Who here started with Sonic 1, honestly.

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Diablohead, Feb 3, 2009.

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  1. Spatula


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    Started with S3&K for the pc. Never had a console growing up. Never even played the other 16 bit games until college.

    Man it was a shock to not get a double jump from the barrier shields.
  2. BlackHole


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    Sprites for Cybernetic Outbreak
    I started with Sonic the Hedgehog, and it was the first game I fully completed.
  3. Dr. Mustache

    Dr. Mustache

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    Same here.

    My earliest memory of Sonic is getting to the green hill Boss
  4. muteKi


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    You know, I utterly detest Mario 64 -- though I'll give it credit in that most of its flaws come from the fact that it was really one of the first video games to take a 2D game and add 3D elements to it. Even back in the day I found the controls utterly ridiculous.
  5. Spatula


    too cool for old school Member
    Agreed. I think Mario 64 had mediocre gameplay, and the world-renowned graphics dated very quickly.

    Coming from someone who always liked Sonic more than Mario of course, this means nothing.
  6. Well, I kind of started with Sonic 1; I played a bit of it at a store display and liked it.
    Quite some time later I played Sonic 1 and 2 a bit and at the time I wasn't all that wowed by them.
    They weren't terrible by any means, but they weren't my favorite games, either.
    Sonic 3 is what really won me over as a fan of Sonic.

    Aand a certain Wai prototype is what rekindled that interest about a decade ago. :E
  7. The Shad

    The Shad

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    And now we can't get rid of you :(

    I started on either Sonic 1 or 2, I honestly can't recall. The earliest I can remember Sonic is at a shelter where we were living because we were homeless and one of the families there had a Genesis with a 6-in-1 that included Sonic 1 and Echo the Dolphin
  8. I started on Sonic 1 at the age of 2.

    I'd always manage to get to Spring Yard Zone and end up losing from there. I only got to the second act of Labyrinth Zone 3 times when I was that young. Still wish I had my Genesis. :colbert:
  9. Leonard the Genie

    Leonard the Genie

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    Kind of. I started with Sonic 1 for the game gear :v: I have memories of it being one of the four game gear games I owned along with Columns, some Power Rangers game and a Lion King game (which I have never beat the first level of) aswell

    I was really amazed by how powerful the game gear was - a fully light screen with flashy colors, a battery pak (that was really amazing at the time for me) and the fact that it managed to be pretty much a portable NES with SNES-worthy graphics. The game gear was the reason I stopped playing with my gameboy color (I only had terrible games like The Amazing Spiderman and an Asterix ripoff of Mario Land anyway :psyduck: )

    That was until I lost the cartridge. All I was left with was the Lion King game and the clunky Power Rangers one - soon later I lost the Lion King one, and the PR one followed. All I was left with was columns and only my mother played it :v:
    And later I just stopped caring and lost the game gear.

    My next Sonic game in years was Shadow the Hedgehog. I still ask to myself why I liked it :psyduck:
  10. OrdosAlpha


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    I was ten years old and it was the summer of 1991. Ah, Sonic the Hedgehog on the Mega Drive, those were the days. And Star Light is still the zone with the best music to this day.
  11. Nova


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    I did, although when it first came out I was 2 or 3 years old.
    That said, it is my first videogame and even now I can vividly remember enjoying the hell out of playing it. I used to have to get my dad to come in and press start for me, because I couldn't read and I kept forgetting which button start was. I think he didn't tell me because he might have found it funny or something.
  12. MarkeyJester


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    My first experience with Sonic 1 was when I was about 4 years old, my neighbours from across the street had the game, at the time I could never recall that the game was actually called “Sonic The Hedgehog” I was just over thrilled with excitement, never had I seen anything like it, probably the first computer game I ever saw with my own two eyes, a blue hedgehog zooming across Green fields and the famous Check board FG that fused it's self to my brain, SBZ which took my breath away with the realistic & dangerous saws which scared the hell out of me, so many of that which I saw seemed a lot different when I got the game and Megadrive system a year later though, it seemed like something was missing, maybe my mind had exaggerated a bit and made it seem a hell of a lot brilliant than it actually was, I still think to this day it's the best “game” (let alone a Sonic game) I have ever and probably will ever play, and now we all hack into it as if it were originally created by us, amazing..
  13. DistroyA


    Nottinghamshire, UK
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    The first Sonic game was the one I started off with. I remember hating Labyrinth Zone with a passion, as I could never get past act 3 when I was a kid. That bloody boss was far too hard for me.

    I can only just get past it now, and I still find it a pain in the ass.
  14. The first Sonic game I ever played was a port of Sonic 1 for the PC, but I didn't really get into Sonic until I played Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, I rented it from the local rental store and I remember getting upset when my mum told me to return it a day early as I was really getting into it.

    The first Sonic game I ever owned was Sonic Heroes but I remember thinking it was no where near as good as Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, about a year after I bought it along with Zelda: Wind Waker and although I'm a huge fan of Zelda and that I have played SA2B before I still played SA2B first as I liked it so much.
  15. Clutch


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    I guess I technically started with, of all games, Sonic Spinball. "Technically" in that it was, that I remember, the first Sonic game I had any play time at all with, thanks to a friend who happened to have it and let me play a short time. I never had a Genesis myself, so the earliest exposure to the character himself which I can remember was probably through the Saturday morning cartoon.

    However, the PC version of Sonic CD was probably the earliest point at which I really got into the character, as it was the first game in the series I owned for myself and could play for long periods of time on a machine I had access too. In retrospect, I'm glad I started out with it rather than Sonic 1 because of elements like the spin dash, peel out, and animated intro to draw me in.

    The day I got that game, funnily enough, I was given a choice between either Sonic CD or Sonic R based pretty much only on the boxes. Glad I made the decision I had. The PC I had at the time probably couldn't even run R without lagging.
  16. Endri


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    I guess the very first game I ever played in my life was Sonic 1 for SMS in 1991. I had just turned 3 (December 16th) and mom, my brother and I went to the local shopping center to buy my birthday present, a video-game system. There were Game Gear, Sega Master System and NES for sale. I wanted a GG, because I thought a portable console to me would be a big hit. But my brother kept telling me: "No. Lets get a Master System! Our cousin has one!" To solve the problem, the saler suggested us to get a Master System Super Compatc. She said it was a new model, and it was almost a portable.

    I rember me seeing the back of the box, looking to the shots of the games and thinking "Look! There's so many games included as well!" Ha, silly me...

    Sonic 1 SMS was included in the memory. It was the only game I would play for quite a long time. I remeber we couldn't get past Jungle Zone (Act 3 boss was friggin' hard). The day we got past Jungle Zone, we couldn't get past Labyrinth Zone Act 1. It was almost half a year until we could finish the game with all Chaos Emeralds.

    In 1992, my brother used to rent Sonic 2 SMS almost every weekend (so we could get it Saturday morning, and take it back to the local store Monday morning). I still remember we couldn't get past the hang-gliding section of Sky High Zone Act 1. Later on, we couldn't get past Aqua Lake Zone Act 2. And then, after we manage to get past Aqua Lake, we couldn't get past Green Hills Zone Act 3 (These raping pits! O, how I hate them!). Almost in the end of 1992 we could get into Gimmick Mountain, but could get past Act 1. We managed to finish the game for the first time almost in 1993 and we managed to finish with all Chaos Emeralds just 3 days before I get a Mega Drive in middles of 1993, with a copy of Sonic 2 included.

    Played Sonic 1 MD only in 1994 though...
  17. Sega Genesis 3 was my first system with sonic 1, 2, and mean bean machine. mean bean was definitely played the most.
  18. tokumaru


    Rio de Janeiro
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    I first played with a MD/Genesis at my cousin's, but he didn't have Sonic (his came with Altered Beast). I liked the console so I asked for one on my birthday, and fortunately mine came with Sonic 1 (I wasn't even aware that the game existed). This was probably around march 1992, as Sonic 2 wasn't out yet. I played only Sonic 1 for months, and got really excited when I heard there would be a Sonic 2. So yeah, I started out with Sonic 1. I still own that console (it works perfectly) and all my Sonic cartridges.
  19. I started with Sonic the Hedgehog 2 when I was three years old, in 1992. I quickly got ahold of the original a year or so later (In the form of the Sega 6-Pak, which I still have).
  20. AndyRolo


    Wolverhampton, UK
    Back from working abroard. Gunna get back in to hacking then i'll start working on somthing proper.
    I started with sonic one on the master system back in 1991. Cant really remeber. Does that count?
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