What was your FIRST impression of Sonic?

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    I first played Sonic 2 back in 94 or 95 (I was like 4). It was the 1st game I ever played and I fell in love, despite being just awful at it (Emerald Hill proved to be a challenge).

    Sadly it took my 9 years to beat the game without cheats, and oddly I did it as Tails.
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    1- SA2 Battle

    2- I was 4 and on holiday with my family in Whitby, and the house we were staying in had a GameCube. They had Mario Sunshine, Smash Bros Melee, Luigi's Mansion, and of course Adventure 2. Was a pretty cool surprise, I had only recently got a DS and Mario Kart which were what got me into games, and this only fuelled my interest in them further.

    3- I thought SA2 was good, but I ended up putting much more time into Sunshine, IIRC. I don't know if I'd played a Sonic game before that as that's going way too far back in my life. If we're talking first Sonic game I played seriously, that would be Colours, but that was quite a few years afterwards. And I thought it was crap, especially when I'd got Classic Collection for my DS at the same time!
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    So first of all this is my first real post.

    1 - What was the first Sonic game you played?

    It's...well........Sonic Dash.

    2 - How did you find out about it?

    I was on holiday in 2012 at Hotel in the Mountains and since it was really cold outside we didn't go anywhere else. There was Internet and the place was really big they had all sorts of things there, There was even a PlayStation Corner where I played GTA 4 the first time(I only called on the phone...classic young me). There were a lot of people there and one kid showed me Sonic Dash and I had it downloaded fast and thus I knew what a Sonic is. But then... for a long time I had some sort of disconnect with the series, until 2017. When I got Sonic 1 on LG K8, I became a Sonic Player again, I also brought Sonic 2 on my 3ds so I could play it in my holiday(I am currently at the last zone). Today I play Sonic CD(Metallic Madness), Sonic Forces Speed Battle(Just online Sonic Dash) and Sonic Dash.

    3 - What was your initial reaction to it?

    Well, It was quite cool, awesome graphics and I had never seen something like that before(I didn't play or know about Temple Run). The reason was that before I was born my Dad brought a PS2 and my first game was NFS:Undercover. Then my brother gave me his Green Gameboy Color with Pokemon and Mario. Never did I see a Sonic Commercial because by the time I was thinking and remembering ‘06 happened. After that I just disconnected like I said earlier, I got a 3DS a few months later... a Wii U(sigh). But I downloaded the Sonic demos on my Wii U from Sonic Lost World to Rise of Lyric, so I remembered him until I got back in 2017.

    Thank you for reading this and have a good day.

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    1 - What was the first Sonic game you played?

    Sonic the Hedgehog 2

    2 - How did you find out about it?

    I was looking over the games in the PS2 when I found a Sega Genesis collection CD. In it were multiple games that were made by Sega for the Genesis, among them were Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Since I may have heard of it before, probably due to the different Sonic the Hedgehog cartoons that were released around that time, I tried Sonic the Hedgehog 2, and went on to play with my brother on a two player mode.

    3 - What was your initial reaction to it?

    Fun, and challenging. The game kicked my butt multiple times on every play through, but once I went passed the levels, it was all worth it. And I also like the speed aspect of the game, with some emphasis on when to speed up and when to stop, creating some sort of a balance in the game. Graphics are kinda good for the time (I played the game in 2007 or 8, better games have been released ever since, though I have not heard of the later games until my parents connected me to the internet). Overall, it was a thrilling ride, even though I didn't finish the game.

    It's probably one of my most memorable moments in my gaming life, period. Well... Next to me playing Super Mario Bros as a 5 year old for the first time.
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    Sonic 1, shortly after launch, was my first game, though at the time, I was far too young to know what to do with it, or even comprehend what I was seeing. But I kid you not, this is the earliest memory of my life that I have, seeing the wonderful aesthetic of Green Hill Zone. I eventually got it and Sonic 2 on my 6th Christmas in 1995, and I played that son of a bitch hardcore... up until Marble Zone Act 1 when my first encounters with the chain stompers scared me. Yes.. THAT's what did me in. My 6-year-old self literally was able to play Sonic 2 past the Chemical Plant Zone water sections, but fuck me for running into those stompers for the first time. I'd honestly reset the game and just enjoy GHZ sometimes.

    Eventually I manned, er, boyyed up and pressed onward, making it all the way to Spring Yard Act 3 before my mom told me I had played too much and needed tot take a break. Damn lack of a save feature. Cutting a long story short, I'd finally get S3K a couple years later, and I ultimately beat the entire trilogy multiple times over a short while after.

    I've been captivated and in love with Sonic games ever since, and I wouldn't trade him for that fat hairy plumber ever. He can just keep cleaning Peach's pipes for all I care.
  6. 1 - What was the first Sonic game you played?
    Sonic 1

    2 - How did you find out about it?
    About a month before I was born my dad had bought a Mega Drive with Sonic 1 (probably not the most responsible use of money considering there was a kid on the way, but I'm not complaining). That was our household console up until the Saturn and Sonic was the only game I would play.

    3 - What was your initial reaction to it?
    I was told that as a toddler I would zone in to the TV whenever Sonic was being played and it was an easy way to shut me up, in later years I would play it for myself and loved the speed, music and colours. I would often get stuck at the Spring Yard boss (or if was particularly lucky, Labyrinth) and ask my dad for help until friends at school showed me the cheat codes and then I would spend all my time in Starlight Zone for the music and rollercoaster level design. The Sonic obsession eventually lead to me being bought Sonic 2 for Christmas and eventually a Saturn and Sonic Jam.
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    1 - What was the first Sonic game you played?
    Sonic 1 on the Sega Mega Drive

    2 - How did you find out about it?
    I went to one of my friend's houses and he had it.

    3 - What was your initial reaction to it?
    It absolutely blew me away. Before that the only game I had played was Super Mario Bros. on the NES (at another friend's house) and the speed of Sonic and the beauty of Green Hill Zone amazed me. On the other hand, I found it ridiculously difficult at the time and couldn't get past Green Hill Zone. I didn't have any consoles until years later when I was given a Game Gear as a present along with Sonic 1 (8-Bit).
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    1. Sonic 1.

    2, A very vague memory, since I was really young then. I just remember being at one of my mom's friend's houses and seeing Sonic 1 being played (they wouldn't let me play it), then my friend next door got a Genesis and I played it a bit over there.

    3. Loved it. I fell in love with the art style, and it's something that's stuck with me through all these years. I love the geometrically designed landscape, the way everything is bright and poppy, and even the animated background in Scrap Brain. The music was great too, and I just loved how fast it was compared to my NES games.

    I eventually got my own Genesis model 1, used, as a present for graduating Middle School, circa 2001. It came with Sonic 1 and the Power Base converter, plus a couple controllers and an RF that needed replacing. Still have it, I'm looking at it right now, though I need to get its cables together. :)
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    1. Sonic The Hedgehog
    2. It came with my genesis
    3. I obviously liked it enough to be here.