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Why do you like Sonic?

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Seyonix, Sep 4, 2017.

  1. DogeMayo


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    Personally I love the character designs. I've never really tried an official 3D game other than a part of Rise of Lyric and Lost World. (Rise of Lyric has a ton of bugs just in the demo. I didn't even try to get one)
    Sonic's cool and expressive personality makes him very enjoyable as a person. People can easily understand him. Tails is just adorable in classic games. An adorable genius is the best kind of genius.
    Knuckles, while a 'cool dude' like Sonic, has a largely different personality, and his design is also easy to love. Pink Knuckles best Knuckles. (also he's a good meme)

    The gameplay is also clever. It makes paths very clear and goals easy to comprehend. When a boss is coming, you'll know it - the floor will be flat, you may get a checkpoint, a couple of rings, and an abundance of obstacles.
    Hitting a boss feels so good. When you hit a boss, its pallette changes to a bright one, and an assuring hit sound follows. Imagining Sonic without this just feels wrong. It feels like the hit isn't validated.

    One thing I don't understand is why people dislike Green Hill starting off most of the games. I get that it becomes repetitive, but it's like Mario starting off with a plains level. It's almost a neccesity at this point. It's an easy beginners zone and has come to be a staple in the series. It's not that I dislike Emerald Hill or Angel Island. Those are both great, too. I'm saying that Green Hill is often taken for granted.

    Another part of Green Hill I like is the design. A checkered pattern for the ground makes the spriting easy and effective when it comes to giving a 3D visual.

    That's about it. The gameplay is easy to understand, the designs are good, the music is amazing )I know I didn't mention the music but it kinda goes without saying)
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    I was ten years old when sonic 1 was released... so the classics have a special place my heart. I've played a lot Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 , Sonic Advance (i played all the three) and i confess I've never played the latest ones with the exception of sonic 2006 on PS3 (just a bit really) ...
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    I still remember the very first time I saw Sonic 1 running on a Mega Drive, back in 1992 when I was just 5 years old - and being in complete awe of the game.

    The classics are, by far and away, my favourite games (not just my favourite Sonic games, I mean my favourite video games of all time). I love the fact that they're so easy to pick up and play, but actually mastering them takes a very long time. The physics in the classic games are just sublime, and lend themselves nicely to levels that truly flow once you know how to play them properly (rather than simply being about pure speed, it's the momentum that makes the games so much fun in my opinion).

    Classic Sonic's character design has a certain charm about it - and, in many ways, it feels timeless. Modern Sonic... not so much.

    I love the actual world of the classic Sonic games as well, in all its surreal glory. I like the fact that the levels are so varied - in terms of the environments in which they're set, the actual gimmicks in each level, the flow and layout of each level, etc. The games don't feel "samey" for this and it makes the world that you're playing in feel much bigger.

    Games like Sonic 3 & Knuckles have some pretty spectacular set-pieces (such as the end of Lava Reef and Sky Sanctuary, etc), but the story never overtakes (or chokes) the gameplay experience. The stories are very simple in their premise, and yet still somehow feel pretty epic.
  4. Zelkia


    Well, as for the games themselves, it's super fun to just blast through levels. It's why i actually enjoy the Boost games more than the other Sonic games. Going extremely fast while trying to get to alternate paths, finding the Red rings, etc etc is just a lot of fun to me.
    As for the universe, especially when looking into the Sonic Adventure era, the characters were actually extremely deep and in some cases relatable. Sonic is a very flawed character with a lot of problems. For starters, he likely has ADHD, and is extremely impatient. Going into battle with cracks in your armor? Now that's being heroic. Not to mention, he has to live up to people's expectations of him, with him being a hero to everyone, but it's extremely hard for him to do so. He doesn't know exactly what's right and what's wrong, and he wants to find out, which is why he chooses to be a hero. Not to save the world, but to figure out for himself what right and wrong exactly means.
    Tails, for me, is the relatable one. He's extremely smart and is such because he puts a lot of effort into becoming better, and wants to become like Sonic himself. Pretty much me.

    While the games have lost that depth to them, to me the characters are still extremely enjoyable. The story in the games are decent, especially so with Forces coming next. The music is AMAZING in every way possible.
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    The classic games were some of my favorite titles to play as a kid, alongside TJ&E. S3&K stands as one of my fav games of all time.

    I have no interest in the later games of the series or the character himself though, and I mainly just stick around because of the great fan projects that capture the spirit/gameplay of those classic titles. Mania is the only official Sonic related thing to come out that I've cared about in years.
  6. serpx


    Well, I'd have to go back to Sonic 2 to answer that question.

    Sonic 2 is what sold me on the hedgehog. It was a fun game, very fast, the iconic characters we know are memorable and cool.

    I don't recall seeing much marketing for Sonic as I was mega young during the Sonic 2 days and didn't pay attention. I got a Genesis as a gift, and it came with Sonic 2. It was an experience that I could, and wanted to, play over and over.

    Going hunting for games to rent, I'd see, "Oh man! They have a Sonic 3" or, "Oh man! The first Sonic!" Knowing Sonic 2 was fun and awesome, I'd definitely want to play the others.

    It went on from there.

    A lot of folks will break it down to deeper details like exploration, I HAVE NO UNDERSTANDING OF THE SONIC ENGINE, etc. For me, it was just a fun game in a cool world with cool characters. Not much more than that.

    Finding the comics, the TV cartoons, new online friends into the games -- I got hooked for life.
  7. Mastered Realm

    Mastered Realm

    haha omg that language filter never disappoints.

    Sonic was a nice game, fast, colorful and simple to play. I loved the feel of the game in the 90s, it felt so 'alive'.
  8. Been thinking over this question for a bit.

    Along with the game play, Sonic's and his buddies designs and music, it was the backgrounds.

    When you compared Sonic to Mario to me, The fact that level art didn't repeat itself regularly and was more active and vibrant when you compare the two. Green Hill as abused as it is now still looks lovely.
  9. spaztron64


    With the Classics, I really enjoy how much you can mess around with the physics system. Messing around can also lead you to secret paths and whatnot (and loads of glitches of course).

    With the late 90's/early 2000's games I didn't get much playtime, but I liked SADX quite a bit, especially as Knux and Sonic. I liked to hop around the hub world a lot, hoping to find glitchy spots that let me fall into the void.

    I don't have much to say about the post-unleashed games. I need more playtime.
  10. Eshorn


    I grew up in the Genesis era, and thus those games will always be among my favorite ever games. I just loved the mix of speed and platforming, plus the characters are great. 3&K absolutely geeked me out: being able to fly in Robotnik's Egg-O-Matic in Launch Base, and be able to play as Knuckles? Yes, please. Plus the level design and gameplay were near flawless.

    But that's not the real reason Sonic has such a big place in my heart. The games kept me busy in a time in my life where I otherwise would have been a complete mess. When I was 9 (app. 1993), my mother had a liver transplant, which at the time was a big deal. She constantly faced rejection and had to go into the hospital for weeks at a time for about 2 years. That, massive debt from hospital bills, on top of other familial issues, caused major strain on me and my parents. But they knew I really wanted that Genesis so I could play Sonic, and later that year I got one (thanks to my dad's work pitching in). Sonic kept my mind at ease while my mom was in the hospital and other stuff I didn't need to be brought down over were going on. His games became stress relief well into middle and high school, and at times where I could have made a poor decision, I decided I'd rather play Sonic.

    Playing Sonic reminds me of those days. To not take anything for granted because it all can disappear suddenly. To appreciate what you have. To pay it forward whenever possible.

    I took a hiatus from playing the series because I don't like emulators and no way of playing the old Sonic games, and I didn't much care for what was coming out past Sonic Adventure (Sonic 4 was my last new Sonic game for years). But Sonic Mania came out and I had to play it. And I fell in love with the series all over again. And I'm even willing to go back and play some of the older stuff I didn't give a chance (Generations, Colors, etc.) and am looking forward to Forces.
  11. I like the speed, i like the backgrounds for those straights, the music is never bad (i was 10 when i played chronicles so i liked it) the game play never disappointed me, and I grew up in the perfect time with a GameCube and a copy of Sonic Mega Collection, and the two remakes(+Heroes) for it!
    Even the games I really don't like, I still play (spinball,3d blast, 4 2, lost world U, and battle the gba game) because they all have their certain charm.

    My favorite game being 06 however, needs an explanation: I got it when I was 7 years old but even back then I never encountered any glitches I recently did a 13-hour play through and still didn't encounter any glitches ( I still hate Shadows gameplay though) but Silver and Sonic I will always enjoy no matter what critics say. I do see the wrong and it though and won't blindly defend it.

    Bought Mania and uh didn't quite enjoy it like everyone else it was dull and I beat it 3 times but i didn't have much fun. Sonic 3 & Knuckles (after I got past the goddamn Barrel) what's the most fun I've ever had playing a Sonic game at that point even surpassing Rush Adventure a game I replayed 15 times shut up I don't have a problem Hyper Sonic, hydrocity Zone, the funny level transitions, saying f*** you to the barrel of Doom on subsequent playthroughs, fighting egg Robo gamma(?), and facing off against Mecha Sonic as knuckles, perfect memories (2010) that I will always love. Mania was so uneventful for me that I went back and replayed Sonic 3 & Knuckles to make sure my memories were right. Mania is by the fans for the fans right? So why didn't i enjoy it to the fullest? I'll tell you why: innovation

    That is the true reason why I love Sonic so much and playing Mania really cemented that it didn't do anything that I haven't seen before in The Game Gear games the mega Drive games yeah I played those and the Genesis games. Studiopolis? Sure it was a cool level but the bosses sucked.
    Press garden? Ya got me there
    Sonic 3 gave me an underground water park (FUN) Mania gave me boats and bubbles (boring and obnoxious). From Stardust Speedway Zone to Titanic monarch I found myself constantly repeating the phrase "as I truly remember it" with increasing sarcasm and bile even going so far as to telling myself "I unlocked the fun" when I got super Sonic. I 100% it purely because I'm a Sonic fan not because I enjoyed the game.
    It was kind of like Star Wars episode 7. References and callbacks do not a good game make

    That's why I find myself enjoying s3k and the handhelds far more than Mania they did something new granted not all of them work (ADV3) but hey it's Innovation and that's why I love Sonic.

    Heres looking to his Future with Sonic Forces
  12. Xiao Hayes

    Xiao Hayes

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    Well, while I can't share your opinion about many modern games, I can't tell you Mania hasn't been what I was waiting for either. It's solid and faithful enough to make me feel I play a game that feels right and can replay, but it doesn't bring me the "classic" feeling I had back in the old days, and I've played fan games that get a lot closer to that sensation even if they weren't polished or technical marvels at all.

    I see modern games as some kind of spin-off that can be enjoyed as they are, but most of them aren't for me, and what really pisses me off about them is they try to say that's the same with just some extra experiments to try innovating (I'm mostly referring to modern 2D/2.5D, either as its own title or as scattered sections of a 3D level, but also some other tricks like bad use of nostalgia). I haven't played Sonic '06 or Lost World yet, so I can't judge them.
  13. Hayes you're 36 im 18 so the experience was undoubtedly better for you and that's good s***!
    I think my experience was negated a bit because I had the options available to me and chose to act on them at such a late year. Media probably would have been better if I didn't own a 3DS and all the classics that came with it. But they just showed me the negatives.

    I don't think mania is a horrible game just one I can't truly enjoy because I actually like the modern games and don't have heaps and heaps of problems with them.

    Oh and speaking of modern games do me a favor: don't play lost world. It's a waste and honestly the worst modern game to me with absurd levels, do or die sections and a fuckloaf of padding.
    Trust me (mostly modern fan): the game isn't worth a shot.
  14. Xiao Hayes

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    Too late, I bought it on this year's steam sales (about 7.50€). I'll play it at some point in my life. :v:
    Also tried the Sonic '06 PC demo on sage, if that level's really faithful to the original (dusty desert), I can get why people hate that game even when bugs don't happen.
  15. Assailant


    Speed, Character Design, and Gameplay.
  16. Epsilonsama


    Because the games were fun and the character is fun.
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    Not to try and derail the topic, but I completely agree with you. While I still haven't completely finished Mania, (I don't have the urge to do it) I don't think my opinion will change much at all. Instead of playing Mania, I was playing Sonic 3 & Knuckles and Sonic Labyrinth.
  18. TheD


    I mainly started becoming a fan of the sonic the hedgehog franchise when I was first introduced to sonic rpg.
  19. Fox Cordova

    Fox Cordova

    I like the Sonic franchise mainly because of these things;

    1) The potential the franchise has
    2) The possible flexibility that comes with the characters
    3) The decorated zones and other places
    4) And, of course, the feeling of going super fast

    1) The Sonic franchise, even in 2017, has the potential to be something more than what it currently is right now. I like the franchise for what it "could be" rather than what it's desperately trying to be now. There are many things about recent Sonic games that I just don't agree with on the game dev fundamental level, such as the nonsensical experiments, "Sonic Only" and no other playable characters, random gimmicks, etc. What the franchise could become is what excites me, such as figuring out what Sonic's mechanics should be and how his friends should be implemented as playable characters.

    2) Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, etc. all have the possible flexibility to become great characters in their own right, separate from Sonic himself. Ever since Sonic 06 they have all been "nerfed" to the point where all they do is act as sideline cheerleaders. Though Shadow now has his DLC package in Forces, it's too little of an addition, Sonic Team. Tails has great flexibility because of his character background and how far you can expand him past what he now is; a boy genius. Knuckles can be "cool" again if you stay true to his character roots. Amy can be taken more seriously if she actually starts acting more serious in behavior, especially around Sonic. Shadow is... Shadow. There's not much more to do with him other than to reaffirm what he's about.

    3) I love the variety of zones the franchise has. So many possibilities with where you can take a Sonic adventure.

    4) Of course I love the feeling of go super fast through a level. I don't really get that feeling in Modern games, but in the Classic games and Mania I do. Emphasis has to be placed on what made Sonic important to begin with; his speed.
  20. Xiao Hayes

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    Interesting starting point to become a fan of a franchise that has little to do with that game besides some characters and locations.

    Umm... Sonic goes actually faster in modern games, or at least I feel it that way. And no, again, classic Sonic isn't about speed, speed is a nice result of what Sonic games are about: physics and flow. Modern games are the ones focusing on speed over every other element of the game, including controls and fun.