What Would You Want In Another Classic Remake Title?

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Rosie, May 17, 2012.

  1. Rosie


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    Playing through the classics on my PS3 has got me thinking about how I'd like to see updated re-releases of some of the classic Mega Drive Sonic titles in the vein of the recent Sonic CD release. Mostly because it would be nice to have proper widescreen and audio that doesn't sound like it's been emulated through a cat's bum hole, but also because of the little extras that could be offered. Personally I'd like to see a collection of the classic games, remade in a similar way to CD, each with their own additions;

    Sonic 1:
    • Options for Spike bug
    • Glitches fixed
    • Some graphical updates, such as having Sonic's red stripe on his shoes on all sprites
    • Spin dash, and possibly an option for SCD spindash and Peel Out
    • Playable Tails and Knuckles

    Sonic 2:
    • Tails with flying and swim abilities
    • Playable Knuckles
    • Glitches and graphical fixes
    • Super Sonic given full sprite sheet
    • S1 Water effect added
    • Tails less retarded in Metropolis Zone

    Sonic 3/K
    • Ability to play Sonic 3 alone, Sonic & Knuckles, or S3K
    • Tails not so borked in Sonic & Knuckles levels
    • Simpler cheats
    • Existing Sonic 2 sprites replaced and Super Sonic given full sprite sheet
    • Sonic having a falling sprite instead of just falling in a standing animation like an idiot in Mushroom Hill Zone
    • S1 Water effect added

    So, 'Retro, would you support enhanced remakes of the Mega Drive classics? And if so, what would you want out of them?
  2. Hukos


    Some of those glitches are part of what fuels Sonic speedruns! :eng101:

    HD ports of 1 - 3 & Knuckles. Make them look as sexy as Sonic Generations. The game could be exactly the same mechanically and I would still be first in line to buy them. Hell, Sega could charge 60 bucks per game and I'd still buy them.
  3. Rockman Zero

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    If a collection of remakes is made, I'd like to see a 'Wily Tower' mode of the game that contains exclusive levels, new bosses, etc—Like in Megaman The Wily Wars.

    Also, a choice between HD or original graphics as well as remixed music or original music.
  4. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    If there was ever a proper S3K remake ala SCD, I'd want a soundtrack option. Not bothered about the instruments, but having grown up with the PC version and not playing the original until some time later I prefer the music that was changed. Ice Cap will always sound like this to me. It's probably the most fanboyish thing I'd want out of a remake. Unlike CD, there's not to completely different soundtracks and by far most people will be familiar with the original one.
  5. Knucklez


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    If you wanna talk Sonic 3K, then I'd go with what we already have here on Retro.. Sonic 3 Complete. I'd also like to see it in HD, of course. As for Sonic 1 and 2, fixing every known bug and reimplementing everything that was left out due to time contraints.

    Oh, and Blue Blood, if I were you I'd rather go for the FM Synthesized Version of the Ice Cap theme. If anything, I prefer the FM versions of all the PC music, but maybe that's just me. :v:
  6. FlashTHD


    Sega growing a pair and allowing issues and game breaking glitches to be patched after release. If even this is beyond their capacity to give a damn, I won't be funding any more of Taxman's work for Sega period.
  7. Machenstein


    I second using Sonic 3 Complete as a base for a Sonic 3 & Knuckles remake. I also second the standard requests of widescreen support, soundtrack options (between the original Genesis soundtrack and an enhanced version) and all that jazz.
  8. E-122-Psi


    Enhanced two player mode for Sonic 2. If they use a new game engine, it might mean they are able to load other levels better in split screen. Also if Knuckles is added, make him VS selectable as well.

    While I know it's unlikely, Hidden Palace finally getting completed would be a really nice addition too.

    A few extra options for replayability like Time Attack mode would be nice too.
  9. RetroKoH


    Project Sonic 8x16
    I got a couple of questions regarding this...

    FIRST - Why do people always want the option to play S3 alone, or S&K? If it werent for the time constraints/complications that led to the split, these two games wouldn't even exist... we would only have Sonic 3... complete. Maybe this is my opinion, or maybe I'm in the minority... but I see ZERO value in getting the fragment over the complete product. I don't understand.

    SECOND - How exactly is Tails "borked" in S&K levels? What does this mean? Do you mean that there doesn't seem to be much use for him in those levels? I don't get it.
  10. GagaMan


    Some kind of Megamix of Sonic 1/2/3&K/CD/even maybe Chaotix which lets you mix up gameplay styles, characters and whatnot to play in any level from all those games. Include a 2 player vs mode like the one in Sonic 2 (but obviously not stretched looking) for every single stage. And hell while there act it some kind of level creation tools like that Sega Play thing with online sharing like Littlebigplanet. There's enough there for a retail game. Haha.
  11. Rosie


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    There are differences between the games locked on and not, and while I usually play S3K I don't see why having an option to be able to play the games separately is a bad thing. I also stated that I'd want a collection of the classic titles, it would be stupid to charge for Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles separately, especially when there are so many ways we can play these games anyway, but if the games were offered together, why shouldn't people have the option to choose.

    As for Tails, you should watch the S3K glitches and oversights videos. Because he wasn't specifically designed to be in Sonic & Knuckles, there are a bunch of bugs where they forgot to optimise having Tails there, usually when he is following Sonic.
  12. Endgame


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    Would remaking Sonic's GG/MS games into MD/Gens' games using Taxman's engine count?

    I've always wanted a Mega Drive version of Sonic 1 and Sonic Chaos in particular
  13. RetroKoH


    Project Sonic 8x16
    Nothing wrong with having them bundled together. I'm not saying that... it just feels slightly redunant... That said, its not like I'm opposed to it. Those who will play the 'alone' games will, and those like me with stick to Complete. I think the only value to the 'Alone' games, to me anyway, is comparing the level layouts...

    Ill take a look at the Tails vids... I never noticed anything while playing, other than Tails is the worst AI sidekick EVAR... (But Sonic 2 told me that already, so I was pre-educated... LOL)
  14. Dark Sonic

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    Unless they make the ultimate remake, I'm kind of tired of seeing Sonic 1 - 3K. I love em to death, but at the same time they've been rereleased to death. I'll take an S3K remake on the iphone, but other then that I don't know.

    There is one exception to this rule. The mother of all remakes. A remake that would make all three essentially the same game. They would share the same assets. They would be total HD remakes (ex. Rayman Origins). High res hand drawn sprites made to look like the classic artwork. All three characters would be playable in each game. There would be act transitions, remixes for each act like in Sonic 3, with differences aesthetically in each act like Sonic 3. Actually, fuck it, I want the music redone. Modern instruments. It would fix the glitches yet play exactly like the games did back in the day. They would add extras, recreate the scraped levels from Sonic 2 for bonus content, add red rings to unlock concept art or secret characters. And there would be options. And instead of the 2 players of yesteryear, any level would be playable via local or online races. You could pick which character you wanted to play as and race in whatever level you want (Sonic 3's 2 player can go walk off a cliff and die). There would also be leader boards.

    Basically I'm looking for an HD Sonic 3 Complete that goes across all the classics. I would pay $60 for that without second thought. I would want this to be the mother of all remakes so that they would never have any reason to ever again rerelease Sonic 1 - 3K. Let this be the final recreation, and then let go and let those games rest. If you don't own them already, you've already have multiple platforms and 20 years to buy em.

    But instead of doing that for the classics I would prefer that they did that with a Sonic 5. I want new good games, not the same old shit I've played for 16 years. Sonic 3 is fun, but damn it I know that game like the back of my hand. Make a new classic Sega. Do it.
  15. Chris Highwind

    Chris Highwind

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    I guess what I would want is that the games have the graphics of the Classic Generations stages, or failing that, at least Sonic 4 Episode 2 *takes cover*. Also, some fixed glitches would be nice, and also make it so that the 2-player doesn't lag like fuck like it does on Sonic 2 for the PS3. And yes, widescreen, I don't know why the fuck Sonic Adventure didn't get it but Crazy Taxi (and probably the other 2 Dreamcast Classic games) did.
  16. Turbohog


    I've said this a million times and others say this a lot too, but I'd like to see a Genesis-style remake of some of the GG games, especially Sonic Triple Trouble. Chaotix could be interesting too.
  17. SpeedStarTMQ


    It would be nice for them to go back and give those obscure Game Gear titles a redesign. Haing them all built in to one 2D game that plays like Sonic Generations 2D stages would be great, and it would give those titles the attention they deserved to begin with. They could just add an extra Emerald on those games for continuities sake and that would make them canon and give the fans what they're always asking for- Fang the Sniper/Nack The Weasel.
  18. Dark Sonic

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    Crazy taxis widescreen was stretched 4:3. It doesn't look good at all
  19. Thousand Pancake

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    Widescreen Knuckles' Chaotix with remixed and improved stage design would be nice. Possibly also with the option to switch between Chaotix/S1/SCD/S3K physics and replace the ball-and-chain mechanic with something more similar to Sonic Advance 3/Sonic 4 Episode 2.
  20. FeliciaVal


    I'd just like a 16-bit version of Sonic Triple Trouble ;_; that game was my first Sonic game and I love it to death. Other than that I'm pretty satisfied with the old games. Except Sonic 1 for Game Gear/Master System. That game trolls me so hard.