Where to buy YM2413?

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  1. Long story short, I've been needing to source a replacement YM2413 for my FM Power Base Converter.

    I attempted to buy some 20 odd off a seller from AliExpress, but they turned out to be fakes. I got my refund, but I'm still displeased with the result.

    Anyone know where I can buy genuine YM2413s?
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    G'day :)

    I found this website that has a list of them from different sellers if you're interested:
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    Be careful with places like digipart, a lot of the vendors there only do B2B dealings, e.g. unless you're also a business wanting to make a big purchase order of a few grand, it's "not in stock". Also, the top vendor there, Utsource, has been caught peddling fakes before.
    Strangely, one of the best sources for genuine stuff is Yahoo! Auctions Japan. You're far more likely to get legit parts from the sellers there. In your case, https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/u280278013 is a listing for a pair of legit YM2413 ICs, that have been tested in a keyboard that uses the chip and verified to be in working order.
  4. Oh! I'm sorry about having had been quiet.

    I had tried sourcing Digipart, and other such sites. But it was difficult to get any real safe guarantees from them. I'll have to give Yahoo! Auctions Japan a shot. Thank you!