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Which classic Sonic games are you best at?

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Endgame, Feb 21, 2010.

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  1. Mercury


    His Name Is Sonic Tech Member
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    Sonic 3.

    I was playing it off Mega Collection this morning (in order to directly compare it to Sonic Rush, which I've been playing), and got all the Emeralds by the end of Hydrocity.

    I love going Super right before the Robotnik boss, and then burning through it in 5 seconds. It almost makes you feel sorry for the old guy.
  2. Vinchenz


    Yo! Hustle! Hustle! Member
    I've always been good at Sonic the Hedgehog. I really don't know a point in my life where I failed at the games (although, I do remember the final boss in Sonic 2 took me a while to beat but I finally got his pattern down just a few days later).

    Even with Sonic CD (which I played seriously for the first time just this year), in my first playthrough I managed to get through with all but 1 Time Stone my first time through. I've already played through it several times now on my PSP and I can get the Time Stones everytime and I now know where a few of the robot machines are in some of the past levels.

    I guess the GameGear games are about the only classic Sonic series that I can't play through but that's because I haven't bothered to actually sit down and play through them, I only ever touched them a few times in SADX.
  3. Turbo-Tails


    Best at Sonic R. Yeah I said it, what are you gonna do. Best Sonic racing game ever, memorized every track to death, all balloon locations, got around the fastest times ever recorded for every character in TA mode, and I can get pretty much every single emerald of every course in the first lap only, cept for doubles. Oh yea, and Tails doll is the greatest character in that game, better then super sonic. (SS)
  4. Amethyst


    Sonic 2 for me. Though that Wing Fortress boss is a bitch. Try doing it on a Nomad.
  5. mcg0wan


    Sonic 3 for me, It was my favorite game as a child so it got most of my attention, I can beat each game without save states and cheats but I've completely memorized Sonic 3.
  6. XD001


    For me, it would most likely be Sonic 3 and Knuckles, probably just because I can get so many lives and not worry about getting a Game Over.
  7. Sonic 2, because I've played it the most.
  8. Ritchie Ramone

    Ritchie Ramone

    Same for me, all the way. I always felt badass when I would overlap whoever's in second place. :) I wish I still had my Gems Collection so I can post my times (that's the version I did speedruns with the most since I never had any framerate issues or slowdown to deal with - I'm sure there's a few times on there that are record times or very close to them), but I'll always have the PC version to play casually, so it's no big deal.
  9. GHNeko


    sega stockholm syndrome Member
    Sonic 3 and Knuckles.

    InstaShield or Tails = Game raped
  10. I'm probably the best at Sonic 2 but I remember the first time I played Sonic 3, and when I got caught on the chain thing and I tried for ages to get out of it which made me not want to play the game for days until I found out I could spin dash out of it. :v:
  11. Jayextee


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    Atro City
    The original Sonic the Hedgehog. I'd go far as to say that if anybody here has played and completed it more than I have, you're a fucking freak. :P

    Even more so since I got my PSP (which I got with Sega Megadrive Collection) since I now use it as a 22-minute timer for cooking a pizza in the oven, meaning I complete the game about twice a week ;)
  12. Zephyr


    The game itself: Sonic 2, then 1, then 3 & Knuckles, then CD. Naturally, I am better at the games I played first.

    Special Stages: This is really a tie between Sonic 1 and Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Followed by CD, and then 2.

    Overall: I guess Sonic 1.
  13. Jen


    #lapidot Moderator
    Various drawings
    I'd have to say Sonic 1-3K, as well as maybe Sonic CD, for different reasons. I grew up on these games so that would be the main reason I'd say I'm quite good at them.

    I can get really good times on Sonic 1, and when I go a little slower, I can complete the game whilst only taking one or two hits in total. Similarly with Sonic 2 I can get some amazing times when going at full speed as I can remember the shortcuts and fast routes for the most part due to years and years of play. I also have most of the special stages memorised now, somehow, so the Emeralds are generally really quick and easy for me to get.

    Sonic 3K is the one I've played the most, so it goes without saying that I must have some sort of skill level with that one now (I hope so, at least) ;P I'm really good at the special stages in this one for some reason, so I always get all the Chaos and Super Emeralds when I play through it from the start.

    With Sonic CD, I can remember exactly where the machines are in the past of each Act, so it's pretty straightforward for me to play in that regard.
  14. Mr. Mash

    Mr. Mash

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    I'm pretty terrible at Choatix.
  15. MykonosFan


    MODE CHANGE. Moderator
    Sonic 1 is the only one I'm good at. It's nice to know I've developed my skills to be able to get all the Chaos Emeralds and complete the game without Continues or Save States. This is probably something people 'round here have been doing for years, but cut a newbie some slack. =P

    I am still terrible at all of the other games though. And I haven't played Sonic CD.
  16. Malgra


    Studium Member
    Ditto :(

    I'm probably best at Sonic 2, I can get through the entire game (+ Chaos Emeralds) in a few hours. I blame the obscene amount of time spent playing (And replaying, and re-replaying etc) the game as a kid.

    I'm also pretty good at S3K, obviously takes a bit longer to get through than S2 but I can complete it with all Emeralds and Super Emeralds without too much fuss.

    I'm okay at S1 itself but I'm not great at the Special Stages or any of the underwater zones/acts. Especially that Scrap Brain/Labyrinth hybrid :(
  17. cornholio857


    The Great Cornholio Member
    Jacksonville, FL
    In search of TP
    I am best at Sonic 1. Only because it was the first game that I owned for the Genesis. Damn, I played that game to death..... And so much that I can hum every song in the game while playing. Gotta love Star Light Zone! :v:
  18. Blue Emerald

    Blue Emerald

    Teleportation, yeah! Member
    Sonic 1, without question. I'm so good at the Special Stages that I could practically beat them in my sleep (and that includes the Megamix versions of the stages, too)! :)
  19. I wish I could say S3K, but for some reason I'm better at Sonic 2. Huh.
  20. Quarterman


    Just another day in paradise. Member
    I am best at Sonics 1-3/K. I wasted far too much of my childhood playing those games.
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