress-tolerance. It really depends.

    Not that it relates much to my approach to gaming, whatever that is! :P The possible exception being that, if I found that mythical job-I-would-enjoy, then perhaps we'd see some relevance.
  4. Deef


    I'm surprised so many people are passionate about it. I always thought it was strange that the time limit was so long.

    I mean I don't want Sonic gameplay to change into something about racing the clock, I just never considered the 10 minute time limit to ever really be limiting. When I caught myself actually running out of time in CNZ I always thought "Hey wow, a level that actually gives the timer some meaning." I have always messed about as much as I desired, never thinking of the clock, and almost never ran out of time. I guess some people just like to roam about a lot more.

    So removing the limit wouldn't improve a game in a way I would notice, but it wouldn't hurt either.
  5. RetroKoH


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    Sheer fucking brilliance.

    Here's a similar idea maybe someone on Retro could do. Hack Sonic so that if you get a Time Over or Game Over... the hack deletes itself and the emulator as well, and resets your desktop to a middle finger, or something...
    (You don't need to install emulators, so leave that part out.)