What would you like to see if another Sonic 3 beta is released?

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by hav, May 17, 2020.

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  1. For me personally, I'd like to see cut stages, different special stages, different music, and even more different level designs for beta stages.
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    I think the one we have is the most interesting it's going to get. It's the earliest known one that was out there and it was quite a late build for what it was.
  3. Not to try and get hopes up, but I feel that if for the longest time people only thought the Wy prototype existed but we got more betas, the same thing will definitely happen with S3
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    Considering how secretive Sonic Team was with Sonic 3 due to how rushed it was, I disagree.

    As for Sonic 2, we knew that these other prototypes existed, it was just that we didn't get ahold of them for a good while. With Sonic 3, the one we have the earliest build known to be given out for any press coverage (as far as I'm aware).

    Sure, there could a later beta out there, but I think it would be very close to the final minus things like bugs and slight changes.
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  5. I want to see what it looked like when it was an isometric 3D game. I mean, we kinda know because 3D Blast was based on the initial concept... but it'd still be cool nonetheless. Personally though I'd be much more interested in a CD prototype in between v0.02 and 510 or one for a later game like Unleashed or Colors.
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  6. Sid Starkiller

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    Did that version ever have a prototype? Sounded to me like it never made it off the drawing board.
  7. Naka and Iizuka said that programming did begin on the isometric version, so it's possible one does exist.
  8. There's a pretty damn good chance something that important for SEGA and sonic 3's history would be kept in some sort of prototype vault we don't know about. But that's just speculation. A man can dream, dammit!
  9. I actually don't think so; Sega is apparently not very good at keeping prototypes or source code. I think Yuji Naka even said this in an interview, when he mentioned wanting to include the toy show Sonic 1 proto in Mega Collection. I think most, if not all, of the prototypes we have were sent to magazines/trade shows at one point or another.
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    Yeah, you're being far too optimistic here.
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    So Sonic 3D blast? Because I feel like that's what became of it.
  12. Rika Chou

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    3D Blast but made by Sonic Team using the SVP chip probably would have turned out way different.
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    The best chance is getting hold of a later build with the sprites being implemented, which may still exist...who knows?

    And the question will be, did the prototype music get updated or did the Michael Jackson stuff get implemented?

    But does it still exist? The recent Sonic Month churned out quite a number of builds of various games and this one wasn't included. SEGA were very secretive with releasing Sonic 3 related builds and there's a good chance these were only photo slides given. Personally though I'd rather have that later Crackers build that did exist some point. And I'm not on about the supposed Saturn build that seems to have been lost.
  14. We got a mission people; secure the gold. Not gold rings, no macguffin. We gotta find that later build.

    ...which is a mission that has been going on for almost two decades now
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    Pretty much the cut stages become s&k I don't believe there's much unused stage wise apart from what we got, if anything layout changes.
  16. Dark Sonic

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    I'd like to see an earlier build than the one we have if it exists, either a remnant of the early isometric Sonic 3 or a build before they started scrubbing out the S&K portion of the game.
  17. BlackFive


    I don't think the isometric version of Sonic 3 would have been much like Sonic 3D if I'm honest- it's mentioned in the interview that the viewpoint could be rotated, which was most likely the reason why it required the SVP chip in the first place. If it was a fixed isometric viewpoint like Sonic 3D, then the SVP chip wouldn't have been needed and they probably could have kept the main concept as is
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