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Why do you like Sonic the Hedgehog?

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Ell678, Apr 20, 2009.

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  1. Lobotomy


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    The comics are great, Sonic's design is fucking awesome, and he runs faster than sound. That, and I never 'got' Mario. Sure, his games were fun, but what was so appealing about an overweight Italian immigrant?
  2. Lizam


    Lizam Member
    Mario & Sonic: Worlds Clash
    Because of my Christmas in 1994

    My brother and I got a Sega Megadrive off Santa. My brother got some Tasmanian Devil game and I got Sonic 2. Being only 4, I was pretty jealous and upset that my brother got one of my favourite Loony Toon characters and I was stuck with some blue hedgehog with a fox for a friend. However, that all changed.

    Over the years, the rest of the Sonic Megadrive games, AoStH, and other Sonic related events during my childhood brought me to what my obsession is today ^^;
  3. FinalBeyond


    Because, quite simply, the games are fun to play.

    (Oh, and the music is usually fantastic, with the exception of Crush 40's later efforts, and Akon)
  4. Yash


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    It's a fun game.

    Also, Sonic 2 was my first game, ever, so that may have to do something with it. (way back in 1992)
  5. RingoKoi


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    Around early 2000 *I think* I was at home and then my dad came home with a dreamcast for it was on discount,with the dreamcast came sonic shuffle and sonic adventure, I didn't play it first, but when I saw it, I only thought wow, I couldn't stop thinking about it, the chaos, emerald coast, windy valley, and back then the graphics were amazing, after that, I was hooked on sonic.
  6. Enzo Aquarius

    Enzo Aquarius

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    I think it's the nostalgia and just the general greatness of the old Sonic games. When I first played Sonic when I was younger, I really enjoyed it, and that feeling has stuck to this day.
  7. The reeason why I like Sonic the Hedgehog is cause my older brothers were the first to play it, then later on they got me to play it and sonic was basically the game I like most.
  8. Copornocus


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    I'm exactly six years and one day older than Sonic, and I've been playing his games since age six. You do the math.

    Sonic 1 was the first game I ever owned. Even though I sucked at it at first, until I got the feel for hand-eye coordination with the controller, it was the most awesome thing in the world to me, as were Sonic 2 and 3&K when I received them. My fandom has gone through some down times over the years as has Sonic himself (as far as producing quality titles), but I'd still consider the series as a whole one of my favorites, though most of my interest in the series nowadays is heavily driven by nostalgia of my childhood and the ever-lingering hope that maybe someday Sonic Team can finally create another game that has kept my interest as much as those old Genesis games.
  9. Toasty


    BulbaSAUR! Member
    My older cousins liked his game (Sonic 2, I didn't even know Sonic 1 existed then) and everything your older cousins/siblings like is automatically cool. I wanted to do everything they did, and own every game they had. Whether I liked Sonic or not originally (I can't even remember, I was so little I couldn't even spell my own name) is not relevant - I liked him simply because everyone else did.
  10. The Moogs

    The Moogs

    I love the character due to his attitude, and determination. The absolute speed of the games, the rush, the feeling of being the fastest thing ever. It gets my blood going. No homo.
  11. Zephyr


    Well, when I was 2 or 3, can't remember for sure, my sister had a Genesis, and one of the games she had was Sonic 2. That was the first game I had ever played, and since that game was so amazing I was hooked on 'em from there. We got the Sega Channel once, and I got the chance to play Sonic 1, 3, Knuckles, and 3d Blast. I could only get as far as the Labyrinth on Sonic 1, and I could rarely get to the third zone of 3 or Knuckles. 3D Blast I just don't wanna talk about. But we ended up losing our Genesis and Sonic 2, and over the years I forgot about Sonic. But when I was 10 I went to get a new game for my GBA, and what do you know, Sonic was still around! So I got Sonic Advance, became friends with someone who coincidentally had SA2B on the Gamecube, and from there I was hooked on the 3D series.

    Over the years and as I got older though I opened my eyes, and saw how childish and overly anime-esque (can't stand most animes) the series actually became when Sonic Adventure first arrived, and lost all respect for the new series.

    I still hold the classics as my favorite games of all time, and I guess I like Sonic, OLD SCHOOL SONIC, because he doesn't talk constantly, doesn't ALWAYS have a pointless smirk or thumbs up, and, as a result of him not talking, he never makes pointless, cheesy remarks or get overly exited whenever something interesting happens. He just gets the job done. Oh and he's fast (actually inspired me to do running sports in middle school).
  12. SonarDragon


    I don't, I like Tails the Fox :argh:

    To be fair, I was only a Sonic fan since late 2006, but I knew of the series since 2000. from AoStH on Toon Disney. A VHS from that same year with a recorded episode proves it.
    But why do I like the series? I really don't know. I'm fond of a few characters, (Tails, Blaze, and even Shadow) Like many of the games, TV series, and even comics. So, I just like it.
  13. Dr. Mustache

    Dr. Mustache

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    because I grew up with Sonic literally since I was a baby and played the megadrive since I was 2.
    So Sonic's been like my role model for years and years :P
  14. Herm the Germ

    Herm the Germ

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    Hm, let's see. First time I saw Sonic was either in AoStH/SatAM (which, over here, was aired and treated as if it was one series O_o Back then I didn't notice, though. xD ), or when my parents got me and my siblings a Sega Master System with, among other games, Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Chaos on it. I'd been playin' either those or, on rarer occassions, Street Fighter II or Alex Kidd or Jurassic Park. 8D Aside a demo version of the PC-version of Sonic 3 & Knuckles and Sonic Underground, Sonic was not a big topic for me afterwards anymore.
    Well, until, I think, 2004. Me bro got Sonic Heroes for Christmas, I believe, and instantly, I got re-interested in all these new characters I saw there which were never there in the old days - who was that cool Sonic-clone and since when had Sonic a girl following him creepily wherever he went? From that point on, I basically became more and more interested in the games, 'specifically the characters, stories and music. : 3
    So, yeah, I basically like to find out more about the stories and characters, as weird as that may sound to some o' ya. Oh well. Prolly the reason I can quite like the current Archie-Sonic-comics, too, I suppose.
  15. biggestsonicfan


    Model2wannaB Tech Member
    ALWAYS Sonic the Fighters
    I was in a Longs Drugs store. I saw a comic with Sonic the Hedgehog on the cover. It was issue number eight. He was zooming out of a brawl between many other superheroes, obviously making him so much cooler than all of them. The corner of the comic had Tails with a baseball flying at the back of his head with a speech bubble saying "Duck Tails!". I bought the comic because I liked "Duck Tales" at the time, and reading the comic, I gained interest, and didn't think of it again. That Christmas, I got a GameGear with Sonic 1. It wasn't until a few years later I realized that it was because of that comic, and that I made the connection that the game and the comic were connected. I had forgotten about the comic for a long time. I was pretty young.
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