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When you roll and then jump in the Genesis/Megadrive versions, you hav

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by LOst, Dec 1, 2010.

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  1. DigitalDuck


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  2. DimensionWarped


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    I'd guess through sheer dumb luck. I've seen that boss go down in a single jump before.
  3. Jan Abaza

    Jan Abaza

    Little late to the party, but I'd like to point out the "510 beta" of Sonic CD still features the lock...and one gets to see removing it kind of made sense, since the game is generally full of OHSHIT moments with it.

    ... while I could imagine this being pretty fun, rolling constantly throughout the beta, I've ran into a bug in Collision Chaos 1 where, near a random corner, a spring sent me into an infinite loop against a wall - Sonic is touching the wall, landing on the spring, getting propelled upwards and landing back down on the spring. I can't move a muscle. (I've since tried it twice and it happened both times.) Maybe this has nothing to do with it, but I definitely roll/jumped on that spring, losing control and everything before the contact.

    ...for reference, this is the spot I'm talking about.

    I dunno, maybe the level design got too cluttered to handle the lock properly, resulting in occasional perma-locks like these? Someone must've really liked their object placement, because while the location looks almost exactly the same, the bug doesn't happen in the final version.
  4. LOst


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    Sonic CD is full of wierd layouts, so I ask anyone with time and the 510 build to find more bugs that the roll jump lock causes :)
  5. Jan Abaza

    Jan Abaza

    I'd like to check up on the other beta/s (720? 920? or whatever), but I ... seem to lack those. *cough* It'd be interesting to see how far in the development they decided to can this feature though', maybe then it would be possible to figure out what kind of bug they encountered that prompted them to do it. I'm assuming they could've fixed the aforementioned Collision Chaos clusterfuck simply by removing that spring, but just maybe there's a deeper problem behind this after all.

    In my personal opinion though, keeping the rolling jump lock in Sonic CD would have made a game a somewhat major pain in the ass; it'd be revered by Sonic 1 masters everywhere, but I don't believe time-warping in Metalic Madness and Wacky Workbench would've been, especially since people tend to roll after a peel-out and everything.
  6. Mercury


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    They could have solved this by clearing the lock upon contact with springs, though. There must have been something else that made them decide to remove it altogether, so the mystery remains...

    This was a great idea, though, checking the SCD beta, and a great find.
  7. Overlord


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    I wouldn't bother checking 920, it's just the final USA ISO with the rest-of-world music. 712 might be worth a look, though.
  8. n00neimp0rtant


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    I'm a little suspicious it's somehow related to the Super Peel Out (possibly they had to disable the momentum lock to get it to work right, and just forgot to turn it back on for the spin dash?)
  9. ICEknight


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    They could have done that or they could have removed the lock, which is what they did. So unless somebody finds some more actual evidence of that not being the reason, that's the possibility that makes the most sense (the only one with solid proof to back it up).

    I think this should be archived for future reference.
  10. Mercury


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    Oddly, I checked Sonic 1 the other day and the control lock is cleared when he hits springs - so how does that happen in Sonic CD?

    I doubt it has anything to do with the Super Peel Out, because it's a matter of rolling, and that move has nothing really to do with rolling.
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    Unintentional change that was never fixed?
  12. Vaiyt


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    Sonic CD is tailored to work with the unlocked roll-jumping, though. The level design features all sorts of complex air platforming situations that relies on you being able to fully control Sonic in the air.

    Much like Sonic 3's level design takes into account the removing of Sonic 2's restrictions on air time gained from ramps, which would make him fly over most of Sonic 1.
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