What would you think about Sonic Pocket Adventure on the Switch?

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Jordan91, Oct 29, 2020.

  1. Shaddy the guy

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    Pocket Adventure is fine, but it'd work best as a bonus to a general DIMPS collection, with the Advance and Rush games (+Colors DS).
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  2. Xilla


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    Neo Turf Masters is a must too, it's only a great little port of the Greatest Sports Game Ever Made :)
  3. LordOfSquad


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    lmao you read my mind, that was gonna be the third thing I'd mention but decided to cut it short
  4. Sparks


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    I played Sonic Pocket Adventure almost as much as I played Sonic 2, 3K and CD back in the day, so absolutely. As said before, the level layouts are very different than their Genesis/Mega Drive counterparts, and the bosses are also (mostly) new. To add, the puzzle gimmick adds a whole new layer of level exploration and replay value. To me, Sonic Pocket Adventure is absolutely something every Classic Sonic fan should play through at least once.
  5. I think you're over-thinking this, SNK's re-released 3 of their own titles. Sonic Pocket Adventure was co-developed by SNK and Sega so I'd guess that it's pretty low on the priority list for them.
  6. Glaber


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    Co-developed by SNK? I think that means the chances of there being a port means it's possible now. How possible is a different question.
  7. I mean unless SEGA for some reason thinks it’s not worth it, I see it as a good opportunity to sell the game to a broader audience, much like how they worked with Christian to port Sonic CD to consoles and mobile.. a small percentage of people had the game originally and I’m sure SNK knows it will be a top seller.. it can’t hurt to try and get a deal done
  8. Vangar


    I mean it's fine i guess, the art is cute and the puzzle hunting is a nice change. But the resolution is extremely low and the aspect ratio is pretty bad for seeing ahead of you. If they could somehow give the game a wider viewing angle that would be a lot more interesting.
  9. JuiceCake


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    I think a person can dream, but not really getting it.... now
    Even if THEY were to realesed this at some point, I can see it doing kinda well
    They also wount know if WE speak "How about this?"
    Its a demanding game, maybe a remaster?
  10. With the recent influx of NeoGeo Pocket releases on Switch, I'd be shocked if Pocket Adventure doesn't get a release. I own it for my Pocket Color, but I would love to have it on the Switch especially with savestate support.
  11. Shaddy the guy

    Shaddy the guy

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    I don't think that'd be shocking at all, Sonic games that aren't 1 and 2 seldom get rereleased at all, and Pocket Adventure is pretty obscure.