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What was the Mega Drive like in Brazil before TecToy?

Discussion in 'General Sega Discussion' started by Andlabs, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. Andlabs


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    Exactly what it says on the tin — what was the Mega Drive like in Brazil before TecToy? What we know so far is there was a clone console Dynacom Megavision that supposedly came with an unlicensed game "Bomboy"/"Explosion Kid" (which needs to be dumped =P ) and the Songa I, Songa II, and Songa Mega Brasil 3... but what else was there? What was the piracy like? Were there any other unlicensed games? Any other clone consoles? What about other Sega consoles, if those did exist before TecToy introduced them? Thanks.
  2. Meat Miracle

    Meat Miracle

    Brazil has something like 90%+ piracy rate, newest Winning Eleven games get translated to brazilian portugese 5 minutes after they are first torrented, and Tectoy released shit up to and including the Dreamcast.
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    To sort of clarify on andlabs' questions, I'm particularly interested in how unlicensed development went on in Brazil post-Tec Toy's acquisition of Sega licensing. It's hard not to notice how few unlicensed Brazilian games (as opposed to simply pirated carts) there are compared to other systems there. Did Tec Toy have some sort of enforcement?
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    For starters, the game industry in general is near non-existent in this region, so really, don't expect many unlicensed games for a console with weak hardware and where the media (cartridges) is costly to manufacture. Not to mention it seems like most unlicensed games come from Russia or some Asian countries, where piracy is even much worse (consider that in China the microtransactions model is the only one that actually brings any revenue to game developers because everything is pirated, 100% piracy, period).

    The only unlicensed games from this region that I can think on are <a href="'96" target="_blank">Truco '96</a> and TC 2000, both made by Miky S.R.L. (which is really just a guy with some occasional external help for some things). I've also heard that unlicensed Megaman X3 was made by some Brazillian guy but I'm not sure about this. Otherwise, yeah, it's pretty much non-existent, unless you consider the occasional hack of some sports game or the shitload of pirates of Russian and Chinese unlicensed games =P

    EDIT: as I post this the TC 2000 page isn't made... Somebody should make it but I feel lazy :v:

    EDIT 2: bawwww, wiki tags don't take into account Sega Retro =(
  5. Andlabs


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    Argh ok let's get to the meat then:

    Does someone in Brazil (or outside, but who knows =P ) have an original copy of Bomboy/Explosion Kid they would be willing to donate for dumps?

    Also not on the subject of pirates: In continuum I know the following TecToy games are undumped; if anyone has them and would like to donate them for dumping, please do:
    • Andre Agassi Tennis
    • International Superstar Soccer
    • Mortal Kombat 3
    • Sega Top 10 — we have the version labelled 10 Super Jogos but not the version labelled Sega Top 10
    • Sport Games — this one is marked as a bad dump but IDK why — scour the no-intro forums and you'll find an explanation from ElBarto
    • Virtua Fighter 2
    And of course scans and cartridge shots are always welcome too :)
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    I have a dump of Bomboy...
  7. Elratauru


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    Well, not just in Brazil... In Uruguay it was pretty much common to find tons and tons of Songas even after the TecToy branding, hell, the first MD I saw in my life was a Songa with a Sonic 1 cartridge on a friend's house.

    Piracy? Only consoles I believe, all the cartridges (except for a few ones) were pretty much original copies. I still have some pirates of EarthWorm Jim 2, Sonic & Knuckles, Sonic 6 (Yeah, that Mario hack :P), and Mortal Kombat 2.

    After the TecToy thing it was easier to get original games, I remember a TV program called "Charoná" that was aimed at kids from schools in the capital that aired tons and tons of AoStH episodes. I also remember a guy with a giant Sonic Costume in that program :P

    Also, near my house in a neighborhood called "Malvin" there was a videoclub store called "Gufo" that had TONS and TONS of Mega Drive games, I saw the Mega CD for the first time in that place. We all know that the Mega CD was kinda expensive for a kid after all :P... I even remember walls covered by Mega Drive games without their box, so many cartridges.

    So yeah, that's was my childhood :P, playing some Mortal Kombat II, Sonic 3 and some other games on my Mega Drive 2 (Strangely looking exactly the same as a Japanese one) and the Mega Drive III (the one with the led in the middle, and black cart cover thing, along with a NTSC-Pal switch bellow the console) on a friend's house.
  8. ReBirFh


    Is there a place where I can see what Brazilian releases were dumped? with 302 cartridges released I think it's very unlikely only the ones listed were not dumped.
    Most if not all are the same as the US version but you never know if there might be some newer rev in some of them.