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    Happy Sonic Two...ursday everyone! Let's just have a good ol' rock talk about one of our favorite entries in the series, Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

    My earliest memories of Sonic 2 consist largely of 2-Player mode, as I didn't get a Genesis (or Nomad rather) until I was ten and played 2-Player Mystic Cave like a boss at my pal's house down the street. You know, his aunt still lives in that house. Anyway, apart from 2-Player, I can honestly say that until I started playing Sonic games on a more regular basis, Chemical Plant Act 2 was the bane of my existence. You knows what I'm talkin' 'bouts. I had to have been ten or eleven when I first beat the game with all the Emeralds, legitimately anyway. Super Sonic was totally bitchin', and I loved the extra air time I got flying off quarter pipes. Hard to believe I mastered those Special Stages (along with the Sonic 3&K ones) on that tiny Nomad screen.

    I dunno about you guys, but I think I'm gonna take a break from Sonic Generations/Skyward Sword/Mario 3D Land/Generations 3DS and play some good ol' Sawnik Too!. Time to break out the Genesis.
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    God I remember playing sonic 2 for the first time...it was my first sonic game.

    A friend from one of the lower apartments had a game called "sonic 2" and she was begging me to play multiplayer. being curious I went over and her genesis was on. she just started with chemical plant zone and I said I wanted to try it before we played multiplayer, it was bomb! I loved the graphics the music the speed of the game was unlike any game I played (first thought was that it reminded me of mario with invincibility star always on and that was without the speed shoes) I played all the way until the Sky Chase Zone (Fucking birds) and finally played multiplayer. I tried finishing even got to wing fortress zone once but never finishing until later on. I played sonic 3 at her house too I was planning on spending day playing S&K too when it was going to come out but I moved away shortly after. I wonder if she is still a sonic fan...

    the game led me to watching the cartoons and reading some of the comics as well, boy was I caught up in SOA's interpretation of sonic back then. never played CD though I glanced through the manual one day at a rental store.

    it was thanks to my dad shoving Nintendo and then SONY products down my throat that I lost interest in sonic for awhile but It wasn't until 2003 when I got a gamecube and SADX that my spark for sonic renewed. Heard about this magical program called an "Emulator" that you can replay old games on your PC! first game I was dying to try out was sonic 2 again. felt like old times and I finally showed up those damned birds! unfortunately Silver Sonic and the special stages made me pull my hair out in fury. I 100%'d sonic 2 in late '03 it felt good but pointless since I found out I couldn't save and couldn't blast through the levels as supersaiyan sonic again (shove it thats what I called him back in 2003, DBZ was still on though it technically ended in august and and I was a total fanboy)

    Been loving the bumpy ride ever since '03. I'm off to go play S2 again then some Generations Chemical Plant Zone...
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    Like the game. It's got its ups and downs, but overall it's alright, even 20 years later. But fuuuuuck thooooose Speeeeecialllll Staaaaagesssss. AAAAAGH
    Also, sorry to kill the mood but everyone's favorite[​IMG]wants to enter the lounge, shall I let him in
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    Sonic 2 was my first video game. Ever. Nostalgia out the ass whenever I play or see it. As a kid I always had to have my sister beat the very last boss for me, but now I can handle it (STILL can't get more than 4 of those fucking Emeralds though). Remember playing Sonic 1 and wondering why the fuck I couldn't spin dash...

    Favorite parts of the game: The cutscenes right before and after Wing Fortress Zone, the shortcut towards the end of Chemical Plant Zone Act 2 that you can use to completely bypass the rising 'water', and 1.5 player mode.

    Least favorite parts of the game: Can't fly when playing as Tails, the inescapable spike trap in Mystic Cave Zone, and
    the difficult-as-shit Special Stages.

    If I can pull myself away from Skyrim tonight, I'll play through it. With much booze in my system.
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    The special stages get really easy with practice except for maybe the 5th one IIRC (the one with a 55 ring requirement). Not as easy as Sonic 3's are, though.

    I just practiced lots and lots with savestates and the level select code. I hoped to eventually get a perfect bonus on at least the first stage, but it didn't happen.
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    My first experience with Sonic 2 was in a dental office, in another city. No biggie, though, we went there once a month so I got my fix for about an hour when my brother would be done. :P

    Third time playing, I got to Oil Ocean Zone. Felt like a boss.

    Of course, I had plenty of experience from Sonic 1, which I must have spent a month to master it without using level select... :P

    Sonic 2 isn't my favourite in the series but I do enjoy it and its better than Sonic 1 for me. But alas, these last two years have it gotten beat by the likes of Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations.
  7. Eric Wright

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    I started on the NES with Mario, but played Sonic 1 when it was new. Loved it, despite never really getting the hang of it til years later. Sonic 2 came out and I was a confirmed sega junkie (still loved my NES though, didnt get my own genesis til 93 or 94), my friends and I would play it all the time.

    I remember first learning about the level select, debug, and super sonic codes... they were like fucking MAGIC. I couldn't tell you how much I fucked around in the games, explored every square inch of every level, placing items, glitching shit out, whatever I could to DO anything it would let me. My friends and I loved tinkering around with the games like that, other times we'd double-team our way through them... I was better at the special stages back then, so someone would do a level, hand it off to me for the emerald, etc etc... When I think about the games now, I can't believe people still have trouble with the special stages, I can almost do them blindfolded.

    My least favorite parts of Sonic 2 were the bottomless pit in Metropolis Act 1 because if you slid down one of the walls the wrong way, you'd get stuck bouncing back and forth on the yellow bumpers and not be able to move out of the cycle... and the boss for Metropolis Act 3, which is still the hardest boss for me to tackle without taking damage.
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    I got Sonic 2 for Genesis when I was 5 years old. There is video of it, and no, I am not uploading it. :p

    Still the video indicates I died endlessly in Chemical Plant Zone, then got to ARZ in the course of one day. Of course I played the game for 10 hours straight to get to that part.

    It took me an entire year to beat the game, with game overs in Wing Fortress and the DEZ contributing to most of my failures. My Mom still remembers how I'd keep getting stuck in Wing Fortress Zone. It was just the many bottomless pits part which did me in.
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    But... the special stages were easy... Oh! Let me guess... You always tried them with Tails next to you, right? I don't think I ever even tried going for the special stages with S&T. The ring limit is higher, and Tails loses a lot more rings than he collects.

    You can let him in, so long as you don't let [​IMG] in. Those darn hitboxes...

    Oh, and one final thing... I was born exactly one year before Sonic 2. :v:
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    Sonic 2 was the first game I ever bought with my own money, in Pre-K. Even though it was 1998 and we had a Playstation, I liked our Sega Genesis better.

    But Christ I was horrible at the game. I never actually finished it with all the emeralds until well into the 2nd grade. I loved the game, though. I would hum the songs on the way to school, particularly Oil Ocean and Casino Night. I drew Sonic on my notebooks and in my textbooks. I would move on to play Sonic 1 afterward, and then Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles (separately; I didn't know the two could lock together until it was too late). I borrowed Spinball from a friend and got 3D Blast for my birthday. I asked for Sonic Adventure.

    I progressed pretty quickly through the Sonic Series, now that I think of it. We got a Gamecube in 2004, and the first games I set out to buy were the two Sonic Adventures and then Sonic Heroes. I picked up the Mega and Gems collections, and then Riders. I stopped there, thankfully enough; the Gamecube died and I didn't get an Xbox 360 until 2008, and by then I already knew how bad Sonic 06 was.

    Ah, sorry, rambling.

    I was also one of the people who though Tails was a girl. It wasn't until I actually met a guy named Miles that I realized how wrong I was.
  11. Crappy Blue Luigi

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    welp, I'm a bit late. oh well, s'pose I'll just celebrate Sonic Twos... Friday.
  12. Yuzoboy


    Played it when I was a little boy when it came out. I remember doing the 2-player more than anything with my sisters. Very competitive, and used to get upset if I couldnt complete the stage! Remember reaching Wing Fortress numerous times before dying on the boss...
  13. This game was something else when I was younger. I used to get some friends over, and I distinctly remember that throughout the game, we would "interact" with the game in the many zones.

    Like when we were in an underwater section, we would hold our breath. In the Metropolis pipes, we would scream "WHOOAAAA!" It was great fun.

    Even when we did the two player mode it was great. Teleporting back to the start from the end was always hilarious.

    Your still one of the best ones, Sonic 2. Never forget that.
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    I have some great memories of Sonic 2. I played Sonic 1 for the first time in summer 1992 when I was only 5 years old. I loved it, but then the sequel came along a few months later and it was mind blowing. Although 3 and Knuckles is my favourite entry in the series, Sonic 2 is a close second and is certainly one of my most played Mega Drive games (the label's all faded from where it's been put in the console repeatedly).

    My mum and I used to spend hours and hours playing 2 player mode as well as trying to complete single player between us. We both really hated THAT part of Chemical Plant Act 2 as well as the entirety of Metropolis. We absolutely loved everything else though - and still do, it's amazing how well this game has stood the test of time. I seem to remember having a competition with one of my friends when the game was new, to see who could legitimately complete it first :P Spent loads of time playing around with level select, the Super Sonic code and debug mode as well. Felt great to complete it properly for the first time; I don't remember exactly when that was though as it was years ago.
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    The first time I played Sonic 2 was at my cousins house. They never owned the game, they rented it. At the time, the genesis was in my aunt's & uncle's room, and I kept asking what the volume control switch did on the console. :v: That's when my cousin handed me her headphones, and I started to play Sonic 2. I didn't get far iirc, only played it a tiny bit that day. Then in 1999, I finally got a copy but I got stuck on chemical plant zone. Took me about a year to actually finish the level, but 9 years to actually finish the game without cheating. >.> And the special stages aren't bad at all, except for the third to last one. I seem to always mess up on it the first time I enter the stage, then I get the emerald the second time. It's the only one that gives me trouble. :v:
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    Almost 20 years later and I still love the living shit out of Sonic 2 and still play it on a regular basis. I'm already bored shitless with Generations after 2 weeks. I challenge anyone sucking hard on the cock of all things Sonic nowadays to still be playing Generations after 2 years, let alone 20! We all know you won't be.
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    Those last ones are difficult. Especially with Tails, but still a major frustration on a lonely run. Though I can claim (with savestates) to have beaten all seven Special Stages in Sonic 2 Heroes with all three characters in play...

    Guess I'm getting slightly... good at them?
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    This thread brought a tear to my sonic-deprived eyes...

    Behold - Long-time lurker has something slightly (less) meaningful to contribute to SR.org!

    El oh el, yes it is a silly let's play of our beloved Sonic 2. Nonetheless, it has slightly more interesting commentary than drivel from an 8 year old, but not quite as high class as a 50 year old back porch Atari Elitist (I am talking about my father, kids).

    While I can't decide what my favorite Sonic game is (limited to even the Genesis / Mega Drive games I find it hard to divide them into "less than or greater" than categories), Sonic 2 is pretty damn special. Nakamura's music, the level variety, the pacing, the whimsical feel of the game... It is one of these games that got it all right and we still play it today as a result. So if you are at work or stuck hanging out at some family gathering that you can't escape from, have a smartphone or ipad with internet access, you MIGHT want to check out my video for kicks and giggles (All one part too, none that multiple part bs). But if you aren't in any of those situations, just pop in the game and play it again. Trust me, you will thank me later. :)
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    Dunno how about Generations but I'm pretty sure I will be playing Sonic Colors from times to times after 5 (or more) years. That game is just so good.
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    They're not so bad. I used to avoid doing them and just settle for a regular completion, even as far as two years ago. Then I sat down and decided to just do it. Then felt like doing it again a couple of days later. Now, I full-complete Sonic 2 for fun.

    I love the game so much it's unreal. Even my past hatred of Metropolis Zone has fallen by the wayside since I figured out why it is designed the way it is -- it is secretly brilliant, and I should never have doubted Sonic 2, not for a second.

    Just a shame every following game in the series was inferior. There, I said it.