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Why are you still a fan of Sonic today?

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by The Fralin Boy, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. Nova


    Sonic was my first game. I love games.

    Not much more to say, though I do get nostalgic whenever I play the classics - not only do I remember how great it was playing them at the time, but they bring back all sorts of other memories from my childhood. Getting a friend who had Sonic 3 (I only had Sonic & Knuckles) and putting them together for the first time, for instance - I remember being amazed at that and then spending weeks doing nothing but playing Sonic 3 & Knuckles.
  2. Strife


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    For me, it's a mix between nostalgia, habit, and an undying interest in the high-speed platforming that's become a staple of the series. I also love the character designs, colorful environments, and of course the music. ^_^
  3. LockOnRommy11


    I've just stuck with the games because of how surreal and interesting they can be. To me, Sonic is a like a series of books. Each one expands upon the last, with interesting plot elements and points expanding upon the last. The general Sonic gameplay is also aweosme, and the fact that I'm excellent at the games is also a bonus. I don't always agree with the descisions made, and I'm keen to voice my opinions on such matters, and well, I just like Sonic. As a character he's well designed, likable and the series never bores me.
  4. Retroman


    Still am a fan because of sites and fan-bases likes these. Seriously, thanks to communities like these, they reverse engineer games, get beta's, hack and tear apart and study info, which is a geeky interest of mine too. Sonic Megamix was a great idea, and like many fan-hacks, was fun to play. I love that Eggman in Sonic the Hedgehog hack.

    Sonic, to me, is a hedgehog without much focus as a story. He is just a hedgehog who is ready to kick-ass.

    The levels are a mix between surreal and semi-realistic cartoony-jap anime graphics. Mix that with colorful graphics, physics based momentum, and brilliant layout and music design and you got Sonic, a memoriable game franchise, along with Tails the *not so* helpful fox and Knuckles the *jerk* Echidna. I loved Sonic and Knuckles more than Sonic 3, but both combined are awesome! Lots of warm memories. It's nearly as nostalgic as Mario 64, or Zelda Ocarina of Time. But I am still a sonic fan in the sense that I am interested in fan-gaming and I absolutely love the music and games too, except the various crappy games apart from the great Sonic Colors & Generations & the classics.
  5. Kogen


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    I generally enjoy SEGA, so it comes with it. By generally enjoy I mean it is my main source of entertainment and always has been. If they are doing anything, I am paying attention to it, which includes but is not limited to Sonic. I kept with the series very well until Sonic Unleashed, so right now I am mostly interested in them doing anything related to 90s Sonic. The rest of Sonic Team's work in general feels alien to me, so it is hard to care. Basically Sonic G and 4 are what are holding my interest, as well as re-releases.

    Probably something from the autism spectrum is involved too. I did buy one of those First 4 Figures statues without second-thinking it.
  6. Star and Moon

    Star and Moon

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    For me it's because I haven't played very many of the bad games, mostly the amazing games like Sonic Colors and Sonic Adventure 2 etc.
  7. Endgame


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    One of the reasons is probably in the hopes that they [eventually] create the perfect Sonic game which we can come back to again and again.
  8. DNLeal


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    While I'm one that played the genesis games as a kid and and read beyond, I really just like to focus on the main series in this case. When it comes to game play mechanics or story, those honestly just don't come to mind when I think about the series. I'm still a fan a because of the characters themselves and its world mostly, or simply put, seeing the little guy roll into a damn ball against any environment and run around crazy is still fun to me.
  9. Dark Sonic

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    Because if Sonic 3 & Knuckles can keep me entertained for 16 years, even a game not as good can keep me entertained longer then many other games can.
  10. X-Crim


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    Good question xD. Well, I think as I still a fan of Sonic today because since I am a Kid, I've played their games. Actually I am a "little" ( :argh: ) dissapointed with the deal as Sonic is receiving...
  11. Ravenfreak


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    Why? Because Sonic the Hedgehog was my first video game ever, and the classics are fun to play. Sure there are plenty of new games that bombed, but the classics will always be around. I wish I became part of the Sonic Community earlier though, instead of looking Pokemon stuff up when I was 11. :v: Anyway, I am still part of the Sonic community mainly because of the hacks and even though most of my hacks aren't amazing or whatever, I still have fun making them. Plus Sonic is addicting. :v: I honestly don't think I'll ever stop being a fan of the franchise, once I'm hooked to something I usually never lose interest. :v:
  12. Knucklez


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    I'm still a fan because it was my first and only video game for years and years.. I got so used to playing Sonic 3 & Knuckles that I had it imprinted in my mind as being the epitome of what a video game was supposed to be like. All games I'd ever play would be judged based on the standards it set forth and surprisingly, I never got bored of playing it, no matter how many times I played through it. I've been playing it since first grade and still going strong as a Senior in High School. It's the love of my life ;) Only Sonic fans know what I'm talking about.
  13. Whatever initial impression I had when I first saw Sonic when I was about 5, it stuck with me. There's really no other reason. He remains such an awesome badass in my eyes & I love the friendship dynamic he has with Tails. While I was less into some releases than others, whenever a Sonic game comes out, the kid in me reawakens with a vengeance. It's always a first day buy and regardless of whatever nonsense the game might receive, I still get excited for it. It wasn't until the 19th birthday extravaganza started that things kicked into high gear and have stayed full speed since.

    He's my childhood hero. I grew up with him. And now that I'm starting to get older and experience life and all the changes that come with it, it's nice to have that solid rock that I can continue to revisit and grow with.
  14. BlazeHedgehog


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    Too many friends still in the community, too much knowledge of the franchise to just forget about it, too much habit of being here.

    Otherwise I actually think I would've stopped being a Sonic fan around Sonic 2006. Like, for real.
  15. Guess Who

    Guess Who

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    I wasn't for a while, but Colors and Generations brought me back.

    so good
  16. Chaos Rush

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    Just because all the new games suck (except Colors and Generations) doesn't retroactively make the old games suck, which is why I'm still a fan, because good Sonic games exist.
  17. SegaLoco


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    My reason: This I hate all of you :v:

    Nah, it's because I still like a good playthrough of an old Genesis title. Heck, I pretty much like everything up through the Dreamcast, but my favorites are Sonic CD and Sonic 3K.
  18. Blivsey


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    Because Sonic's a pretty rad dude who goes fast and he's a hero, bringing Robotnik down to zero

    also his games are pretty sweet
  19. GamingMisfit


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    Review for Sonic CD (2011 Edition)
    'I recognize a potential within the series, which has not only been shown now, but many times before. The Classics were and always will be the strongest era of Sonic, because of their marketing benefit through the Genesis/Megadrive, but nonetheless I still think Sonic is a good series to this day.

    The classics were (and still are) popular because of their definitive style. SEGA's found a new definitive style for "Modern" Sonic. Now I'm just waiting for them to help it grow and nourish it to the point where he can be a big shot again. In the meantime I'll enjoy great games like Generations, Sonic CD (2011) and Sonic 4: Episode 2.
  20. Vaiyt


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    I still like the old games, I guess.