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Who were the voice actors of Sonic and Tails in the Dreamcast ads?

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Willie, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. InstantSonic


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    Well, I believe it was SOA who handled the voice direction, but it was under VERY HEAVY supervision of SOJ.
  2. Flare


    This shouldn't be the reason for no direction... an actor especially a voice actor needs someone there to tell them what their delivery was like. A lot of the voice acting in Adventure sounded read - besides Dr. Eggman... which brings me to another point made that the actors were trying to voice to the already done animation. This makes complete sense seeing as Eggman has no lip movements it would make sense that his voice acting sounds the most natural.
  3. Clutch


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    This is the only interview (in text, anyway) with Drummond I know about where he describes the direction.

    Relevant Snippets:

    I feel really bad for the guy every time I read the part about Sonic X.
  4. InstantSonic


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    I remember, what I was recalling is when he was interviewed one year at SAGE, he described it as being so harsh, comparing the conditions of the sound booth as that of a nazi gas chamber, the SOJ execs watching and listening to everything they did... yeesh.
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    Yeah, that "is" Ryan Drummond and Corey Bringas (if not his brother which I doubt.). Its pretty obvious, why they might sound a bit different could be a number of things... The voice clips in Adventure are compressed and a bit lower quality compared to a TV commercial and the fact that this was around when they first started voicing the characters.. so some inconsistency in tones may occur. Biggest example is Jason Griffith, his voice in the beginning of Sonic X was considerably different from where he was in unleashed, 06 and Brawl. You can tell its them though.
  6. Willie


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    While I knew their working conditions sucked, I'm shocked it affected their acting that badly. Kind of lazy and half assed how they didn't bother to try to rework each cutscene for each country so we wouldn't get such shitty results. :/
  7. InstantSonic


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    Well, direction is a HUGE part of voice overs. Dubbing anything that would even be considered sub-par, without it, is virtually impossible.

    Like I've stated, the cast's acting is fucking superb for what they had to deal with. They had no idea their situations and interaction the characters had to deal with, and had to guess it all off the top of their heads. As far as reworking cut-scenes, it's an industry standard to work in script changes and lip-syncing to the movements of what characters might be saying in-game, because reworking cut-scenes takes way too long, and would be costly to production. Also, when a game is ported over to the states or Canada for dubbing, they don't have the tools that the original developers work with, so it takes some improvisation. With all that in mind, take Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 for example, they did the same exact thing as Sonic Adventure with the lip-sync. It's not as noticeable so much in the first game as it is in second, though.
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    The VAs in the Dreamcast commercials were indeed Drummond and Bringas (Corey, not Conner.) As everyone has said already, they just received far better direction for the commercials than they did for the games, and they recorded the commercials afterward.
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    "OH WOW! IT CHANGED SHAPES! Did you see that?!"

    always makes me laugh, haha